Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Erev Pesach, תשעד


Heavenly Father, Lord of mercy, pity the children of Israel, the Jews. For this Passover everything opens and will continue to open for the redemption of Israel, the declaration and the appointment of the Messiah son of David, King of mercy!

We must understand and know what salvation is and what the Messiah is all about. It is not obvious; the Messiah is not a game; redemption is not a game, things are not obvious.

Heavenly Father will decide when to crown the King Messiah. Dates in heaven are not like those of the earth. With Israel is in distress and under high pressure, it presses the Creator, agonizing them from all directions, to believe in our Father in Heaven and to shout to solve all the pain, both openly and secretly.

Heavenly Father shows us that we cannot trust the goyim – there will be no peace; it's all a mirage. It is all an agenda. The MKs need to stop with their respect games, stop pretending that they are 'doing something.'

No one can replace the Jewish people. The Jews have nowhere to go. You must stay and protect every inch of the land of Israel! If the Messiah were not acting in both a hidden as well as a visible manner, there would be nothing left of the nation of Israel. The people believe that it is a game – all the holiness, purity and hidden light that Messiah distributes from place to place in order to protect his people Israel!

Heavenly Father expects in the Seder night - to be a partner so to speak, to remind us of the redemption out of Egypt and finally to aspire to this last redemption which is now. In Egypt He saved, redeemed and got us out of Egypt, even for this last redemption he will deliver us.

The Israeli Government must wake up and learn from Yosef Hatzadik who helped Egypt and saved the world, which was the authority at that time. After he left the world, the Egyptians enslaved his brothers and all the people of Israel - do not trust the goyim! All Jews must wake up. The Holy One, Blessed is He, gave tradition, the Torah, prayers and celebrations for Israel to live forever!

We will have for Passover joy and freedom, a great joy that the talks ultimately fail! This began the first day of Nissan and will continue to get complicated as in the Tower of Babel!

Dear Jewish parents, assimilation is destroying all the Jews and the Holy One, Blessed is He, is angry, very angry against assimilated Jews. You must reject all envelopes (Klipot) around the person and keep Judaism to make him correct and good.

Iran mocks the United States, but does not play with Israel. She wants to be a superpower like Russia and the United States. The United States is afraid of dealing with Iran because of alleged atomic bombs they may have. Dear Jews, if Iran tries to push a button on a missile, remember well, the Creator will open the earth and swallow them and their factories and all will be over. All that the Creator gave them will be over.

Syria will continue to be deleted. They laughed at everybody, pretending that they had eliminated the chemical weapons. They will be removed, one after the other. Syria will not rise and there will always be a revolution and destruction.

Lebanon, Nasrallah and Hezbollah, they have no more power. Iran is busy with its own problems, they want to send arms and ammunition to Hezbollah by circuitous routes, and the Holy One, Blessed is He, directs the Israeli Defense Force to discover all the convoys and all the ammunition they trying to transfer to Hezbollah.

In Egypt they eat one another, until the moment of the Revolution, when they will swallow each other.

Turkey, the President tells the people stories, promising all sorts of promises and eventually everything will turn against him in a sensational way.

Jordan's King is petrified. He waits and waits for the resumption of talks - he continues to imagine! Hundreds of thousands of refugee people eat every beautiful plot in Jordan and he is afraid of a revolution.

Hamas and the Palestinians work 24 hours a day to dig tunnels. They want to enter the large military base; this is what they have in mind. In Egypt they smuggle arms and ammunition. Hamas and all Palestinians are together, united, and organized.

The Israeli Defense Force needs to be careful in East Jerusalem. The goyim are not innocent; they will do everything to sabotage and attack Israel. There are goyim dressed as Haredim and driving taxis, Soldiers of Israel beware!

The blows of elements of nature will continue after Passover even harder.

Anti-Semitism will continue to grow in a frightful manner as it has never been before.

There is no more time in heaven; they want to crown the King Messiah! All is open and continues to open.

The main thing to celebrate and give pleasure to Hashem on the night of the Seder is to talk about the Torah and remember what was for our ancestors, the children of Israel in Egypt. The celebration of Passover gives us the opportunity to be freed from Egypt. The Holy One, Blessed is He intervened and took the people of Israel by force and uprooted them out of Egypt against free choice!

Do not get drunk, follow the Hagadah, feel the pain of the children of Israel in Egypt, and connect it to the pain of now.

After the coronation of King Messiah the Third Temple will be built and will be a resurrection. The soldiers of the Army of Defense of Israel will rise first, followed by our fathers and then our mothers in phases.

And you will have a kosher and happy Passover for all generations!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"

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