Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Toldot, 27 Cheshvan 5776 (9/11/15)

King of Kings, G-d, Father of Mercy, Creator of the Universe, the trees, the animals, all of the seven billion people in the world, and the Jewish people of Israel whom He has chosen! The state of Israel is the source of blessing; the entire world lives off of it! You cannot block the source of blessing; because if it is blocked, the world will return to chaos and no one will be left in the world, which is alive thanks to Israel! Just like the sun gives life to the world, so does the state of Israel give life to the world, through the learning of Torah and prayer, through Jews who have told G-d "we will do and listen."

Whoever believes that there is salvation and the Messiah, will be blessed and will be in the first circle. Whoever doesn't believe will be blessed and G-d will have mercy on that person. The process now is that the old world is going to sleep forever and the new world is going to bloom into a world of honesty, truth, kindness and belief in G-d.

Chaos and Armageddon is overseas, not in Israel! Anyone who says that it is in Israel should not be believed, they are getting their information from the wrong place, from Satan.

The state of Israel is holy, pure and safe, the economy is good and there is a cloud of fire protecting the borders of Israel. We Jews will protect ourselves.

There are those that say that the rain two weeks ago was, heaven forbid, a natural disaster. There are no natural disasters in Israel and there never will be. The floods in the center and the electricity problems were problems with the municipalities and the electricity company, it is not from 
G-d. G-d does not do bad things to Israel, only people do bad things to themselves. If all of the municipalities cut the trees when and where they are supposed to, and fixed the water and sewage infrastructures, the water would go to the ocean and it wouldn't be a problem. Stop blaming G-d; G-d is good and does good; we are the wrong doers. G-d is protecting Israel, guarding and nurturing His Jewish children with love so that they believe in Him. His loyal servant, Messiah son of David, protects all of Israel and a wall of fire protects the borders of Israel, and you must watch over yourselves.

G-d is not interesting in peace with the Arabs. If He was, there would have been peace a long time ago. G-d knows that they cannot be trusted. It is all talk with the purpose of ruining Israel. Israel is a very small country in the world and they are not letting it live. They have countries that can house billions of Arabs. The three billion Arabs are treading water. There is no nation or country in the world that can harm the holy land and the Jews in Israel. Anyone who tries will be harmed by natural disasters, conflicts and complications, train and ship disasters. If the world knows that they were alive thanks to Israel and the Jews, they would have respected it ages ago. Soon they will know and everyone will respect Israel!

G-d is bringing the ten plagues of Egypt to the entire world and each is a hundred times worse. This is so that the Jews appreciate what G-d is doing, the miracles and wonders. G-d wants the Jews to be pure and holy and not to assimilate. All of the Jews living abroad must come urgently to Israel. Anti-Semitism is harsh and they will continue to harm the Jews living abroad. There will come a time when Jews say "we have sinned, who will save us?" Even the Jews living abroad with gentiles - come to Israel and convert them and their children. As soon as G-d crowns the Messiah king, this generation, soon, they will never be able to convert.

The state of Israel is different from all other countries and Judaism is different from all of the nations. G-d has chosen it and there is hatred and jealousy - Esav hated Yaakov and Yishmiel hated them both. Arab countries, it doesn't matter how much good is given to them, they will always want more, they will never be satisfied.

The IDF soldiers must be careful in their guarding shifts and on duty. Be 100% on duty and don't play with your phones or anything else. If you are vigilant on your watch and you fulfill your duties to the full extent, the armies of G-d will connect to you from the heavens and protect you. Beware of Arabs that dress like they are poor and unfortunate - they are dangerous and have knives. Respect, but be wary of everyone ten times over. They are brainwashed to kill and commit suicide. There are terrorists that harm and kill; they turn themselves in to the Palestinian police so that they are given a paycheck and money.

In Hebron there is increased activity because they have places to hide. There are mountains, rocks, and caves to hide in and they know the area well. You must be careful. They are as harsh as the rocks there. It is not enough to close their radio stations, they have their iPhones, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Emails. Just like in East Jerusalem, there are conspiracies in Hebron as well. They are organized and working quietly. They are snipers from the age of 16. The Shabak, Mossad, and IDF should look in Hebron for the place where they are trained with weapons; there is such a place.

In Gaza, Hamas continues to dig forty tunnels toward Israel. Be very careful and keep your eyes open so that they don't surprise settlements and IDF bases, heaven forbid, it will cause a lot of damage and shame to Israel.

Arabs with a blue ID have a lot of rights in Israel.

Hamas is busy with the tunnels.

ISIS is busy and celebrating in Sinai; they want to focus on Sinai.

Extreme Islamists and ISIS are making a mess for Sisi and soon everything will blow up.

Egypt is fighting against ISIS, the extreme Islamists and rioters. They should continue fighting and not give up. Sisi needs to watch over himself; there are very unclean people around him. He should continue to destroy their tunnels from Gaza to Sinai. Soon it will rain a lot in Gaza and the tunnels will be destroyed and delayed.

Jordan is waiting for a Palestinian country - they will not get it. They want to put four million refugees in the border with Israel.

Arduan, the "king" of Turkey, won the elections because anyone who goes against him, any competitor, is swallowed by the earth and disappears.

Turkey is filled with ISIS who are smothering the Turks every day.

Syria is being erased and will continue to be erased every day more and more.

Iraq is the same. They are killing each other, one eats the other. There is never going to be a solution.

Russia came to fight Syria to take out ISIS, because they don't want hundreds of thousands of ISIS members to come from Syria to Russia; that is the only reason. Russia is in good contact with Israel and they are updating Israel on every move. Despite that, you must keep your eyes open in the north so that infiltrators don't come through Israel's borders.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah can't do anything, they get "gifts" from Iran and, G-d be praised, IDF blows it up on the way. Nasrallah doesn't come out to the street because he is afraid of being killed.

G-d is creating a giant Babel Tower in all of the Arab countries and the world so that the people of Israel believe and say "who is like you L-rd?"

The United States will help Israel with ammunition and weapons, despite the big mistake they made with Iran. It is not too late to fix the mistake; they can always give it up. Iran is mocking the United States for being "modern" and "naïve;" it wants to control all of the Arab countries around it.

Iran is afraid of Israel, it knows that Israel can get anywhere in Iran. It is doing anything it can to harm Israel indirectly. G-d is putting fear of Israel in their minds.

Dear Jews, listen up: If Iran has even a thought to hurt Israel directly, the ground will open up and swallow the nuclear factories and a large part of Iran - they know this.

The economy in Israel, the rain, and prosperity are the best in the world; you only need the will to live. The state of Israel doesn't leave any Jew and helps even the minorities. Jewish Israelis must not leave Israel, they will come back to Israel with nothing and it will happen not long from now. Don't waste time on thoughts of leaving Israel, anti-Semitism will strike at the Jews in the world, it gets worse every day.

The government of Israel must stop playing games. If you harm one another in the media, your value will be diminished when you speak in the name of Israel; you will be disrespected and will have no value. You must be united. The state of Israel is developing every day; millions of Jews will come. Real estate, lots, stores, roads, factories, agriculture - it is all developing. The government of Israel must help the development of the people of Israel and not focus on fights between them and harming one another - you are being laughed at everywhere.

Every Jew that believes in redemption and the coming of the Messiah and obeys the commandments to the fullest, and tries as much as possible to make amends, will have be successful! All of the Jews are waiting for the moment when G-d crowns the Messiah King son of David with mercy! Because he is the solution to all of the Jews' and the world's problems!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"


  1. The head of Turkey is spelled Erdogan in English.

    1. Arduan is the transliterated name of the head of Turkey as it is said in Hebrew. In Israel he is called Arduan. It is like any other name. King Solomon is called Shlomo hamelech. Nobody in Israel would ever refer to him as Solomon.

      You should hear what they call Obama. Just kidding. We try not to talk about him at all.

  2. Begging your pardon Rav, but this holy Rabbi keeps saying all is well in Israel, when the news says different. Also, when some 'natural disaster' happens else where in the world, he says its Hashem's punishment to the particular place where it happens.
    But if its Israel, he says, its just natural weather. Yet i hear that Hashem controls the weather,
    What i am trying to figure out, is if this happens in Israel, its 'natural weather'. but outside Israel,.. its Gd's punishment.
    Scratching my head.

    1. The Rav is absolutely correct, the Jew-hating news media is propaganda. Check statistics as to how much homicide happens in all of Israel versus any one city in the world, especially the US (the country with the highest crime rate in the world). Most of the homicide in Israel is Arabs killing Arabs -- they just don't get along, B"H. Any Israeli killing an Arab is almost always self-defense.

      Hashem is completely running the show and it is all good news preparing for the redemption and Moshiach. Everything that is happening in the world and in Israel is even in scriptures and is Hashem's plan for changing the world from a place of chaos and lies to a place of goodness and truth. The fine details are way too extensive for a note here.

      The weather in Israel is a blessing. We have about 8 months of beautiful sunny warm weather and then about 4 months of beautiful rainy weather but still comfortable temperatures. It is exactly what is needed for the most plush farmland in the world to produce. This country, the size of New Jersey exports so much produce a year it is miraculous. The areas of flooding are also intentional, such as the tunnels in Gaza. Hashem knows exactly what He is doing.

  3. Oh Rav, a bit of correction to my earlier comment. The Holy Rabbi says, weather is controled by Gd, but in the case of the rains in Israel that happened with flooding, not to blame Gd, but to blame municcipalitiies andj others.
    But the same happens likewise many times other countries.
    Also he keeps saying economy in Israel is good, yet Rabbi's come to USA, to ask for money to feed the poor, And on Jewish sites, lots of people asking for donations to help the poor in Israel.
    So how does all this tie up with what this holly man says?
    Thanks. Hope you answer.

    1. The weather situation was answered above.

      We are not on this Earth to sail through in luxury. We are here to perfect ourselves, which means receiving tests and putting forth effort to positively resolve all tests. A big area of our individual Tikun is helping others. A Rabbi collecting for people who don't have enough is part of the design of Hashem. The Rabbi helps others, he get a percentage that helps him and his family and, best of all, he is perfecting his soul. The entire design of this world has to include people helping people. Hashem makes sure that it happens for those doing the helping and those needing the help. It is a very merciful situation full of goodness. It also weeds out the evil ones who give nothing and help no one. Everything is measure for measure.