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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Miketz - 22 Kislev 5775


The Creator of the world is telling the Jews: "Everything I do in the world, everything that is happening in the world, whether it is the forces of nature or conflicts between and within countries, with the economy or wars – it is all in my hands dear Jews! Everything I do is for you. I am in the heavens watching over you and the world; and, nothing moves without me watching! If I didn't watch the world from beginning to end, from bacteria to people, to worry about food and feeding everyone, the world would have been destroyed and would not have lasted even one second. And, despite the hard things in the world, evil destroys itself! I, your G-d, am only good and do good. The Jews living outside of Israel need to run from there, urgently, and come to Israel. You will not defeat Me, you will not defeat G-d! The exile has ended and you continue it at your own expense, continue at the expense of your lives and your precious time. You will not delay redemption and the crowning of the King Messiah! If you do not come, you will miss out; don't complain afterwards. If you come to Israel, you will be infinitely blessed!

Anti-Semitism will increase and increase and will be just like it was for the Jews over fifty years ago. Only now, the Jews have a place to go; they have a mother and father – the holy land of Israel.

The first redemption and the final redemption are the same thing.  In the first redemption, the people of Israel went out of Egypt and came to the land of Israel; it was not an easy 40 years in the desert.  They came and built the land of Israel.  In the second redemption, Jews came from countries all over the world and established the state of Israel in 1948.  In both redemptions, there was not yet a state of Israel and in both redemptions the people built it.  Now, Israel exists!  You only need to come to Israel; and, there will be no compromises – it is a shame not to take advantage of the blessing of Israel!

The elections in Israel are the ugliest thing there has ever been here since the inception of the country. There has never been such an ugly thing between Jews, they should be ashamed!  They forgot what Judaism means.  They forgot that the Jews were hunted in exile for thousands of years and maintained their Judaism in the best possible way.  Thousands of years, so what happened now?  In the last thirty years, Jews have lost their way, instead of getting stronger because we have our own state.  All of the parliament members and ministers, instead of focusing on what matters, they focus on the insignificant.  They don't care about the Jews in Israel and abroad who need to come to Israel.  Each to his own interest and, most importantly, each with his chair so he can be seen on TV.  They don't care about Judaism; they don't care about Torah.  Now everyone can clearly see who is a good parliament member and who is not.

Dear Jews, do not be confused with all the commercials and the election propaganda; everything is deceiving.  You need to have tolerance and be calm to support the people who want the wholeness of Israel, who care about every piece of holy land and care about the economy.

Jews, do not be confused with all the talk, the power plays in the media, the ads and propaganda of all those who want to be in the Israeli parliament.  Nothing will change in the elections!  The same talk will remain, the same seats – the same thing with a different look.  It is a shame they are throwing billions of shekels away on the election.

Most of the Arabs are happy and joyful that the government has fallen apart, and wait for a government from which they can take parts of the holy land away – dream on!  They want to take a centimeter and another centimeter and then destroy the state of Israel and make it theirs.

The Palestinians, Hamas, and Jihad are taking advantage of the election mess.  The Palestinians are given a free hand to harm the Jews.  All of the smiles of Abu Mazen with the Hamas, everyone is working together in one conspiracy, laughing at the peace party sent by Israel.

The media in Israel stopped broadcasting what is happening in the world and is investing only in the election, that is all they care about, how they slander one another.  It says in the Torah "love thy neighbor."

All of the superiors in the IDF – give them support.  Whoever harms them is messing with G-d!  Thanks to them, we can live and sleep, and they protect the land of Israel.  G-d is asking the state of Israel: do not harm the IDF soldiers, stop slandering them!  The IDF soldiers are righteous, you must not harm them. They are honest and true; they do their work with integrity and to save Jews in Israel, do not get entangled with G-d.  The IDF must be prepared and must not trust anyone.

Dear Jews, beware of assimilation!  Assimilation helps the goyim to harm the people of Israel.  It is a method to exterminate the people of Israel.  For thousands of years Jews kept their Judaism.  Why, in the last forty years, does it have to fall, heaven forbid, to assimilation?  Every Jew that assimilates with the gentiles, their soul leaves them; the soul will no longer be when they are connected with the gentiles.  And, then for many years they have experienced horrible suffering that is difficult to repair.  We have the state of Israel, a small place in the world, a place for the Jews. It must be protected, the Jews have nowhere to go, much of the world is Muslim.

G-d is striking hard all over the world except for in Israel:
In the United States they have riots and protests about racism, so that they feel what the state of Israel feels like when it is accused of racism.  The US will continue to get in trouble with racism and terrible protests. The US is not speaking with the state of Israel until it sees who rises in government – right or left wing.  Do not be tempted by their soft spoken words; it is their interest to make peace with all of the Arab countries and not with Israel.

Syria is being eradicated; ISIS is not letting anyone off the hook and neither are the rebels.  There is chaos in Syria.

In Iraq, there is chaos.

In Turkey there will be chaos soon.  Arduan is being targeted; they want to kill him.  Soon, we will hear that Hamas and ISIS control Turkey.

In Jordan there will soon be chaos.  There will be a huge issue with the refugees going in.  Jordan is waiting for the election results.  In the meantime, it is being eaten from all angles by the refugees.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are afraid and confused.

Iran continues to send ammunition to Hezbollah; and, the IDF is stopping them on time.

In Egypt, Sisi is guarding himself.  His government is taking out anyone who speaks out against him.  They are afraid of Hamas and ISIS, afraid of a revolution in Egypt.

Hamas in Gaza continues to strengthen the tunnels; they are renewing everything.  Hamas is using money to train youths in the Gaza Strip,  Judea and Samaria how to harm Jews.  The IDF needs to be vigilant in those areas.  Most of the Arabs in Israel are tense.  There is ISIS in the north and Hamas in the south.  A lot of weapons and ammunition is being smuggled to harm the people of Israel.

The state of Israel needs to be strong in front of the world.  Don't act excited with other countries – most of the civilians there are Muslim and worry only about their own interests.

All the white collars, those who do bad deeds, bribers, cheats, cons and thieves – all will be revealed, from the smallest to the largest, religious or secular, left or right.  The famous ones will be revealed in the media, and the others will be handled by G-d in silence.

In the state of Israel there will be a good winter with blessed rain this year, next year and then every year forever.  It will always be good in Israel; and, the economy is the best.  The entire world lives, thanks to Israel.

The harsh winds will continue to strike the world; terrible earthquakes will continue; floods will continue; volcano eruptions and fires, hot and cold will continue and will strengthen around the world.  In the state of Israel there will be small things, tiny – to wake up the people of Israel.

G-d is cleansing and purifying the world, preparing it for the redemption.  Dear Jews, turn bitter into sweet, bad into good, hate into love and kindness.  The entire state of Israel and the Jews need to love their neighbors.  That is the power of the people of Israel – unity!

The Messiah is working in secret until he is crowned by 
G-d. Then he will be known all over the world; and, there will be quiet and peace all over the world.

                    HAPPY HANUKKAH TO ALL JEWS!

Courtesy of  "Tair Neri"

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