Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, 8 Kislev 5775 (30/11/14) – Parashat Vayishlach

Our Heavenly Father continues with a mighty force to harm the world, in all countries, in all states, whether with floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and high winds or conflicts between them and within them, particularly in countries or states that operate against Israel. All over the world there will be natural disasters, so they are busy with themselves and they will leave Israel in peace.

Kislev is the month of miracles and salvation; it contains a great joy for the people of Israel.  May this month become a great joy that will not be forgotten for generations

All white and black collar will continue to be discovered in great numbers for their theft, corruption, betrayal, deceit and lust.  The Creator will reveal all if you do not repent, lower your head and say, "There is nothing else like you, my God in heaven and on earth!  There is no immunity for anyone, all offenses will be discovered.  For any person who keeps the Torah, the Creator opens the doors of heaven in a pleasant way.

Egypt, Sissy released Mubarak and all his partners so that he also will have the support and strength of Mubarak’s supporters to defeat them all.  Sissy is smart; he understood that ISIS, Hamas and the extremists wanted to do a show trial, to destroy Sissy and the Egyptian government.

Syria is crushed, crushed and is ending – ISIS parties are in Syria.

Iran deceives the United States; it knows that the United States does not have the strength to resist it because they are afraid that Iran will goes with Russia.

Syria and Iran are isolated and no one supports them.  The Israel Defense Forces must be vigilant to prevent the transfer of chemical weapons from Iran to Syria and Hezbollah, Nasrallah.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are down with their faces into the ground for fear of being killed.

Lebanon is in a bubble about to burst.

Turkey, Erdogan has been discovered.  ISIS and Hamas groups are in Turkey and are training; now everyone knows who is Erdogan, what he does and with whom he is dealing.

Jordan, everything is complicated and will continue to get complicated.  It is pity to invest in Jordan, where everything will collapse.  ISIS, Hamas, refugees from Syria and Iraq are all in Jordan and gnaw from all sides.  The King of Jordan is afraid for his life and does not know what to do.  He expects that Israel will save him – there is a limit to salvation.

United States, the Holy One, blessed be He, brought them a lot of blows; but, the last one, a white police officer who killed a black man, created a shock in the United States, a shock that began a revolution, racism and a big mess.  All this is from the Almighty so that they will understand exactly how we are living in Israel at every moment.  This example was given to them to help them understand that Israel defends itself, and only protects itself.  There will be many other examples in the world.  There will certainly be more difficulties that will be more tangible.

In Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem Hamas and ISIS members have entered and have begun to seep in and around Jerusalem.  The Israeli government must be vigilant.  The security people have to make rigorous checks as long as the situation is tense.  We must be vigilant!

In the north there is a group of ISIS, in the south a group of Hamas, both in Israel and in the Gaza Strip.  They continue to repair the tunnels and make new ones.  Hamas and Fatah, in Gaza and Ramallah, all are working together secretly planning to take parts of the State of Israel, to reduce its size and then continue for more land and establishing a Palestinian state.  They do not want peace.
The government of Israel and the Jews in Israel should give their full support to the Israeli Defense Forces!  The IDF should receive clear instructions for its soldiers to be able to save themselves and the State of Israel.

Everything that happens in Israel is for the government and the army of Israel to wake up and not believe in anyone.  Most goyim are against Israel.  We must all deal with "a wary respect." If we do not protect ourselves, no one will.

The Government of Israel and Knesset members must stop arguing for your "chairs."  Start to work diligently to save the people of Israel, every time you have new ideas.  Meanwhile, there is no substitute for the Prime Minister of Israel; he is very experienced and does everything for the State of Israel, guided by heaven – the king's heart is in the hand of G-d.

It is necessary to legally prevent the entry of Eritreans and Sudanese in Israel.  It is urgent to get them out of the land of Israel.  They have no judge and no law; they are wreaking havoc.  They have the most serious diseases that endanger human life.  Some of these diseases have been discovered now; others will be in the future and there is no cure for these diseases.  Those who are infected will be a shame for the Jews.

Anti-Semitism in the world is very hard and will continue to grow, strike and injure Jews, even those who dress up, until the last Jew arrives in Israel.  It is not productive to struggle against the will of the Creator.  Two choices: by intelligence or by force - now is the moment of force. Jews abroad - the choice is in your hands.

Israel livelihoods and the economy are the best in the world – they only need to want to work. Whatever the job - all work is honorable.

The blessed rains have fallen and will continue to fall, not only this year, but forever.  Never again will the rain be inadequate in Israel.

The redemption has begun a long time ago.  We will have a good month, all the miracles we've had in every generation, we will experience them now, good miracles for every Jew.

All Israel has to say is: "I believe with complete faith in the coming of the Messiah, and even if it lingers, I will wait every day."

This period is the period of severe tests of faith in the Holy One, blessed be He, and in the Messiah.  Do not search to find who is the Messiah.
The Messiah is not outside of Israel
The Messiah did not come down from the sky.
The Messiah is in the holy land of Israel, acts and works in secret!

Jews, our role is not to search who he is, our job is to yell and scream to the Creator to crown him!  And the world will continue to be the same, there will be no change.  There will be planes, cars, a government, an army.  But the Messiah, by the power of speech and thought, will fight Israel's wars, will command the world, will build the Third Temple, and bring all the hidden Jews from remote areas to Israel to settle in the Negev, the western Galilee, Samaria and Benjamin!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"


  1. I am wondering why he says that the world will remain the same? Doesn't the Torah say that many miracles will happen when the redemption comes? Or maybe that will be a later stage?

    1. He is saying the same thing that the Rambam said. Things will be business as usual. We will still have to work, keep house, farm, clean, prepare food, etc. The big difference will be that evil will be gone, war will be no more, hatred, jealousy, theft, killing will greatly diminish and disappear. Of course those are big things, but our daily routine will be the same. The daily routine will change also, but over time, not immediately (including no sickness, no death, birth being without pain, no problems of any kind).

      It is also brought down that Moshiach will not be totally accepted by the world but will be over time -- even Moshe Rabbeinu was not accepted at first; and, the final Geula is supposed to mirror the first Geula.

      My personal belief is that every individual will experience a different Geula, measure for measure, according to his or her preparation prior to Geula -- that means NOW.

  2. So status quo, more or less? Hmmmmm . . . .

    1. If the only change is no more war, no more terrorist activity, no more evil government, no more Jew-hatred, Jews moving back to Israel, 3rd Temple and who knows what else, that is not really status quo.

      Moshiach completely in charge, Hashem not being allusive to us any more, resurrection of the dead, return of the lost tribes and many other events may not happen right away, but hopefully within a reasonable time. To enjoy all the events that will happen right away, will keep a my family happy.

  3. Shalom Menachem!!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing the Holy words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi.

    B'H!!! :)

    These words motivate me a lot, they (words) has great meaning for me, as for many others.

    Shavua tov and all good!!!

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil