Monday, November 9, 2015

The Key to Happiness, the Movie Version

I decided to try a new format for the subject of "The Key to Happiness."  Enjoy the video and the happiness it will provide.
For those who are not able to open the video here, it can be seen on Youtube at:


  1. There is no video.

    1. It seems to be the format that I used to upload it to this blog. Some people can get it and some can not. I am presently uploading the video on Youtube. When it is completed, I will give a reference that should work. Let me know if there is any further difficulty.

  2. I seem to be unable to access the video through my Android phone. Help! Life is so hectic and I would love to be able to study your materials as i go through my daily endeavours. ��

  3. Dear Rav Menachem,

    I really enjoyed your video. Your speaking style is engaging as well as informative. And, you have a sense of humor--which doesn't always come through in your blogs or comments. I look forward to more videos!

    Still I am sad for those of my friends who converted according to reform streams of Judaism--which was what they had available or what was meaningful for them. Not knowing them at the time, I had nothing to say about it.But I would hate to think Hashem would not have some rachmonnes for them because they had no access to or interest in Orthodox Judaism. I can only hope that they are gilguls of Jews in the past and tried to make their way home.

    I myself prefer Conservative Judaism to Orthodox for my own personal reasons, which Hashem knows only too well.. I am sure that when Moshiach comes we will all become Torah Observant and follow a new path that Hashem will set before us. I am a progressive person at heart and cannot accept that Hashem would allow Jewish women to use their brains and attain success in life by studying and having professions only to relegate them back to a kitchen to be subservient. I also believe that women are just as spiritual as men and should be leaders and rabbis, if their hearts and souls desire it. --Diaspora Ro

    1. One of the biggest misconceptions is that people think they know what Torah Judaism is. As an example: the Torah definitely lets us know that women are at a much higher spiritual level than men. It is the reason why women don't need to wear a Tallis or Tefillin. Please read my post of 1 May 2012:

      The many years that I spent as a secular Jew was when I observed women being treated as second class citizens. In the workplace, in the military, in college and definitely in places of worship. It wasn't until I lived in an observant community that I found how men, who are very weak, and Hashem, Who is with infinite strength, truly values the high spiritual level of women.

      I must add that in my household, I am the boss, and my wife gave me permission to say that. You said that you wanted humor in my comments, but the statement I just made happens to be true. I could never come close to the spiritual level of my wife and I thank Hashem that as soul mates, I benefit from her high spirituality.

      So far as someone converting as a Conservative (or otherwise), I was only pointing out that they do not follow all the 613 commandments, which is how Hashem treats us measure for measure. It does not mean they won't reach Tikun; it is strictly how much more difficult a trip through life they will have to endure.

      Another thought is that a million Jews will wind up in the time of Moshiach at a million different spiritual levels -- each commensurate with how he or she fulfilled the commandments NOW, during the time of testing. My entire presentation is just to let you know how much easier and happier life can be following Hashem's instructions. And more importantly, how our eternal life will be so much better.

    2. Thank you Rav, will go watch the video as soon as i write this.
      diaspora Ro remarked about your sense of humour.
      I can vouch for that.. your sense of humour is something i have enjoyed.
      That made me smile when i was down so many, many times.

      Thanks again.

    3. Thank you Me for your kind words. I didn't realize that we have the same name. I call myself "Me" also. What a small world, after all.

  4. Oh Me, Oh My!!

    It IS a small world after all..
    me aka,s,aka sc/anon...hmmn ..

  5. Thank you, Rabbi for the video... it was so nice to see you give us vital information in a light delivery style... Thank you... *:-)

    Thank you for your blogspot... and looking forward to more info... thank you...

    1. Thank you. I enjoyed it also, and I can't wait to see what I say next.

  6. Rav, heard your teaching on YouTube.

    Thanks Rav. and like this new format you use. Would love some more like on the days we are in, and especially Moshiach.

    Have a question, since you basically spoke to the Jews, where do others like Noachides, and other good non-Jewish, how do we, relate to sickness and other troubles?
    Like is it correction for us too. or just like '.. to bad.. deal with it'


    1. Hashem is consistent. There is no reason for Him to have one system for the Jews and a different system for His non-Jewish creations. He created us all and loves us all. Anyone who is righteous and following the ways of Hashem will measure for measure be treated in kind the same way. Hashem has no reason to bring troubles to anyone who turns to Him for everything, since the troubles are the way He corrects us.

      The biggest problem is that most people give it lip service saying: "Oh, I follow Hashem all the way," but are fooling themselves. They think that what they do is good enough, but Hashem knows what repentance is really needed by each one of us.

      Only by studying Jewish scriptures do we learn the absolute truth about what Hashem wants from us, what our obligations are and how to follow the right path to salvation and eternal happiness. All else is trivia and is us deceiving ourselves. The person in life that we seem to by the least honest with is ourselves, and Hashem knows it better than we do.

  7. Reb Menachem,

    I liked your video very much, but audio might be even better - your voice makes everything you say "go down better." If you want to continue with video, interspersing pictures here and there, or clips of moving video, might be better than the "continuous talking head" format. Not everyone can manage this by him/herself; but you're an engineer (mentally at least), so I'm confident that you have the ability to figure it out.

    And such a nice man! I never would have guessed. Your wife has done a good job. ;)

    All the very best! Mazal tov!

    1. I used Microsoft Movie Maker which does allow me to intersperse videos, pictures, etc in my presentation. I used it for the first time, so I am still on a learning curve. I actually did that video over several days -- anyone paying attention would have noticed I changed my shirt each day. I began with a white shirt and then continued two days later with a white shirt (I just notices even though our world is in color, my closet is in black and white).

      My wife has been a very big inspiration in my life. She is the one who taught me kindness and caring. Our two children and 17 grandchildren are perfect (bli ayin harah). The most pleasant, intelligent, beautiful, respectful children I have ever met and I know that it is my wife who spent a tremendous amount of time teaching and nurturing.

      I remember people saying to me when I was young "wait til you have children, or wait til you have a teenagers." It happened and they were wrong. Children act the way we act. It is like our Father in Heaven. We get back measure for measure what we put out. Children are no different.

  8. Thank you Rav Menachem.
    Good to see from the comments your opinion about children.
    To be a parent is the most hard and at the same time rewarding job in this world. I realized just by reading your comment how good mother I must be by having such Tzadika daughter. Heartwarming greetings from us.