Tuesday, December 9, 2014


King of Kings, G-d is continuing to increase every day the powers of nature in the world in order to clean the earth.  There will continue to be floods, volcano eruptions, harsh winds and storms, earthquakes and snow, in parts of the world.  There will be harsh heat and cold in other places; and, there will be fire all over the world.  G-d is creating conflict between countries and within them – within the people and their leaders.  "And I will incite the Egyptians against the Egyptians;" this is about the entire world.  Every country that wishes to bother Israel, G-d will create conflict within them.

The revolution, everything that is happening in the government of Israel, G-d is showing all of the Jewish citizens of Israel who of the parliament members are real and who aren't.  Some have shamed Israel in front of the world.

The Arabs among us and around us are happy and rejoicing over what is happening in the Israeli government and Abu Mazen is the first.  He is happy and dancing and thinking that the new government will be kinder to them.  He is delusional; a government that is against them will rise. Most of the world mock, laugh, and tease the Israeli government.

G-d is asking all of the right-wing people, those who believe in G-d, to be united to prevent a disaster, G-d forbid, in Israel.  There are parliament members who want to be gentle souls with the Arabs; they don't understand that most of the world wants to destroy the Jews in Israel.  Stop sucking up to the Arabs, there is no faith in them; they want to eradicate the Jews.  Abu Mazen wants to bring six million Arabs to live in Israel – he can send them to Arab countries, there is a lot of land there.

G-d is waiting for the Israeli people to cry out and bring redemption, in order to crown the Messiah. There is no Jew that doesn't believe in the coming of the Messiah; deep inside everyone believes, if they are a Jew.  Everyone who has a connection to Judaism believes in the coming of the Messiah.  In the Israeli parliament, they need to stop disrespecting each other; if we do not help ourselves, no one will help us.

An important message to all of the greats in Israel, the rabbis of Israel and spiritual leaders: you must concentrate massive prayer sessions in synagogues and yeshivas, to pray and cry out to G-d about the terrible distress the state of Israel is in right now.  Pray to remove the decree that many Jews fight about in the parliament, to stop the fighting and have peace in parliament.  There is no faith in the gentiles, despite their smiles; it is all fake.  The state of Israel does not need any country in the world; it exists thanks to the grace of G-d and itself.  G-d gave us the land of Israel in the time of Abraham our forefather – for generations to come!

The IDF needs to be vigilant and not get complacent; do not trust anyone; be wary of everyone. Support needs to be given to the IDF soldiers.

We need to continue to be vigilant for our safety in supermarkets, pharmacies, schools, synagogues, and hospitals.  In event venues, be careful that the food is not tampered with.

The state of Israel needs to develop the Negev, Judea and Samaria and the Western Galilee, to expand and grow the land of Israel and to work hard to be ready for the new Jews making Aliyah to Israel.  Stop investing in Tel Aviv; stop building in Tel Aviv; stop expanding in Tel Aviv.  There will be no more room to move, everything will be crowded and closed and it will be impossible to drive in the streets.

We need to be very careful of assimilation in the state of Israel.  Parents need to explain to their children that assimilation is ruining the people of Israel and giving strength to the gentiles.

The United States is buying Israel with nice words, as if it loves Israel; it wants the government of Israel to soften up and listen to them.  The goal of the United States is to be allied with Iran and Arab countries.  The state of Israel cannot be submissive; do not listen to any country!

ISIS is cleaning up in the Arab countries.

In Egypt there is a mess and conflict with scandals and complications.  There is strong resistance against Sisi and his government, and they will do everything to have a revolution.

Jordan is quiet, waiting for help from Israel; they know that only Israel will help them.  Syria, Iraq, Hamas and ISIS continue to flow into Jordan.

In East Jerusalem, don't believe anyone.  The Arabs are in disguise and then after work turn to evil and hatred.

Iran is deceiving the United States.  The atomic factories continue to operate.  Outside it pretends to be about peace with the United States; and, the United States smothers it with love because it is afraid they will connect with Russia.

In Turkey there is a huge mess, no control.  The day will come when it will all blow up in their faces.

Lebanon is quiet, living in a neutral posture.  ISIS and Hamas bother them every once in a while.
Nasrallah and Hezbollah don't know what to do; they have no support from Syria and Iran; their wings have been cut off.

The IDF: open your eyes so that chemical rockets are not smuggled from Syria and Iran to Hezbollah.

Dear Jews, continue to work in real estate.  Buy houses and don't wait for anyone.  Everyone is talking and telling stories, but only G-d decides.  Buy, don't wait.  Millions of Jews need to come to Israel.  Anti-Semitism is increasing and will continue to increase; and, Jews are being forced to leave their countries to save their lives and souls and come to Israel.  There is work for all Jews; you need only the will to work.

All white and black collars, all cheats, scammers, thieves, bribers – it will all be revealed, not only in Israel, but elsewhere.  Some will be hurt from G-d directly, and others through the court and the law.

G-d is putting the state of Israel under terrible pressure so that everyone says together: there is no One but Him; we have no one to rely on but our Father in heaven!  Shout and cry out to G-d to crown the Messiah!

The Messiah works in secret against the world, he secretly protects and guards the people of Israel. When the people of Israel cry out to G-d to crown him, he will come out in public!

Courtesy of a "Tair Neri


  1. But, he is taking a long time, no? I think the people have cried out long enough.

    1. The problem is that most people are not waiting for him, he is waiting for us. Most people that I talk to do not cry out sincerely, but give it lip service.

      Sanhedrin [98a] says that when the Geula comes, if we are zocheh [deserving] Moshiach will arrive on clouds, if not then Moshiach will come as a pauper on a donkey. I think we are at the time of him coming in on a donkey.

    2. how about happy ending, why you changed your mind?

    3. I never changed my mind. I am still looking for and praying for the happy ending every day. If you are referring to my statement above about him coming in on a donkey, that is to me is the happy ending, even though it appears that there still may be troubles for those who are not fully following the ways of Hashem. There are references in Tenach that Moshiach will not be accepted by all (similar to how Moshe was not accepted in the first Geula). Those who haven't caught on to the gift of a happy ending. They will eventually, but will bring on further suffering for themselves until the time. My daily prayer is for them, since I believe that me and my family already are experiencing a happy ending (bli ayin harah). I am not ignoring the upside-down chaotic world, I am praying for the world, that everyone should experience a happy ending as soon as possible.

  2. What is "coming on a donkey" symbolic for?

    1. It is literal, meaning that possibly he would actually ride in on a donkey to be introduced to the world. Riding on the donkey is a sign of great humility. Moshiach will not be like the typical arrogant leader in the world today, but more like Moshe Rabbeinu who was perhaps the most humble person who ever lived.

  3. I think it is very naive for anyone to believe that Israel and Yidden around the world will cry out for Moshiach to be crowned in the near future; at least not without massive dosages of pain and anguish preceding the crowning !!!
    I have ALWAYS held this view and I see absolutely no indication that such a scenario has changed in the least.
    If anything, current events merely serve to underscore the fact that jews (as a whole), tend to be the last to wake up.
    It is my firm conviction that only massive blows will accomplish such an awakening, although I sincerely hope and pray that a very different scenario may unfold...

    1. I would have agreed with you years ago, but when you look at the tremendous increase in Jewish population making Aliyah and the great backlog of Nefesh B'Nefesh, it is obvious that Hashem's plan is working. There are no atheists in foxholes and the number of foxholes in the world is increasing rapidly. The fact that we are being told how much worse it is going to get, also indicates that the number of people that will be turning to Hashem for help will increase exponentially.

      Hashem is consistent. In the first Geula, He held a mountain over us and we cried out "Na'aseh v'Nishmah," This Geula much more than a mountain is being held over us and we will all say one word of teshuvah: "HELP!!!!!" I believe it is coming soon, judging by the world situation.

    2. True, but what is the teshuvah worth when forced out of us?

    3. If it is sincere, whether due to love of Hashem or fear of Hashem (and what He could do to us if we do no teshuvah at all), it still is very effective and accomplishes the will of Hashem, which is to help us. No matter what we do, Hashem's mercy is there and ready to give us His good and blessing. How difficult we want it to be is up to us.