Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita - Parashat Shemot, 13 Tevet 5775 (4.1.15)


G-d, King of Kings, Leader of the world!  There will continue to be chaos in the entire world except in Israel. There will continue to be complications and conflict between and within countries. There will be harsh racism in all of Europe, the Muslims against the Europeans. Even in the United States there will be harsh racism. G-d will let them take care of their own racism, so that they stop talking about racism in Israel.

Horrible natural disasters will continue: floods, winds, sand storms, fire, hot and boiling water – strange things, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, complications with ships, planes, take-offs, complications with heads of government and presidents around the world. G-d will mix everyone up together only so that they leave the state of Israel alone. Israel will be clean, preserved, and protected. G-d is fighting Israel's wars! G-d is tearing down all of the Arab countries around Israel! G-d is asking all of the Jews in Israel one thing: to worship Him. Ask for mercy through prayer, study of Torah, and faith – that is how G-d protects his Jewish children in the land of Israel. The blessed rains are a blessing for the land of Israel. G-d is looking at us from above and guiding us below.

In Europe, the United States and the entire world, everyone is fighting against the Muslims. They tell the Jews: "Look at what we are doing to the Muslims and watch out, you're next." Jews, it is better for you to run to your country, Israel is the safest and most protected place for the Jews! Please Jews, make haste to Israel, run from all of the riots in the world, the wars between Muslims, the anti-Semitism, don't waste your lives, you will lose. Dear Jews, in Israel and the world, don't forget, most of the world hates Jews. Don't forget what happened in the holocaust – they did not. It has been "forgotten," but their goal is to destroy the Jews in the world. In Israel you will find all the good that is missing from the world.

Abu Mazen is an excellent actor, Hollywood suits him. He is fooling everyone, pulling the strings and letting the government of Israel "jump," there is no faith in him. He is a bad person, working quietly; his heart and words do not say the same. The Hamas is working in the open, Abu Mazen is working quietly. They want to erase the state of Israel, rule it and make Israel their slaves like in Egypt. The state of Israel was never two states; Israel is one and only one!

Jordan is a Palestinian and Hamas country. They want to send all of the refugees to Israel; that is why they are helping Abu Mazen in the UN, only so that they can take, heaven forbid, parts of Israel to start a Palestinian state.

The government of Israel needs to be vigilant and not fear any country. We have G-d in heaven and on earth, they have nothing! Do not be weak and think of, heaven forbid, giving them parts of Israel. This will not bring peace and they will only want more because every week another crazy leader replaces the current one. The rights of Israel must be protected, protect every centimeter of the holy land. When that happens, no one will be able to bother the people of Israel.

The Hamas and most of the Arabs in the Gaza Strip work in shifts, 24 hours a day to rebuild the tunnels. Snipers watch the Israeli frontiers to shoot at IDF jeeps on their rounds. They are not stopping their plans, no peace agreement will help! They are blowing themselves up and going to die because they weren't able to surprise Israel on Yom Kippur with the tunnels. G-d surprised them with the IDF. Now they are making plans for the next Yom Kippur that will come upon us with a blessing and on them with a curse. Check every movement on the Israeli border – there is no faith in them.

In Egypt, Sisi is doing everything so that ISIS and Hamas don't enter Egypt and don't cause a revolution, but ISIS and Hamas are slowing entering to cause a revolution and they will succeed.

Syria is being erased, sinking in mud, in complications, and will continue to be erased.

Iraq will be torn apart.

Iran is working in silent, afraid to harm Israel and be harmed. Despite that, Israel will continue to monitor Iran in everything.

The United States is afraid that Iran will go with Russia. Despite hating each other, they don't want to let go of Iran, because it is the key to all Arab countries.

In Turkey, Arduan is losing control. ISIS and Hamas are telling him what to do; and, if he doesn't listen, they will decapitate him. Turkey has lost control of the border with Syria; rebels, ISIS, and refugees are coming in. Turkey is a nest for ISIS.

Lebanon and Hezbollah can't do anything. The IDF is stopping every shipment that reaches them from Syria.

Kudos to the IDF, they are the candle of the people of Israel; they are the light of the people of Israel. Thanks to them we are safe, alive, praying and learning Torah; and, G-d is protecting from heaven!

The government of Israel, parliament, and all the parties, speak pleasantly and with Derech Eretz. 

Stop bashing – enough of this baseless hatred.

You need to fight for the holy land and not give one centimeter of Israel away.

You need to fight against assimilation which is a weapon to destroy Israel, and fight to help our youths.

You need to fight to bring Jews to the holy land of Israel. Over one million Jews are waiting to come to Israel and you need to open the way for them.

This is what parliament should be chosen for, only this. Not for seats, not advertising on the radio or television, and not for themselves. If their goal is for themselves, G-d will not elect them. They need to be messengers to save the people of Israel. The Jewish citizens of Israel need to be vigilant, serious, and to the point in the elections. Do not use bad language, G-d is in great pain because of these ugly words and slander; and, in the end, they change their skin. 

In the end, all that G-d wants shall be, nothing can be done. G-d will put in the minds of the voters who to vote for, because He knows what is best for the people of Israel and knows who should be elected for the good of the people of Israel.

G-d is interested in having parliament members that are good for the holy land. The holy state of Israel belongs only to G-d. We are nothing; He decides everything.

The gentiles think that if there are elections in Israel, the IDF is not operational – wrong, the IDF works with great power, a hundred times what it was before.

Some of the gentiles living in Israel must not be trusted. Some of the gentiles living in Israel learned from the Jews how to be united; they need to be watched; they are two faced. The gentiles are very jealous that G-d loves the Jews and the Jews are a special nation. They want to erase the Jews from the world. They do not understand that if they erase the Jews from the world, the world will be erased and nothing will be left.

G-d is asking the leaders of Israel to continue to meet, to protect the land of Israel. The gentiles and those who disturb the people of Israel will be brought down; they will fall on their swords and be erased from the world. The economy in Israel is thriving like none other in the world, this is the truth because it is in the hands of G-d!

Every person who steals, gives or takes bribes, does bad, betrays, cheats, or lives on the backs of others, G-d will reveal them all. If they repent, G-d will protect them.

If a person is harmed, wounded or sick, G-d will save him from death. G-d gives the person the right thought to be thankful for all the good he has received. We are His children; we are His worshipers, and G-d points each according to His will.



Courtesy of "Tair Neri"


  1. I disagreed:

    "The gentiles are very jealous that G-d loves the Jews and the Jews are a special nation."

    God loves the righteous gentiles or Noahide,too.

    1. You are correct that G-d loves righteous non-Jews, but for thousands of years the church has tried to convince the world that the Jews are no longer the Chosen Nation. It is stated many places in scriptures how G-d has a special feeling and love for the Jews. It is a difficult thing for the world population to accept. There is jealousy; and, non-Jews have displayed it for thousands of years with their persecution and hatred.

  2. "God loves the righteous gentiles or Noahide,too."

    Yes, this is true. No doubt about it. See the latest issue of Conversions from JewishIdeas.org, the article on rabbi benamozegh.

    ..."Judaism comprises the whole of man and extends its declared mission to the salvation of the whole of mankind..." R Samson R. Hirsch

    I personally have great affection for bnei Noach. To me, they are extraordinary. I view them as brothers and sisters.

    1. So do I. I have speculated for years that there are many righteous groups of people in the world that may find that they are part of the lost tribes. B'Nei Noach is a good candidate for that possibility, which means that they all may find themselves returning to Israel along with the Jews of the world. I don't think we have long to wait.

  3. The name of that journal is Conversations, not conversions.

    I have noticed over the years that a high percentage of my gentile friends have a jewish ancestor of some kind. It's interesting.

  4. i don't know about you but I need these reminders from ben artzi. I don't know anybody who is thinking seriously about Aliyah so it's easy for me to get cold feet. And the press in the USA and its obedient readers/watchers believe that all is basically ok in the world, troubled but not horrible.

    my gut feeling is that big trouble is around the corner but sometimes I think i'm just being dramatic. so confirmation is important.

    1. I and many of my readers are very much in need of these reminders. At present the backlog of people for Aliyah has never been so great. From what I understand, NBN is in need of a large sum of money to handle their load.

      Please beware of the Jew-hating press worldwide, especially in the US. The news media is completely controlled by the evil rich global elite that are ruining the world. They paint a picture of things not being so bad, and that things will get better. It is all deception to serve their purpose. There have been holocaust survivors who stated that the US and Europe are worse off than Germany was in the 1930's. If you check statistics and the agenda of the evil ones, you can see it for yourself. Evil is much more efficient and sophisticated today. People are asking the same question today that they asked eighty years ago "how bad can it get?" If they knew then how horrible it would be, they would have escaped when it was possible. Since the Gog Bush Cabal is trying to start WW3 to kill off nine-tens of the world population (a necessary step for the New World Order), the danger is far worse than Europe in the last century. When will you know for sure? Just like WW2, when it is too late. The trouble is not around the corner, but right in front of you, but don't rely on the daily news media for details.

      Hashem is sending very definite messages through His servants, Rav Ben Artzi, Moishela, Benyamin, Menachem, Daniel, Gedolim, Mekubalim and, most important of all, scriptures. That is the only reliable press available -- believe it.

    2. There's one key difference, 1945 was not geula, rather it was the darkest part of the exile. So millions died. If indeed geula is coming now, we expect that Hashem will save all the Jews in chutza l'aretz. I was in Lakewood last week. There's thousands of fine yidden there. They aren't even thinking about aliyah. What's going to happen to them?

    3. Do you know that if the Jews had done Teshuvah, there could have been the final Geula in 1945. Germany was over 90% assimilated, many Jews had even converted to avoid being Jewish. I am not going to get into the details since I lived in Germany for 6 years and have a completely different picture of WW2 than most people. I met Jews who survived and knew exactly why the holocaust happened (even where in the Torah Hashem told us all about it).

      You will find that Israel had the opportunity after the 67 war to bring Geula, but instead they invited the Arabs to return.

      The biggest difference of now to the possible Geulas of the past is that the time is up and Hashem is setting up the world to do Teshuvah and follow Him.

      My last residence in the US was Lakewood. I am still in touch with many people there and you wouldn't believe how many have made Aliyah, want to make Aliyah and are planning their Aliyah. They will all be here soon and much happier for it. Lakewood is wonderful, until you experience Israel.

  5. What's your picture of WWII?

    1. That is a book's worth of information. I studied WW2 in the military, in college (I even have college credits on German history in the 20th century), living in Germany for 6 years including speaking with many Germans (Jews and non-Jews, ich sprecha viel Deutsch), I grew up in a neighborhood in Philadelphia with most of my neighbors being Holocaust survivors (1940's and 1950's) as well as many, many hours of research that I personally accomplish on the subject (including Hashem's opinion in scriptures).

      Some day we will meet and if you have several hours available, I will enlighten you.

  6. very scary to see the French 'police' in their military gear. I thought this was an American thing. I fear that the world will soon see a military takeover in every country with occupying military forces.

  7. Im a US citizen, and born in Greece gentile .....however I love the Jews, especially with the knowledge that G-d chose them over all nations and also to be a a light to all nations. I study the old testament, word for word, sentence by sentence, and believe every word. Yes, I can see why you do not trust all gentiles, but please do not turn your back on we, who love you and love G-d. I know Im far from perfect, however I will never give up on my beliefs. I donate over 10% of my income to Israel, including Zion orphanage. I just wanted you to know that. I don't know what compels me.

    1. What people think of you is unimportant -- what Hashem thinks of you is everything. I have said repeatedly on this blog how Hashem loves the Jews and all righteous non-Jews. It is throughout scriptures that Hashem loves all His creations.

      The other thing that I have mentioned is that all is being sorted out in the end of days. Many non-Jews who have a strong feeling for Hashem, not through someone else (a false Messiah or prophet), but a direct love of Hashem, have become B'Nei Noach or have converted to Judaism. Why? They were probably Jewish in a previous life or may actual be a member of one of the lost tribes of Israel. We will know the truth soon with the final redemption. All those, like yourself, with strong feelings for Hashem will be very happy.