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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Chayei Sarah, 19 Cheshvan 5776 (1/11/15)

G-d created the world, and all of this terrible confusion in the world today is the confusion that comes before a new world, a world without confusion, without complications, without murder, and without hatred. In order to build a new home, you must destroy the old one; you cannot build a new home on top of the old one, because there will always be cracks. There was once a world that was destroyed in the time of Noah, and G-d started a new world with Noah and his children, and the animals that were in the ark. Now, G-d is turning the world, with seven billion people, to a pure and holy world, not like it was with only Noah and his children.

The state of Israel - the Jews will rule the world and the world will bow before the state of Israel, the Holy Land. This sounds strange and impossible, but with G-d everything is possible, we simply do not have the capacity to understand Who G-d is. Because the world has become "modern", with smartphones, planes, and advanced technology, people have turned into so called gods, heaven forbid, know-it-alls, because the advanced technology has become their deity. It is like in the time of Abraham when their gods were idols. People are not smart or wise enough to understand that G-d is making a new order in the world. G-d is in pain; G-d has had it with the old world filled with greed, murder, thievery, crime, and bribery, a broken world.

There are Jews left in the world and in Israel that G-d has chosen, and they believe in G-d. Jews that live outside of Israel must sell their property and come to Israel to live in the Holy Land. G-d is separating them from the gentiles, and all of the Jews married to gentiles abroad, come with them to Israel and convert them. During the time of the crowning of the Messiah, it won't be possible to convert - it is a pity.

The people of Israel are also confused, G-d does not want two nations within Israel. G-d does not want any piece of land used to desecrate Him. All Jews must understand that the state of Israel does not interest the Palestinians and Hamas and anyone that works with them. They don't want peace; they want the Jews in Israel to be their slaves that is their plan. If they wanted peace, they would not fight; they would live in their own places with respect. The Jews have no other country; they have no place to go. The Palestinians, Hamas, and Jihad have many countries that are hundreds of times larger than Israel. Therefore, it is easy to see that they don't want peace; they want to destroy the state of Israel and to enslave the Jews. This will not happen, so peace with them will also not happen!

The government of Israel and the Jews must not fall for this trap. The Jews must not give up even one centimeter of the Holy Land; G-d does not want them to. They must go with the word of G-d. The government of Israel must not act based on the United States.

The United States is in talks with the Russians and the world on Israel's account, and it sounds like Israel is the world's victim, heaven forbid. The United States wants to create a Palestinian country to show the Arab countries that it is with them so that they support the US and not Russia. Israel is one country, and there are plenty of Arab countries, so the US wants a Palestinian country to have their support.

ISIS are making a mockery of the Arab world, they want to control and be on the map.

Egypt is doing everything to prevent a revolution. They must beware of ISIS and the extreme Islamists that want to turn it over. They are working around the clock to overturn Egypt.

Syria is completely gone, there is no point and it is impossible to reconstruct it. Every time an entity, state, or group of people comes and destroys Syria, they have no savior. It is like Korach when the ground opened up and swallowed them.

The state of Israel must be very careful not to let in refugees and infiltrators so that they don't become the majority and a danger to Israel, heaven forbid. Those who are in Tel Aviv must be evicted legally.

The IDF must be vigilant in the northern border.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are going to "blow up." The IDF is doing great work in preventing ammunition from Iran to Hezbollah.

Iran is two-faced; they want to enjoy Russia and the United States. Deep down, they are deathly afraid of wars and want to be a powerful country.

In Turkey, elections or no, nothing will change. Anyone that goes against Arduan is killed.

Hamas in Gaza continue to work on the tunnels around the clock. The rain that was and will be will fill the tunnels with water, mud, and dirt. Gaza will drown in water and mud, because they plan for more tunnels towards Israel and are building them.

There is an ISIS conspiracy in East Jerusalem. ISIS representatives are teaching them how to stab. All of the parents with terrorists coming out of their homes need to wake up. They are returning the terrorists' bodies, so that they are not deterred. We should stop giving them the bodies.

The ISIS man who spoke is an Israeli Arab. There is an ISIS conspiracy in the north, south and in east Jerusalem.

Jordan is waiting quietly, hoping that there will be a Palestinian country, because the refugees are destroying Jordan.

G-d is protecting Israel; there is a protective cloud of fire. Still, Jews must watch over themselves.

Our government must not operate in the "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" method. G-d hates bribes and interests. All of the parliament members were chosen for the benefit of the people of Israel and they must be loyal to G-d and the state of Israel, do not make mistakes!

G-d does not like lust, bribery, cheating, thievery and interests; don't say "it will not happen to me." G-d does not differentiate between people; those who break the law will pay in kind. G-d is in pain for every single Jew.

Armageddon is overseas, chaos is overseas. What is happening in Israel, all of the problems we have now, we must pay attention to them, open our eyes and watch over ourselves. Just like in past Israeli wars, the Six-Day war, Yom Kippur war, Lebanon war, Protective Edge - this is like a war that will end. We experienced it before. There will not be a third or fourth intifada.

The economy in Israel is the best in the world and real estate will bloom endlessly in Israel.

Jews in Israel, left and right, must unite, this is not the time for games. Protests in Israel are completely forbidden; you must sit and talk with government officials. You won't achieve anything by force.

Rabbis and Torah greats of Israel, you must wake up and wake the people of Israel to repenting and obeying the commandments. Speak openly about redemption and the Messiah - there is no shame in that. Just like you mention the Messiah and redemption three times a day in your prayers and in the blessings after eating, that is how you should speak of it loudly and without shame! It is important to bring into the minds of the people of Israel that there is redemption and the Messiah and we must pray to G-d to crown him. No one of flesh and blood can crown him, only G-d!

The Messiah is operating in secret; some know him, others don't, and some are not sure. The most important thing is that he exists and is in Israel! He is working and soon G-d will crown him, because seven billion people in the world have lost their way, just like in the time of Noah, only worse. There won't be a nuclear bomb, that destroys the world, and there won't be a flood.

G-d has endless patience, and is working to expand the state of Israel, to bring the Jews. There is a Messiah in Israel and there is redemption process that started in the year 1948! The Messiah already started working a long time ago, and when G-d crowns him, he will work out in the open. He will destroy evil; he will speak and in a millisecond countries that have bothered Israel will disappear. After that, the world will fear the Messiah King and all will bow before the state of Israel and the Messiah out of fear. This is just the tip of the iceberg in understanding what the Messiah is!

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  1. Why does he say to convert the gentile spouses of Jews?????

    Most of these "conversions" are fake.

    1. Please don't generalize and say one should not have a chance for eternal bliss, just because it might appear (important word, "might") appear that it is for the wrong reason. I have seen individuals develop a very strong love for Hashem that was sparked by the love of a spouse. Hashem works in mysterious ways and He will decide if there is a spouse worthy of conversion, not you or me. A worthy Rabbi will be guided by Hashem in this situation. He will ask the right questions and resolve the issue completely guided by Hashem. We are in the end of days, a time when Hashem is sorting it all out and bringing back those who went astray, as well as weeding out the ones not deserving. Trust Hashem to solve every situation -- He knows completely the feelings and desires of every individual. He will correctly help all those who are worthy of His infinite mercy.

  2. Very nice, but I am familiar with the issue from close up (and said most not all) and know many gentile women who fooled the Beit Din. And one doesn't need to be Jewish to have a chance for eternal bliss. Righteous gentiles will also have an eternal life.

    And btw, it's not me deciding, it's the gentile spouse herself (usually a she) declaring openly that she has no interest in Judaism and that she's just doing it for a show. If you don't believe me talk to the righteous converts and ask them about their conversion course. They all say the same thing, that eighty percent of the class was just doing it for marriage.

    And I have never heard any mainstream orthodox rabbi calling for the mass conversion of intermarried spouses.

    1. I know that there are many non-Jews who convert for the wrong reason, with very little regard for Judaism and/or Hashem, but they are always Conservative or Reform conversions that are not valid. As I said Hashem knows the truth, and any conversion that have been done, or are in the planning stage, will only succeed if Hashem wants it. I have been involved in many such efforts, and it always is the same -- total success or total failure, Hashem is running the show.

      So far as what is happening now, which is completely different from the past (thousands of years) is Hashem sorting it out. It will all be completely kosher and according to Torah. The Arizal said that any individual who is converted, was a Jew at birth, but had to discover the truth in this life. That is why so many non-Jews today have such a strong desire to be Jewish and study Torah. It is within them and they just had to get to the point where they made the change. I believe that many people who marry out of their faith system, did so because of the soul that they received at birth. Hashem controls it all, there is no mystery about who is what, or how anyone will wind up.

  3. Hello!!!

    Rav Artzi: "The state of Israel - the Jews will rule the world and the world will bow before the state of Israel, the Holy Land."

    I can't wait for this to happen (once for all), what a joy. :) :) :) :)

    Luiz Felipe

    1. "Jews rule the world" is an overstatement since it is Hashem that will rule the world with the Jews helping. And I too can not wait.

      I think that you, Luiz, will be part of it all (and you too sc).

    2. B'H!!! :)

      Right!!! :) Correcting: HaShem will be in charge of everything (as ever). B'H!!!

      Luiz Felipe.

  4. Luiz Felipe, i join you in this..
    Even i cannot wait for this to happen..
    Take care,

    1. Hello S.C.!


      Thank you so much for being with me every step of the way (toward the revelation of Moshiach and the rectification of the world).

      Luiz Felipe.

  5. Did you see the video of the Israeli boy who had a near death experience? what do you think of his description of the two weeks of war-the world against Israel & the IDF only lasting 2 days? iSIS coming & kidnapping Israelis, etc. ?

    1. Yes I saw it, I wrote a post about it telling about two statements that he made that were not true. His credibility is questionable, so anything else he said is suspicious.

      A third example is that the Chofetz Chaim said that World War 3 would be a spiritual war, which has already materialized -- the world has been against Israel for many years, much more than two weeks. There also have been attempts at starting a massive physical war against Israel, which in every case Hashem curtailed the effort.

  6. I received a comment from -Diaspora Ro that I want to answer. Unfortunately, it is one of the most detailed answers that I have ever posted that would require me to write another book. I started to work on the answer, but it will take me into next week before I can complete it. I am hoping to try a new format for covering this subject and have not worked out all the kinks yet. Be patient -- I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

  7. Replies
    1. It is part of the user name of the person that sent me the comment. It came from "Diaspora Ro."