Wednesday, December 31, 2014

An Answer to an Important Question

I received an excellent comment from Israel (the person, not the country) that I thought needed sharing and clarification with all my readers.

The comment:
It is heartwarming how you want to share tricks for success that you have acquired over time. The generosity is inspiring.

I do think the formula isn't so simple though. There are people who have difficult lives regardless of their emunah.  Let us not forget the Job paradigm.  Your formula seems to say, if you are suffering, it is because of your failings in emunah.  This is a mistake I believe. The workings of emunah and fate are much more complex than that.

Nevertheless, it still pays to work on emunah and to always try to see Hashem's hand in the world. So your message is useful, but I think it may shame people who have suffered enough.

My response:
When you realize that you are dealing with an Infinite Intelligence, you discover that the system is exact.  Hashem is not random, nor does He deal in variables.  We are the ones who are wishy-washy when it comes to measure for measure.  With Hashem it is an exact science.  In fact we convince ourselves with our flawed human logic that the system includes luck, coincidence and chance.

One thing that I would like to clear up is that everything that I am saying is not my formula, but comes from Hashem through Gedolim with whom I have studied.  It was only verified by me over a half a century of my researching the concepts.  I appreciate you trying to give me credit for the fine details of Hashem's system, but don't kill the messenger – it is without a doubt His system.

Is it more complicated than I am stating?  Yes, but only because our deficiencies are more complicated.  In other words, if one brings a great need for correction from a previous Gilgul (reincarnation), we have very little to gauge that deficiency.  The good news is that if one works hard on following the ways of Hashem, the 613 Miztvot, one can rest easy that the previous deficiencies will be corrected (even without knowing them).  Once again, the system is an exact science -- Hashem is totally merciful and gave us a way to accomplish it all.  The most important thing for us is not to give ourselves the excuse of saying "I have total emunah, but still have lots of problems."  That is a cop-out by trying to pass on our deficiencies and blaming others (even Hashem).  Humans are great for pointing the finger and saying "it's not my fault, it's that guy over there (or gal)."  We cheat ourselves by not doing what is best for us and our loved ones, but instead taking lazy shortcuts making up excuses.  The biggest problem is that if you are not aware of the absolute truth of this world, it does not go away.  They say that "ignorance is bliss;" I say that "ignorance is dangerous."

The system is so much measure for measure, down to the smallest degree.  Every word we say, every action we perform – if it is 100% positive, it will result in positive reward, or if it is negative, it will result in correction (or, chas v'shalom, punishment).  There are no variables, there is no randomness -- Hashem only set up His system to look that way so we could have free will.

Israel, I thank you for your comment, since it is a way for me to clarify what I have learned from the Torah over many years, and how I have observed people for many decades in the verification of the Torah's messages.  I only want to strengthen the emunah and the observance of our fellow Jew and righteous non-Jew – it is the purpose of this blog “to help people find the true path to happiness and success.”  We are truly blessed with a world and a life that can set us up for all eternity with everything that we want and need, we only need to use the system to our advantage.  Thank you Hashem.


  1. A Jew knows when he is doing the right thing, if he is on the right derech - if he is honestly applying himself in regard to Hashem's formula. There is a feeling one gets when doing the right thing and another when he does not follow Hashem properly. The tests come and we react.The soul responds. This constricted feeling, this defensiveness - ultimately the shame is from receiving such Good when we know we do not deserve it. We don't stop fighting The Program. We don't surrender with faith knowing this is the path of Truth. Instead we rebel like a surly teenager when asked to take the garbage out - l'havdil. The greatest suffering, the deepest, long lasting pain will be the shame we will suffer when we realize the Truth when it is too late to do anything about it. The time we wasted on meaningless pursuits that resulted in distracting us from our true and ultimate goal. Eternal shame..this is what our nonsense will reap and our soul will grieve for eternity when we realize we did it to our selves.

  2. Every Jew needs to have Emunah in H', that should be an understood, and also believe that everything is from Above and for the good, because H' is all good. But, we do not understand His ways as we see and also know from reading of our great Sages and holy Tzadikim that many of them suffered. We also know many wicked people have led and do lead the 'good life'. It's just they are getting their reward here in this world, for whatever reason HE sees reason for. The righteous will get their reward in the World to Come. Reasons by H' are hidden from us and is for the best. We pray and try to do tshuva and He will surely answer - when, why and how, we do not know, but will be answered and to our good.

  3. Grieve for eternity for minor infraction/s? That's like f o r e v e r - swimming in a never ending sea for infinity!

  4. Run to do Mitzvot, be a giver and not a taker and you won't have to worry about the bread of shame.

  5. I will be short and to the point perfect Tzadikkim are few and far between !

    1. I agree, but I would like to state a positive reason. We come to Earth to perfect our souls. Everyone alive probably has been here in previous incarnations. The part of us that has been perfected in previous lives is in heaven. What is left on Earth is the last of our soul makeup to be perfected. We are all Tzadikim, but not necessarily visible on Earth. We will be in the time of Moshiach and beyond, Olam Habah, when the Yetzer Harah has been removed. It is brought down that each generation is of a lower spiritual stature and that is the reason. You reminded me of a quote from HaGaon HaRav Moshe Feinstein, zt"l. When he was asked "are you aware that you are an Adom Gadol?" He answered "compared to my predecessors in previous generations, I am nothing."

      One other comment is that in every generation we have 36 Tzadikim Nistarim (hidden righteous ones). Their level of perfection exists, but would be just that, hidden. A Tzadik that appears totally perfect or even says he is, probably isn't at all.

      Nice to hear from you, Joshua.