Monday, April 7, 2014

What is Happening?

I have much to say about the messages that we recently have received from many sources – Rabbanim as well as the Facilitated Communications individuals.  I recently posted that it is encouraging that after a very long hiatus of not hearing from certain sources, that it seems everyone has resumed the very vital messages.  There are several other more hidden aspects to these messages that I wish to discuss.

We seem to be getting more messages with a timeframe included.  In the past we have heard many predictions, but without word on when.  There were exceptions.  Galia told us about the upcoming Intifada before it happened and even predicted the day that she would leave the Earth (read the book Galia for very interesting details).   Ben Golden told us in 2007 that there will be a great decline in the economy with interesting details that all occurred in 2008.  Ben Golden telling us that there will be a big explosion just before Hashanah Rabah that will concern the world and sure enough two days before HR that year North Korea did its first underground nuclear test.  He said that prediction a couple of weeks prior to it happening.

Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, has made many predictions that came to fruition shortly after and not so shortly thereafter.  The most famous prediction was the fall of the Egyptian president Morsi two weeks before it occurred.  That prediction was so astounding, it was written up in various Israeli and Arab press sources.  There are countries that pay attention to Rav Ben Artzi due to his accuracy.  Rav Ben Artzi telling us of the disengagement of Gaza in 2006 and the removal of the Jews (he said that five years before it happened in 2001).  Also in 2001, he predicted that the next president of the US of A would be a black man (I avoid calling Obama an African American since it has been proven that he was born in Kenya, yes African, but not an American).  That, of course, happened in 2008.  There are many more examples about the weather, earthquakes, planes falling and disappearing, countries in chaos, the dilemmas of the leaders of many countries and many more that I will not go into here (it was not the reason I am commenting here).

The more important message that I wish to convey is that we are getting messages that are giving us timeframes that are imminent and consistent.  Rav Ben Artzi telling us last week that “Israel will be out of all sorrow and pain in the month of Nissan and will go from pain to joy.”  Then Moishela saying last week “I want to tell you right here and now that between now and Pesach (in 8 days) the world again will change somewhere around one hundred and eighty degrees.”  He then went on to tell us details about his prediction.

I am not going to review everything that has been said.  But, if you review the recent messages of Ben Golden, Moishela, Menachem, Daniel, Rav Fish, Rav Shternbuch, Rav Glazerson and others (including Gadolei Hadorim, Mekubalim and even those of the past, the Arizal Hakodesh, the Vilna Gaon, the Chofetz Chaim, etc), you will be amazed and greatly encouraged that we are truly getting accurate and timely information to help us survive and thrive in the coming chaotic time (hopefully very short lived since we are already 7 days into Nissan, the month that things will change).

One more area of chizuk, that needs mentioning, is the events happening in the world.  If one pays attention (which it is probably better to stay away from) to all the craziness happening in the world, one would see all the prophecies of the end of time as we know it, happening.  All the predictions about the financial situation, the attention being paid to this little country of Israel, the Jew-hatred, the evil of the governments, the evil of world leaders, the greed of the elite, the possibility of war, the terrorist activity, the weather, the social decline, etc, etc, etc, are all occurring, NOW.  I am talking about a threefold comparison of what is in scriptures (the Tenach, the Talmud, the Zohar, the Midrash, the commentaries of our great Rabbis throughout history) to what is being said by our message givers, the Rabbanim and the Facilitated Communications individuals, to what is happening in the world.  One would have to be totally out of sync with reality to not see the consistency in messages and prophecy to real world occurrences.  This definitely tells me that the messages only could have originated from the One Who knows all and running the universe and that that happy ending that all this craziness leads up to, is imminent, B”H.

Continue to do your part, Teshuvah, Tefilah, Tzedukah, Limud HaTorah, Ahavas Yisroel, etc if you are interested in the happiest of happy endings for you and your loved ones.  Why not?  It’s your eternity. 


  1. The problem with these post is I get hopeful and then get let down. Im so sick of tne world. All the evil people on top and get all the respect. The nice ones always getting stepped on. And I wait patiently for the world to see all truth finally. I don't want to be let down again by all these messages claiming the end is near. Im exhausted with pain, trying to hold on the little faith I have left. Im hoping it really is near now

    1. You just stated exactly what the end of Malachi, the last of the prophets says. At the end of time the righteous will question why am I doing all these things and suffering when the wicked are prospering. This is the final testing before Geula. Hashem answers that we are being tested to see who is truly with Hashem and who is living according to his or her own ways. When the end occurs, it tells us that all will reverse. The righteous will thrive and the wicked will be destroyed -- burn like straw. All the goodness and happiness of eternity belongs to the righteous of this planet. This life is for us to perfect ourselves and prove our worthiness. The signs are too great for you to be anything but greatly encouraged. The happy ending is near (possibly in 8 days) and those who pass the final tests from Hashem will be totally delighted. Keep the faith, trust in your only Source of Salvation, and get ready for pure joy and contentment forever and ever.

      Another prophecy about to be fulfilled -- read Malachi 3:13-24

  2. Amen.
    The test is heavy.
    Dirty water everywhere.We have to cling to Hashem who repairs the world right now.
    Our neshamot are one.
    Purification by suffering.
    At the same time joy in heart by knowing that everything is from Hashem and good for us.
    Gamzu le tova.
    Toda Hashem we love You.