Thursday, April 3, 2014

Judaism - The Secret to Jewish Success

For the past two years I have been telling you the true secret to happiness and success for you and your loved ones.  Watch this two part video which says it beautifully:

The Torah truly is the Handbook of Life.  It has all the answers to everything.  If you find it boring, you are doing it wrong.  Scriptures and the hundreds of thousands of books that have been written to explain everything about this world and the life we were blessed with, is all based on the Torah, the word of Hashem.  There is no problem in life that is unsolvable -- Hashem made sure of that and gave us the solutions in writing.  Even if you do not have problems (I have yet to meet that person), we are still curious people who want to know about everything.  Torah is the only source -- The Absolute Truth.

Everything that is being presented here is SECRET.  So make sure you tell everyone.

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