Monday, November 23, 2015

A Follow-up to Yesterday’s Post


I receive this excellent comment to my post yesterday. I wanted more people to see the comment and my thoughts on the subject. First the comment:
Stephen Williamson has left a new comment on your post "A Comment Answered":

Regarding the thought that we Noahides may be a part of the lost tribes, one of my beloved teachers taught that when the Torah was offered to the nations of the world (before it was offered to the Jews), the nations all rejected Torah. However, in every nation there were the people in the back of the crowd who put their hands up saying "Hey, what about us, we will accept Torah, look at us, we want to take it on." Those people are now able to accept their portion of Torah and are becoming active Noahides. Some of us realize that we may not have a Jewish soul but we have a Jewish heart. We do not seek conversion, but we stand by and support the Jews and Torah and Hashem. I wish the very best for our friend in Brazil, and I hope he realizes that if he is meant to become Jewish, he will find a way to do so. As for the cost of conversion, yes, it is expensive. Some of us will require a Bris, the cost of creating a Kosher kitchen, the cost of tefillin and talit all add up to make conversion a very expensive prospect. As in a previous comment, there are ways to raise the cash needed, and many people out there who would be willing to help out.
My thoughts:

Thank you for this excellent comment. You are correct that there will be many non-Jews to whom Hashem will give a very happy future. It is brought down that Israel will be renamed Jerusalem, and that all the remaining land in the world will be called the holy land. It will be a world of goodness and righteousness for everyone. There is nothing written that says all the world will become Jewish, just that all the world will become monotheistic following the One Living G-d.

My speculation is that all the lost tribes, which could be a large population these days, could be showing up as groups like Noachides. The Noachides that I have had the privileged of meeting have been more spiritual and righteous than many observant Jews that I have known. They truly feel and want the goodness of Hashem. I just speculate that they will find themselves returning to Israel, or Jerusalem along with the known Jews of the world. I have had complaints from Noachides that they would like to live in Israel and that they feel deprived at not having a "right of return," as the Jews have. I am saying maybe they do have the "right of return" as a member of another tribe. After all, that means they did live here before.

I know that Hashem will take care of His faithful and that the happy ending will be a very happy beginning for all those who feel Hashem in their hearts, Jew or non-Jew.

I agree that becoming observant and following all the commandments can be expensive, but let me let you in on a secret (this is a secret, so make sure you tell everyone). Those who truly love Hashem and want to do His will also find that Hashem provides and eliminates any hardships or barriers. I am amazed at how many people I have known, including myself, that investments of many types became much more successful at the time of need -- the fulfilling Hashem's requirements. Nothing has been more obvious in my life than the idea that the closer I want to be to Hashem, the luckier I seem to be in everything. I am going to admit it, but there were times that I needed large sums of money to serve Hashem and a relative passed away months before with a big inheritance check coming exactly when I needed it. I feel bad about that happening, but the timing was such a strong and obvious message to my family from Hashem. There is no such thing as luck; there is only the mercy of and help from Hashem. It may not happen right away, since this is the world of testing and Hashem wants us to be completely convinced of His ways, but it definitely happens. You may find many who would disagree with what I am saying, but they will find out at the time of Geula that it was their shortcomings that held them back, not Hashem's merciful system.

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