Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat Achrey Mot - Shabbat Hagadol Tsha "d


Our Father, Heavenly Father, Creator of the world, has not revealed himself to man, because if he discovers himself, man will begin to ask for evidence and explore the world until it will no longer exists.  So Hashem hides His face and helps Israel and the Jews living in Israel to defend the Holy Land, in the secret of secrets.  Those who believe in the Holy One, Blessed is He, receive everything with love and will get good gifts of the Creator of the Universe.  Those who do not believe in the Creator will work very hard to cleave with the Creator of the Universe.

The world is in chaos, the evil in the world burns and consumes itself.  The end of evil is coming in the world; any place with evil, hatred, jealousy or adultery, in the world will disappear.

Anti-Semitism in the world continues to burn strongly against the Jews, like a wildfire.  Too bad the Jews in exile will wait until the last minute; they will come out with nothing.  Jews around the world will be revealed to the nations, one by one, nothing will help, neither suit nor flattery.

Upon release from' Egypt's first redemption, Egypt was unique and Pharaoh was unique.  Today, there are many countries and states, and many “Pharaohs” in each State - and in Israel there is the Messiah!

In the final redemption in which we find ourselves, the Jews will be expelled from around the world.  Like when Pharaoh expelled the children of Israel from Egypt, even today - each Pharaoh rejects the Jews, each pharaoh in his country and state.

In this month of Nissan, at Passover this year: Dear Jews – do not be drunk!  Seder night is something spiritual, all Jews must be vigilant read and act according to the law, they will feel very high spiritual emotions!  They will feel wonderful things!  A connection with the great exodus from Egypt!  They will feel redemption now and will be blessed by the Supreme!

The United States has taken a step backwards with regard to this false and deceitful peace with the Palestinians, who seek to destroy Israel.  The United States felt that every time they touched the State of Israel, The Holy One, Blessed is He, gave them difficulties upon difficulties - pushing them to travel in all directions, throwing at them needles from all directions, in order to look after their owns problems and let the people of Israel live in peace - they understood and took a step back!  The Israeli delegation to the peace talks with the Palestinians is still asleep and did not yet wash their eyes to find that Abbas is an actor who laughed in their faces.  They accuse anyone who wants the best interests of Israel and the integrity of the Land of Israel.  Continue to lose time, nothing will be, there will be no peace!

Palestinians do not even want to throw the Jews into the sea, but they want, G-d forbid, the State of Israel and the Jews as slaves like in Egypt.  The members of the delegation of the so-called "peace negotiations" must not be complacent and dreaming.

All black or white collars, religious or not, everyone will be found naked, one by one, so that there will be panic.  The eyes of the L-rd roam the world!

It is better for the government of Israel to save the state of Israel, because we have no place outside of Israel.  It is what has given us the Holy One, Blessed is He.  Keep your eyes open and pay attention.  No errors with the Creator!  It is better for you to go back and be alive and happy, rather than the Palestinians, Hamas and all Arab states severely affecting the state of Israel – Pay attention!

How can you make peace with them if they hate each other, are jealous of each other and do not succeed in agreeing with themselves?  How can we sign a peace treaty, G-d forbid, on such thin ice - and with whom?

Syria is being removed and will continue to be removed, stone by stone, block by block.  The Creator laughs and shakes all the ammunition and weapons in Syria.  The Creator will break Syria into pieces.

Jordan does not know what to do with the refugees and is on the verge of collapse because of them.  They were promised mountains and hills; but, in the end, it only sees the abyss.  They eat each other; they are the next in line.

Egypt, we said it lacked the food there; there is hunger, and they have nothing to eat!  There is also fighting against each other, both secretly and openly.  Egypt begins to lose control; and, as in Syria, will burn all endlessly.  In Egypt, it is a war between themselves; the complications and conflicts are as in Syria.  Egypt and Hamas in the Gaza Strip eat Egypt.

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad continue to dig tunnels and continue with primitive and modern weapons.  They are waiting to send a barrage of missiles to Israel, as they want.  May their swords pierce their own hearts; and, their bows shall be broken, that their leaders shall kill each other.  They will be removed from the face of the earth!

Lebanon, Nasrallah cannot do anything because Syria is bleeding and falling apart.  Nasrallah is afraid and keeps silent, while they keep attempt to perform a psychological war in secret.

Turkey is a bundle of nerves waiting to go out and explode.  They are angry against their president.  Erdogan think if he closes the websites, they cannot stand up against him.  It will be a very difficult war of demonstrations.

Iran enjoys the calm.  The United States is concerned with Russia, Korea and its economic difficulties.  Iran has worked quietly for power.  Not against Israel, they are afraid to deal with Israel.  They want to be a superpower, so they have control such as Russia and the United States.  They cannot play with the people of Israel, because they know that the Holy One, Blessed is He protects the people of Israel.

State of Israel, the Jewish homeland - Whenever there is talk about taking parts of the land of Israel, G-d is angry and shouts.  He causes of fire in the world, making demonstrations in the world where they kill each others.  He causes earthquakes in the world, winds, rains, floods, volcanic eruptions, heat and cold and conflicts within states.  Because they want to take parts of the Land of Israel - all are paying the price!

The Holy One, Blessed is He, gave the Ten Commandments to make us pure before Him.  Every Jew, religious or not, who does not follow the commandments of the L-rd - will be revealed, if they have not finally decided to make a full repentance which will bring them to redemption.

Dear Jews, multiply donations to those in need for the holidays.  The world believes in the Messiah, son of David, and everyone is afraid of the day when he will be revealed as the King Messiah, son of David. They flee, hide and are stressed by the words "Messiah son of David" because the Messiah will require all Jews to observe the Ten Commandments and the six hundred and thirteen commandments, in addition to the fear of all of the Day of Judgment.  All in favor of the Jews, he must transform bitter to sweet, evil into good, pride into humility and hatred and evil into free love, blessed are those who believe!

Thank you to the Gentiles who hate us; Jews exist in the world forever!
During the coronation of King Messiah son of David, he will discover Israel and will raise all the hidden Jews and bring them to Israel –all those who, until now, have not been discovered.

The time of the coronation of King Messiah is near; because we cannot count on anyone except our Father in heaven and his servant the Messiah!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"


  1. Hello!!!

    I'll be brief in my words, but I have to say: Thank you for sharing these words with us because for many years I felt trapped in Brazil and can not wait for the release to come for all of us Bnei Noach and Bnei Israel!
    These words are very valuable to me and many others.

    Chag Pessach Kasher v' sameach for all!!!!

    All the best!!!

    Luiz Felipe - SP - Brasil

  2. There's a new post on by Menachem. Can you translate this latest message into English?

    1. It is a long message and I am as curious as anyone, but I just don't have the time these days -- OK, I am behind on my Pesach preparation, I admitted it. I am hopeful that one of the other blogs, that has translated Menachem messages in the past, will be so kind. If not I will see about doing it on Chol Hamoed, B"N.