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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayishlach, 10 Kislev 5776 (22/11/15)

King of Kings, G-d, Creator of the World, is the leader of the world and the world is only His. G-d will decide what will happen in each country, what will be destroyed and what will be built, what will be flooded, which will have disasters and conflict – these things G-d determines and not man. G-d speaks through the forces of nature, it is hidden. You do not hear G-d's voice and you do not see Him, the forces of nature are his sight, voice, and hints. The world has freedom of choice and G-d is acting secretly; He runs and revives the world. G-d is tired; He is ridding the world of impurity, hatred, and murder. G-d wants us to obey the commandments and there will be a new world of kindness. This is what G-d is doing in the world. The believer will be blessed and will have entrance into the new world; the non-believer will continue to suffer.

G-d is very angry and those who want to give away parts of the Holy Land - don't you dare. The state of Israel, the Holy Land belongs to G-d alone! No one has ownership on the state of Israel and the Jews living in it!

Everything that is happening in the world, in Europe and other countries is a red light to the Jews - run, run, run while you still can and come to Israel, and only to Israel. Jews living in the US and Europe should not test G-d. In Europe the Jews are telling the entire world that they will continue to fight terror. They are mistaken, they are fighting against G-d's will to bring them to Israel and they will lose their lives. G-d is showing signs since 1948, when Israel was established: 'Come only to the Holy Land.' The state of Israel, the Holy Land, is protected from all of the countries in the world only for the Jews. There is salvation since 1948, and there is the Messiah acting in secret, and G-d wants to crown him and build the third Temple in this generation! The material and money keep the Jews abroad, G-d is warning them: if you do not come now, no one will buy your home and property from you; they will run to save their skins and lives and they will come to Israel in shame, not with honor. It is not without reason that G-d is attacking the earth with the forces of nature, attacking Europe and other countries with anti-Semitism, ISIS and extreme Muslims. Just like there is a storm at sea, so it is on earth. The whole world is getting the ten harsh plagues one after the other.

In Israel, the Jews must be vigilant. Be wary of every place, every city, be vigilant so that you are safe and protected. If you are complacent and act in a belittling manner, you will not be protected by G-d.

In Egypt G-d brought the ten plagues so that the people of Israel would wake up and come back to life, and the Egyptians were punished. Now the entire world is Egypt. The first salvation will be small - the last one will be big, the same idea; the Messiah is coming from the desert and is in Israel. G-d is bringing the ten plagues to the world so that the Jews see and fear the Father in Heaven.

G-d is asking the Jews to pray three times a day: Shaharit, Minha, and Arvit, to set times for Torah and to mention G-d and thank Him for all that is good and not good. When a Jew accepts torment and pain with love and joy, G-d gives him good and healing because he believes that it is from G-d for his own good. Jews must turn all that is bitter to sweet.

G-d is telling his Jewish children not to believe the goyim because they want to destroy the people of Israel. They want to control and turn everything to extreme Islam, they don't want peace. The peace they are asking is a trap for Israel to take more land and destroy the state of Israel, heaven forbid. That is their true plan.

G-d is telling the Jews: the choice is in your hands; since the first man, there has been freedom of choice. Watch over yourselves, choose to watch over yourselves. G-d is protecting the people of Israel and there is a cloud of fire around the borders of Israel, but you must still choose to watch over yourself. If Jews do not care for themselves, they get prideful and begin to belittle G-d, heaven forbid, so G-d belittles them. This whole process is G-d preparing us for salvation and the crowning of the Messiah as King in our generation.

The world thinks that ISIS is a state - this is a mistake. Every state has 30% that can turn, in one second, into ISIS and extreme Muslims. Hamas, ISIS, Palestinians, and extreme Islamists have rules of their own. They have lost their minds and want to rule the world. In France they ask who the brains behind the attacks were, but the world doesn't know that for each "brain" and leader, there are 200 lieutenants.

Dear Jews living abroad: come to Israel urgently! You won't have time to take clothes to wear, come now, sell everything and come! In Israel there is everything you need, gold, diamonds, iron, copper, oil, gas, all in abundance and G-d is in Israel! Israel, the land of the deer, and deer skin stretches. Jews be patient, there is everything in Israel, beautiful view, beautiful land, beautiful people, beautiful and good Jews, and G-d wants to do good to the people of Israel, so long as you believe in Him and do not pity the cruel.

Every Jew that was murdered and has his blood spilled on the ground is crying out to G-d to forgive and have mercy on the people of Israel. The government of Israel must stop being naive, be united and consolidated and get the refugees out of Israel in a legal manner. Anyone that is not allowed to be in Israel must be taken out by law. In France there are French, in England there are British, in Turkey there are Turks, in Egypt there are Egyptians, and in Israel there are Jews! Israel has been a country of Jews for generations and not a mixed country. Jews outside of Israel must stop saying that they are doing well; they are lying - they are threatened, the economy is being erased before their eyes!

The state of Israel must not worry about the ban in Europe and must not get angry. Be smart. Listen, Jews: anyone who harms the state of Israel, the Jews in Israel - G-d will give them complications from the forces of nature or conflict within themselves and they will be destroyed. G-d will teach them a lesson about banning the Jews and will not forget any country that goes against Israel - He will strike them with one hundred plagues, not ten!

Armageddon is only outside of Israel! Chaos is only outside of Israel! The world, outside of Israel, is a catastrophe! Even those who didn't believe two years ago, believe now! Jews, do not be afraid, Armageddon is overseas, in Israel everything is good.

All of the terrorists must be neutralized at the source. There are gangs of leaders in Hebron that are being trained with weapons. There is a "snake head" that is guiding all of the Palestinians and Hamas - he must be crushed! They promise money and women, give them drugs and make them cruel.

In Egypt, Sisi must be vigilant and watch over himself from the people around him. He is the best king in Egypt. He is next in line to be harmed. Sisi, if you want to overcome and succeed, clean all of Sinai desert. Start with the border of Eilat towards the Red Sea and El Arish. This entire area must be cleaned, their masterminds are there. If you don't do that, there will be harsh complications in Egypt, like there are in Syria.

Turkey is next in line to be like Syria. Arduan is in deep with ISIS, the economy is getting worse, everything is getting worse.

Jordan, the Jordanian king and four million refugees are going crazy, they do not know what to do, and are getting destroyed every day.

In Iraq there is chaos, no law and order, it is a ghost country.

Syria is destroyed. The Russians are destroying it. Everyone wants to destroy it and it will eventually be destroyed.

Iran is happy and dancing from everything that is happening in the world - it has been forgotten. It is dancing at two weddings; the United States and Russia have left it alone for now. Iran continues to make the atomic and chemical bombs. It is deathly afraid of Israel. If Iran tries to do something to Israel - G-d will erase it from the face of the earth. It is a done deal - do not worry!

In Europe, the attacks will continue and with much more force. All of Europe will be in fear. The entire world will face huge terrorist attacks. The United States is next.

Jews in the Unites States don't wait for them to come to you. Sell your property now and come to Israel!

White and black collars, thieves and bribers, rapists and adulterers will all be revealed in the media. If they repent instead, G-d will not reveal them in the media and will forgive them.

Dear Jews - have patience! G-d wants to save more Jews in the first circle. Everything has an end. In the heavens, G-d, the angels, and the righteous are waiting for the day of the crowning of the Messiah and building the third Temple in our generation. It is 100% in this generation! Only G-d has the date for the crowning, not the angels nor anyone else.   G-d wants to surprise the world with goodness and love! The day will come and it is near, there will be great joy for the people of Israel! All of the pain will turn into joy!

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  1. Hello Menachem!

    Rav Artzi: "The first salvation will be small - the last one will be big, the same idea; the Messiah is coming from the desert and is in Israel."

    What "kind" of desert?!

    Rav Artzi: "Dear Jews living abroad: come to Israel urgently! You won't have time to take clothes to wear, come now, sell everything and come!"

    It is likely that the Bnei Noach will be persecuted? If we pursued, will (I believe) the biggest test for all Bnei Noach in the world.

    Rav Artzi: "In Egypt, Sisi must be vigilant and watch over himself from the people around him. He is the best king in Egypt."

    So is someone decent Sisi in the eyes of the Hashem?!

    Rav Artzi: "In Europe, the attacks will continue and with much more force. All of Europe will be in fear. The entire world will face huge terrorist attacks. The United States is next."


    United States against Israel = HaShem vs. United States. Hahahahaha!!!


    Islamic State Threatens To Attack Washington

    Rav Artzi: "Dear Jews - have patience! G-d wants to save more Jews in the first circle".

    What is 'first circle'?

    Tudo de bom!!!

    Luiz Felipe.

    1. You ask good questions, but I only have speculation on some of the answers, and I would prefer to investigate a little further before trying to answer.

      The United States is Magog and is the main perpetrator of false flag operations around the world. After all, instituting the New World Order is the main agenda. An attack on the US is very likely, since it would serve the global elite in many ways. One, is to gain complete control of the people including martial law being enacted. Another is to reduce the population. These may sound cynical, but that is within the NWO agenda.

      The first circle is a general expression that has been used by many including several authors. It distinguishes groups of people who are most likely to receive preferential attention. I believe the Rav is referring to those who are truly with Hashem and how they will see a greater salvation first. There are many more nuances, that would only be my speculation.

    2. Hello!

      Thank you Menachem for answers. :)

      All good!

      Luiz Felipe.

  2. I am fairly new to this blog and feel compelled to ask you about the "New World Order" you refer to. I thought that this was just some UTubers getting overly creative, perhaps another urban legend. Can you clarify this for us and how Kolel Yisrael and Bnei Noah are or will be impacted? Much appreciated. Ms. AP

    1. Welcome to the blog. The New World Order is very real and can be researched completely on the web (Google and Youtube). I got into some details last 11 Sep 2014 with my post entitled "The Absolute Truth that Nobody Believes (or even knows)." Go to the right column and click on 2014 and September and open the title.

      The most important concept to know is that the evil plans of the global elite that are trying to institute the NWO will not work and that Hashem will make sure they fail. But, as I have said repeatedly, those who live the ways of Hashem will have it the easiest. Conversely, those who think they know what they are doing and don't need His guidance, will suffer before the happy ending occurs. The whole purpose of my blog is to get all my readers to be living the Absolute Truth, which is the word of Hashem, and survive the chaos that is plaguing the world (and probably will get worse).

      You found us just in time.

  3. Thank you for the heads-up regarding the NWO. I am somewhat incredulous that this goes well beyond the realm of fantasy. Looking forward to reading the information published on Sept. 11, 2014. As a Baal Shuva for the last 5 or six years i have been through some very difficult and painful trials. Occasionally people ask me how I made it through. I credit it all to Hashem who redeemed my children and i and provided the way for us to learn about mitzvahs, yiddishkeit and gradually get closer to him. This blog inspires me along my journey. However, although I pray daily for Moshiah Ben David to usher in our golden geulah in my lifetime, at some level it feels surreal. Yet, evil keeps increasing exponencially around the world and just when i think it cannot get does! So, please tell me how can i just drop everything and move to Israel? I daven in English and like many here in the diaspora do not speak Hebrew. How about applying for work when you are over 50 and do not speak the language? Important questions. I hope that Hashem in his infinite love don't judge us too harshly. When the time arrives and we are vindicated in the eyes of the world, i hope that my children and i and all Jews in the diaspora find a way to go home to our beloved Israel. Ms. AP

    1. There is so much that I could say in answer to your comment, much of which I have already written extensively. I will give you some short answers and encourage you to write me a private Email since I have much additional information that will help you.

      It says in scriptures that the world will be chaotic and even crazy in the end of days right before Moshiach is introduced. What is happening in the world today including the NWO is all good news, since it is the fulfillment of prophecies. We know that the Moshiach is already here and is waiting to be introduced. From many sources, we feel very confident that the happy ending is imminent. When? is top secret with which Hashem will surprise us, but He is letting us know we are close.

      All Jews and the 10 lost tribes will return to Israel. We know that the people who come here before will have an easier time with the chaotic mayhem, since life is much easier in Israel now than the rest of the world. A description would be too detailed for here which is another reason for you to contact me by Email.

      The one thing that I will mention is that statistics show that about 85% of Israelis speak English (from excellent to not so excellent). Every office of the government, medical facility, utility, most stores, most businesses, taxi and bus drivers, etc that I have dealt with in the past 12 3/4 years since I moved here were comfortable in English. I have basic skills in Hebrew, but I have had quite a time becoming fluent since nobody wants to talk to me in Hebrew. Jews are intelligent and are proud of their ability to talk English. We did not have this during the six years we lived in Europe. They want you to speak their language.

      Enough for now, I could write another book covering all of your concerns. Get in touch with me and I can avoid the long answers (several ideas in mind including referring you to some of the 422 posts that I have made covering your questions).

      Congratulations on becoming a BT, you will be so, so happy about it in the near future.