Tuesday, December 30, 2014


G-d will not rest until He brings this world, this generation, at this time, to redemption and the crowning of the King Messiah, son of David, in mercy.  G-d will not relent to any country in the world, will not rest and will strike any country that bothers Israel, harsh strikes and blows without end until they understand not to mess with the state of Israel – the land of the Jews!

There will continue to be floods, harsh rains, winds and storms, heat, cold and snow, volcano eruptions and earthquakes, and conflict within and between countries.
G-d is tearing down the economy in the world so that they understand not to mess with the state of Israel, with the Jews!  If they do not understand, they will continue to receive blows from nature, conflict and complications amongst them.

G-d is warning: anti-Semitism is increasing in the world.  They will harm places of worship, cemeteries, businesses owned by Jews, their cars and homes, until the Jews understand that they need to come to the holy land of Israel.  No other country – be careful!  The media does not publish all that is happening to Jews in the world; they only publish one percent.  The media publishes more about what is happening to Muslims in the world.

ISIS is fighting among themselves, killing each other – this is from G-d.

The Muslims are killing each other and will continue to do so.

The Syrians are being erased – a ghost country.

Iraq is being erased.

Turkey is being conquered by ISIS and Hamas.

In Jordan the King has gone crazy.  Hundreds of thousands of refugees are entering Jordan.  The king of Jordan is waiting for a Palestinian country to rise in order to dump all of the refugees there, let him keep dreaming.  His days are limited, so are the days of his country, despite the fact that Israel is protecting him.  Jews, do not invest in Jordan.

Egypt is slowly being attacked by ISIS and Hamas.  Sisi is terrified of a revolution, but there is no choice – a revolution will come.

Lebanon, Hezbollah, and Nasrallah cannot do anything; G-d is keeping the eyes of the IDF open so that they can't get ammunition from Iran and Syria.

Iran quietly continues with their nuclear efforts.  We need to keep our eyes open.

The United States is keeping quiet about the Iranian situation, so that it doesn't go to Russia.  Iran is terrified of Israel.  They know better than to get involved with the Jews of Israel, that G-d is protecting Israel.

All of the countries in Europe who want a Palestinian state – most are with a large Muslim population; that is why Israel must guard itself and not trust any country.

G-d is embracing and protecting the state of Israel and the Jews within in.

Israel must stop fighting over Knesset seats.  The parties must want the good of the people, not the good of the party.  Do not go crazy with advertisements for the elections, it's a waste of money.  Every citizen knows who to vote for.  It is a waste of millions being thrown away – give it to the needy, the Jews know exactly who to vote for.  All of the advertisements, slander; and, hatred does nothing to help.

The people need to vote for a party that is against assimilation.
Choose a party that is against drugs and alcohol.
Choose a party that will not give one centimeter to the Arabs.
Choose a party that cares about the citizens of the state.
Choose a party that will bring immigrants to the holy land of Israel.

We have a country located in the most precious place in the world!

We need to support the IDF, the government and the citizens.  The IDF soldiers are the candle that provides light for the people of Israel.  The IDF brings light to Israel.  G-d is above, protecting with the armies of G-d and the IDF is below protecting with the armies of Israel – the study of Torah and prayer connects the two!

Parents need to explain to their children about Judaism and explain against assimilation. The parents are guilty; stop saying "modern", no one is modern.  What once was years ago, still is today.  Assimilation leads to rifts and destroys the state of Israel – this is the goal of the Palestinians, Hamas and all the Muslims.

Every Jew is precious to G-d; they have a G-dly spark.  You need to follow the Torah, and be kind, to stay close to G-d.  He who blesses is blessed, and he who curses is cursed; everything a Jew does – measure for measure.  G-d does not let go of the people of Israel; He is concerned and protects the state of Israel.

The economy in Israel is very good, they only need to do their calculations right and everything will be fine.  There is work for everyone; one only needs the will to work.

All of the white and black collar people, devious people, bribers, conmen, and thieves, G-d will reveal them all, one after the other.  The famous ones will be revealed in the media; and, the others will be dealt with by G-d.

G-D promises all the Jews in Israel, and all the Jews in the world who urgently need to come to Israel, that the government will be reliable and pure for the people of Israel!  G-d is purifying the entire world, preparing it for redemption.  Dear Jews, you must turn bitter into sweet, bad into good, hate into love.  All the Jews in Israel need to follow "love thy neighbor" – this is the power of the people of Israel.  You need to unite; where there is unity, there is a blessing from G-d!  The Messiah is working and acting in secret until the crowning day in which he will be crowned by G-d – suddenly the day will come.  Then the world will know him and there will be quiet and peace all over the world!

Courtesy of a "Tair Neri"


  1. I have received comments about the Rav's statements regarding the great economy of Israel. The statement usually brings up problem companies on the Tel Aviv stock market. Two things to be said. One is that if a company is not worthy of Hashem's help, then it should be facing tough times; after all, Hashem controls the stock market and, measure for measure, the success of each member. If you want to gauge the success of a county by its controlled stock market, then the US of A should have crashed horribly.

    Second, let us judge a country's economy by what is good for the people, not the evil elite. Israel has low unemployment, low inflation, a healthy housing market (not a disaster as in most countries in the world), an excellent health care system, affordable commodities available, security (look at statistics of Israel versus most countries -- not the distortion you read in the news), cleanliness, good weather, cleaner air and water, much higher level of kiddushah and spiritual level, places that one can experience no Jew-hatred, a country that exports more than imports and much, much more.

    One may point out that there is poverty in Israel. I point out that every individual will have, measure for measure, what Hashem thinks he or she is worthy to receive. A tremendous economy is available to those who turn to Hashem. It is not the case in the rest of the world, since Hashem is making the economy horrible on purpose to get the Jews to move to Israel, where the economy it beautiful.

    This is not speculation, but observation of tens of thousands of people that I have observed (Jews and non-Jews) over more than a half century. Get with the program and you can experience a great economy also.

  2. Those are good points; although I should note it's not just numerous individual companies but a basket of stocks via the main Israel ETF.

    Note, I think you might want to lighten up on the measure of measure stuff. You sound like a Calvinist where money is awarded to the righteous. In Judaism we say, Hashem decides the money allocation for all kinds of reasons. Wealth is not necessarily a sign of righteousness. It could just as well be a person getting their reward in this world for being a sinner. Or just a test. Poverty can be a test of the righteous.

    1. I am not talking about being tremendously wealthy, I am talking about the fact that "who is wealthy? he who is satisfied with his lot." I have always been comfortable in life. Not wealthy (I came from a very poor family), but always having what I needed, when I needed it. I also have had many times that I needed money for special purposes -- buying houses, weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvot, Brit Milah, moving, etc. In every case that I davened, I miraculously received exactly what I needed, measure for measure. Davening works and when you want to do something that is according to Hashem's will, it is miraculous. Give me two hours and I won't run out of stories. If you don't think it will work for you, it won't. Everything is with complete emunah that Hashem helps us with whatever we want (especially in serving Him). It is absolutely measure for measure. Once you catch on to Hashem's system in this world (since there is nothing random, coincidental, by chance, by luck), you are totally happy and successful in everything you do. The only thing that I can't always accomplish is making others successful -- it takes their own effort to succeed -- their turning to Hashem.

  3. It is heartwarming how you want to share tricks for success that you have acquired over time. The generosity is inspiring.

    I do think the formula isn't so simple though. There are people who have difficult lives regardless of their emunah. Let us not forget the Job paradigm. Your formula seems to say, if you are suffering, it is because of your failings in emunah. This is a mistake I believe. The workings of emunah and fate are much more complex than that.

    Nevertheless, it still pays to work on emunah and to always try to see Hashem's hand in the world. So your message is useful, but I think it may shame people who have suffered enough.

    1. See today's post for an answer to your excellent comment.