Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Pesach – 20 Nissan תשעד

G-d, father in heaven, calls all Jews living outside of Israel to urgently come to the holy land of Israel!  Don't try to buy time; you will lose your money, your values, and your lives!  There is a great danger coming upon Jews abroad.  Huge groups want to harm Jewish life – your lives are worth billions. There is no price on your life!  Anti-Semitism is increasing in huge and frightening proportions, just like wild fire, and it will never stop until the last of the Jews comes to the holy land of Israel - and they will all come.  Whether they like it or not!

Diaspora Jews: your life is more important than anything material and any amount of money in the world!  Every Jew that travels outside of Israel is taking a risk.  There is harsh anti-Semitism against the Jews; and, there are dangers awaiting Israeli travelers in every corner!

Everything that happens in the world is by the hand of G-d.  Every natural disaster, fire and heat, water, floods and rains, clouds, mud, disappearing plane, overturned boats, conflicts between countries and among themselves - everything is by the hand of G-d!  G-d wants them to stop interfering with the holy land of Israel.  G-d wants the entire world, including the Jews, to understand that there is a G-d.  He is the Leader, He decides and He wants to renew the world.  We talk of the Messiah for a reason – he will be crowned soon!  Despite the world being "modern", the Messiah is a simple person who will accept help from G-d in order to save the Jews and the world!  G-d is doing around the world what He did in the Babel Tower, He is making people compete against each other in order to get them to leave Israel alone and mind their own business.

Jews are causing Arabs to feel secure and disrespect the state of Israel.  When the Jews respect themselves and stand by the Ten Commandments, the entire world fears them!

The Palestinians, Hamas, and the Arabs don't want peace with Israel; they want to destroy the state of Israel.  They threaten in their own ways and it is a shame that the government of Israel panics because of talks and the psychological influence on the Jewish mind – it is all tricks and talk. Jews need to be strong.  We live in Israel and if we don't protect our land, no one will protect us!  They want to destroy the state of Israel and throw us out.  All the countries in the world worry about their own interests.

Jews think that nothing will happen to them, but even though G-d protects the Jews in Israel, they need to make an effort and protect themselves.

The government of Israel needs to shock the Jews of Israel against drugs, alcohol abuse and gambling.  Our youth is being destroyed!  The people of Israel are being destroyed because of drug and alcohol abuse and gambling.  The first thing that needs to be done is to teach this in schools.  The government needs to take matters into its own hands and take care of this urgently.  It is not the way Jews should act!

All the white and black collars, religious or non-religious, small and big - all will be revealed, one after the other.  G-d is renewing and purifying the world so that everyone will be safe and not afraid of flesh and blood.

The government of Israel needs to be united and not to compete against each other.  You were chosen to do good for the Jews in Israel.  Every terrorist that gets out of prison creates an entire army, whether outside of Israel, in the Gaza Strip, or anywhere else in the world.  The government of Israel needs to think carefully before releasing a Palestinian.

Syria is continuing to be annihilated and will continue to be annihilated, there is no one to help them – it is G-d's doing.

In the Hezbollah, Nasrallah pops up here and there from time to time so that it is clear he is alive. He has no power, he has nothing.

Abu Mazen is helping the Hamas.  They are talking and planning what to do.  Because of this, they are making it look like they are quiet.  It is the quiet before the storm.  They continue to dig tunnels and do their work quietly.

The IDF needs to be very vigilant!  Do not hitchhike.  The gentiles are posing as orthodox taxi drivers, using various methods and using Israeli numbers on their cars.  On all the borders, keep your eyes wide open; because, they are also digging tunnels from Sinai.

In Egypt they are fighting over bread, the land shakes beneath their feet.  Patience; there will be a revolution in Egypt.  The Hamas has plans to attack Egypt, all kinds of groups, even hunger attacks, until there is a revolution.

Iran is making fools of the entire world.  Even Hasan Ruhani with his fake smile and blushing cheeks is making a fool of the United States, laughing in their face while he continues to create atomic bombs vigorously, 24 hours day.  All of their announcements, that they are decreasing the manufacture of uranium, are to buy quiet time from the world, so that they are not interrupted.  In the meantime, they are creating ten atomic bombs, not one.  Iran fears the Israeli Jews.  They know that the IDF can reach any place in the world and destroy anything on the planet.  When they said that there has been an agreement with the Iranians – it is a lie, a big show – it is all a lie!

In Turkey, whoever holds his head up, the government brings it down to avoid a revolution.  The Turks need the Israeli tourists.  When you go to Turkey, you need to be especially careful - don't say that you were not warned.

In Jordan the tension is starting to grow because refugees are coming from Syria in large numbers. Peace is broken and shattered; and, in Jordan they know that they will not get any piece of Israel in order to place their refugees there.  They fight the refugees' passage ways so that they don't increase.  There are hundreds of thousands of refugees controlling Jordan.

G-d has given the people of Israel the time to celebrate the holiday of freedom.  He does only good to the people of Israel and asks only that the Jews, if Israel unites, that there is love among them, that they fulfill the Ten Commandments.  Because, that is His will in order to continue pleasing you!

All of the people of Israel had a happy Seder night.  There was a large pain before the Seder night when police officer Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi was killed, a great pain in heaven and earth!

The weather was there, to refresh the people of Israel, to enjoy the smell and winds, the fruits and special air that give life, cleanliness and righteousness to the soul!  G-d does everything good for the Jews of Israel and spoils them, so that they come back to worship Him loyally.

The Messiah is working and will continue to work in the land of Israel to protect the state of Israel and the Jews in Israel.  Without the Messiah and the Torah, there is no place for this world!

Jews need to turn from bitter to sweet, from hatred to goodness, from pride to modesty, from conflict to love.  G-d says that every Jew, that truly has mercy on another Jew, will always have love for other Jews.  G-d promises that they will never be sick in their hearts, kidneys, and liver, they will always be healthy and happy!

A great door has opened to salvation; soon the Messiah will be crowned.

Dear Jews, by spreading this message, you will be doing a great deed of crediting the many!


  1. Hello Menachem!!!

    Thank you very much for sharing such expensive words administrator. Here in Brazil, life has been very difficult for us Bnei Noach, so these words are to see me, very important to encourage them in our daily lives that is becoming increasingly stifling.

    I'm sorry for bad English, please.

    Inflation is growing in Brazil, the government makeup inflation, increasingly paid taxes and high taxes inclusive. The spiritual decay here is very serious, or by the shape of garments peoples behave or how they live, is very sad.

    Venezuela is going to the bottom of the economically well and yet there are fools who believe it is American influence, know that the Illuminati (Western elite formed by the United States, European countries of the west and center) are fighting with the elite Sino-Russian for control of Latin America.

    The laws here are increasingly defending criminals and leniency on the part of all (public and political) is becoming more rampant in every way. Corruption here is endemic and moral values ​​here are increasingly mocked.

    The current government has been here since 5762, the population is undermining itself with political correctness and giving more space to homosexuals and leftists groups. Not counting materialism in which the population here is emerged, the idolatry of money is huge and tragedies occur daily as "deaths from nothing" in Brazil.

    I have seen something that few in the world are seeing: World War soon (?). I have noticed this since 5770 rumors of World War II and today I see things happening in Russia and Ukraine cmo for more than 100 years ago ... very, very sad ams all. Only esperro that Jews can return to Eretz Israel masi soon, please Gd, please!

    B'H if there is world war, Israel will not be involved in it because NEVER, I repeat NEVER would fight Am Israel, even if I were to pay with the price of life for deserting only fight for Israel and only because fighting for Israel is fighting for Torah!

    I honestly do not know what will happen to Brazilian Jews, they never show anything that will at least get out of here, because I know that they need ... I know I should leave it in the hand of Hashem ... I say this because I do not want so some come to see the Jews in Brazil or in the world to be pursued (that Hashem does not allow it), do not know what I would do, but would act in outside Israel "at the time of going to see", as said, to pay to the meso price of "my" life.

    I'm sorry for something I expressed myself wrong through words or something that has not understood.

    Luiz Felipe - SP - Brasil

    1. Everyone is becoming aware that the whole world is in trouble, except in Israel. It is safe here; the economy is perhaps the best in the world; the weather is tremendous (even though we need more rain); the horrible leadership will be gone soon and Hashem will completely take over here and the world through His servant Moshiach.

      Judgement day is near. Those who take it seriously and do repentance, will be great and very happy. Those who think they have lots of time will, measure for measure, find out the truth and pay the price for their procrastination. Faithful Jews and Bnai Noach will all know very shortly that their efforts in coming closer to Hashem will pay off for all eternity. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones, who greatly rely upon you, to do the right thing and follow Hashem's instructions for total happiness and success forever -- GUARANTEED (I have it in writing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. The total number of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States fell by 19 percent in 2013, continuing a decade-long downward slide and marking one of the lowest levels of incidents reported by the Anti-Defamation League since it started keeping records in 1979.

    3. Hello!!!

      The trouble ... yes , you know that in Brazil most people are so deeply alienated they do not realize that the the global economy will colpaso ? Much less that there will soon be a world war . The people here thinking that was created here nothing will happen , that everything is and will always be good, they will never be affected by what happens in the world , numbed by living a lie , illusion , are materialistic , immoral , booze and drugs (primarily youth and children already consume enough drinks and are immoral ) , crime grows more every day .
      I have noticed that Israel's economy is doing well, but most people in the world has not noticed that Israel has not been reached, are embedded in the illusion that Israel only has violence and nothing else , Brazilians are too ignorant , profoundly ignorant about Israel or the Jewish people .
      Yes , I believe that those who repent will indeed happily ever after. Once a Bnei Noach told me that the old rav said , that guided very afraid of what would happen with Brazil because of Divine Justice , and as I said , the people here are blind , materialistic and is numbed by the media and vain .
      I did not understand , when you told me that my loved queridosconfiam much on me , I say this because they live as Hellenists , are the famous modern Greco- Roman , alienated like the vast majority , I come from family xisitian catolic ( ymach shemo ) and Bnei Noach since I'm 13 years old , I'm 25 today .
      Thanks again to me "melt " in your words that we Bnei Noach and you Bnei Israel will be happy forever , B'H !

      All the best!

      Luiz Felipe - SP - Brasil

    4. Don't be naive. Jew hatred worldwide has increased exponentially. One of the biggest problems with statistics is it ignores the fact that many more incidents are not being reported out of fear. It's like the statistics on unemployment -- what a joke. Listen to many quotes from Holocaust survivors who are saying that the world, and very much the US, is worse than Germany was in the 1930's. Beware of what you read in the Jew-hating news, it is so far from the truth, it will greatly hurt you.

      The news doesn't talk about the imminent war against the US or the total collapse of the US economy. But, what is the bottom line? Hashem is sending you messages telling you of the great danger and suffering that is coming (even directly from Him by way of earthquakes, volcano eruptions, etc, etc, etc). The only consideration is you listening to Hashem, evaluating your particular, measure for measure, situation and following His instructions on how to survive and thrive. Turning to false statistics from human beings is total nonsense -- following Hashem's ways is the only way unless the welfare of you and your loved ones isn't important.

    5. Hello!!!

      Thanks Admin, thank you once more uam the words!

      Follow as Hashem wants from us, step by step!

      To anonymous above Statistics lie in Brazil Tambe, Jews here not even being shown by the media, are attacked by anti-Zionist discourse and is not little!

      The media does not actually msotra the impending war casualties with the United States, Russia, China and other countries.

      Brazil has 120,000 Jews.

      All the best!!!