Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"The Tzaddik's Dream"

This was sent to me by the source I have for Moishela's comments:

I just heard on a hotline from Rebbetzin  Kalminovitch an outstanding Dream that a big Tzaddik had this year. A Rav & Posek from Boro Park N.Y. had a dream about the Gedolei Yisroel who are already in Shomayim  who were Niftar this year.l"a

The Gedolei Yisroel were by the Beis Dein Shel Ma'ala and were begging Hashem Yisborach to look at how much “we” the Yidden have worked on ourselves, and how much we as Klal Yisroel have grown this year. They were saying to Hashem, please Look how many Yidden got rid of the Tumah in their homes, and how much we really want to be connected to Hashem and looking forward to the Geula.

They were begging and begging the Eibeshter (Hashem) to end this long and dark Galus to bring Moshiach fast. When... Suddenly a loud voice was heard saying: "Do Bnei Yisroel really want Hashem's Name to be known with his full Kedusha in the world? What about how Yidden are acting, especially in Shul’s, talking during Kedusha Kaddish and Davening, not giving proper Kavod to the Shul? Do they really want it?" the Geula?

And then the Beis Dein Shel Ma'ala decided to come up with a conclusion that this year - Taf Shin Ayin Gimmel - is a big Ais Ratzon and Moshiach is really able to come to us and Hashem really wants to bring him to us.

There is just one condition that: Hashem will test us this year in a huge way to see if we are really ready for Moshiach, if we are doing things for the Kavod of Shamayim or for the Kavod of ourselves c"v. This year could be the end of the Golus and the year of the  Geula  Be'ezras Hashem.

This Tzaddik woke up in a sweat. He was so shaken up and couldn't believe what he had heard and seen. He was shaking from real fear. Can we imagine that this is where we are up to? Moshiach is at our doorstep and every single Yid has the power to show Hashem:  that "I just want to do Mitzvos for your Kovod to bring Kavod to Your Name, Hashem" and then we will hasten the Geula.

Imagine the sound of the Shofar Shell Moshiach and YOU’RE being there to witness this special long awaited day, for two thousand years, It's surely beyond our imagination that we could be alive to really experience this day, first hand, Greet Moshiach and see it all with our own eyes. Rebbetzin Kalminovitch said that when such a strong rain falls, it is a sign That Hashem Yisborach wants us to change, so that we can be Zoche to realize that the Geula is ever so close.

It's all in your hands. Let’s wake up and see: "How can I do a mitzvah and do it only because I just want to bring Kavod to Hashem's Name? Let's all take this lesson to heart and realize that we really must wake up and shake ourselves back into reality of how a real Yid has to conduct themselves, in order to increase the Kovod Shomayim and do a real Teshuva to bring Moshiach in Taf Shin Ayin Gimmel with the building of the third Bais Hamikdosh.

Many of us say “I am ready for Moshiach” but we are fooling ourselves, we have not done anything to speed up the Geula, we have been dragged into a lavish life style much too far from the life of a real and true Yid’s lifestyle, living their life the Torah way.  We have to turn around and change all our ways and live a complete Torah life guided only by the Shulcon Aruch and our Gedolim.

May Hashem help us that in the Zechus of doing Teshuva and not talking in Shul, especially not during Davening, we should all merit to greet Moshiach.


  1. Honorable Rabbi,

    Where is Eretz Yisrael in the equation? Hasn’t our tanakh teach that the greatness Kidush Ha Shem is when Israel dwells in its land? The source I am using is Eim Habanim semeicha; its 500 pages talk about this in length.


    1. I hope that I am fully understanding your question? If you are looking for very definitive instructions from Hashem in the form of a mitzvah to make aliyah, I believe the excellent write-up by Aish.com gives a comprehensive answer. Please read:

      I would add that because we are in such a critical time (the end of days) and Hashem is forcefully sending messages to all the Jews of the world, the consideration about living in Israel has never been so important. There is no doubt in my mind that the Kedusha here is far greater than chutz la'aretz even though we don't have the Beis Hamikdash yet, and the fact that I moved from Lakewood, New Jersey which is considered the best possible place for a Jew outside of Israel. I am as happy as can be to be living here and have already let my passport expire (I have no desire to ever leave; and, I tell my relatives and friends in America that if they want to see me, it will require them to make a trip here). I have never in my life felt so much like I am home.

    2. Is your "me too" referring to you also live in Israel and refuse to leave? If so, you are my kind of Anonymous (man or woman). Mazel Tov!!

  2. Wow, I wish HaShem will say about Noahide people. Is HaShem happy with Noahide people? You know many Noahide people want to move to Yisrael but Yisrael is for Jews only. Is Elohim approved 7 laws for Noahide people? I can't find the statement," Noahide people require to follow minimum 7 " in Tanakh. 7 laws were established by Rabbi hundred years ago.

    1. Hashem is very happy with Noachide people and will take very good care of all righteous people when the turmoil really becomes more challenging. It is the wicked that are in trouble. I mentioned recently that at the time of the in-gathering of the exile from the world, that it will include the 10 lost tribes. We can expect some very interesting surprises as to whom they may be. One thing that I have heard as a speculation is that the Noachides of the world are one of the lost tribes meaning that they are of the children of Israel and will join us here at the time of the Geula. I have no way to verify this but it sounds very plausible that Hashem would take care of His servants that way.
      The 7 Noachide laws come from the Torah, the portion of Noah, and were therefore relayed to Moshe from Hashem on Mount Sinai 3325 years ago. They were not established by Rabbis just hundreds of years ago, but have become familiar to most Rabbis in modern times since the tremendous increase in the Noachide movement has occurred within the past 20 years. Hashem is getting everyone who is deserving ready for the time of Moshiach. I was privileged to work with Noachide people in the US but have only made contact with them through this blog (started in March, 2012) since I made aliyah, almost ten years ago.

    2. We hold that someone who yearns greatly to be a Jew who was born a non-jew had a spark of a Jew. Here is a story I am cutting out most details so its easy to write: My Rav was involved in a strange case of a former belzer boy who went off the derech moved to france and found a girl who he wanted to marry. He brought her back to Israel and obviously his belzer parents went nuts. The girl after learning about Judaism said she wants to convert and has a strong desire. Somehow my Rav was involved in this case and didn't know what to do. He was told of a certain yamenite Rav in Netivot who had a very strong connection to the 'spritual realms'. My Rav said when I was there telling it over, he went to this rav and told him the story and said she wants to convert they want to get married parents are against it, its a huge mess, what should we do? The rav said give me a few minutes. My rav said that this yamenite rav closed his eyes and started writing down on a paper something. My rav said "I thought he either fell asleep or was having a seizure"! ! ! ! ! After about 5 minutes the Rav came back and opened his eyes and told my Rav the following: The girl who wants to get married is a spark from one of the Jews who were forced to convert from the spanish inquisition, and the reason the Belzer boy went off the derech and went to france was to bring her back and complete a big tikkun olam. He said its min ha'shomayim this girl should convert and this is the plan of Hashem. My rav relayed this info to the Belzer Rebbe, and the belzer court of daayanim were up in arms - because they traditionally do not do conversions. Look it up. Soooo They came to the girl and the belzer boy (who by this time started to get back into teshuva) and said, we will accept her as a convert but on condition you do not marry him because if you convert for ulterior motives its not a true conversion. My rav said this was very hard for them. The girl said ok I won't marry him let me just convert.

      Sounds like a sad story right?

      Right after her conversion the rabbanim said ok now you are someone else from who was not jewish before, therefore whoever said they cannnot marry this boy doesn't exist anymore and YOU a JEW can happily marry this boy mazel tov!!!! They got married and live happily now with several kids.

      Awesome story in the end right!!! ?!

      The point is there are 2 levels:
      Someone who has a spark of a Jew and needs to do a tikun and needs to convert
      Someone who is a normal good quality human being and they know things in modern society are wrong, find noahide system and know its the truth.

      Both are amazing, and both are important. We say to the world: Do not convert to judaism, keep the 7 noahide laws. If you feel that is not enough, and you fight hard enough try to convert maybe you have a spark of a yid.

      We hold that anyone who converts always had a spark of a Jewish neshama in them but needed a tikun to correct it.

      Non-Jews who are good people (I know many of them myself) need not feel they must be Jews... To be a Jew is a burden. Most of your life you suffer and you are obligated to many things.

      There was a boy learning in Yeshiva Ohr Somayach for many years. He was very religious on his way to becoming a rabbi. Suddenly somehow he went to one of the gedolim in Israel who said to him to check his Jewish past very carefully. They found out he was not a Jew!!!! NO JOKE: His rav in Ohr Somayach asked him what do you want to do, to convert or not? He literally took his kipa off his head and said if I am not obligated to everything I have done until now then I don't want to put myself in such a dangerous situation - I will instead happily be a noahide.

      All this is true.

      I am a "rabbi" for whatever its worth... keep anonymous and no need for any connection to me I'm just a yid. If site owner wants to contact me drop me an email address and ill respond.

    3. It was the Arizal Hakodesh who told us that all gerim are Jews at birth and just needed to discover it. I thank you very much for your excellent comment and know that it is the Absolute Truth. I, myself, had the privilege of working with a non-Jew, who had such a love of Hashem and a desire to study Torah, that my Rav at the time asked me to check it out as to how serious he really was. I invited him for Shabbos and we talked until 2 AM at which time we discovered that his ancestry went back to the Basque region -- an area to where many Marranos escaped. He was with tears when he discovered that in all probability he was already with a Jewish soul and only had to make it official. He converted and went on to be one of the most observant Jews I have ever met. The Lakewood Yeshivah (called the Harvard of Yeshivot) wasn't good enough for him, he had to move to Yerushalayim to study Torah. That is deep commitment.

      I have mentioned it several times that since we know that the time of the in-gathering of the exiles will include the ten lost tribes, that there will be many surprises as to whom in the world are truly the children of Israel. I have heard that Noachides are very possibly one of the lost tribes and will be joining us in Israel soon. When they discover that they are of the nation of Israel, they will very happily take on the 613 mitzvot. B"H
      I would be more than happy to talk to you further. Please Email me at absolutetruth613@gmail.com

  3. living in the land of Israel is one of the fundamental mitzvoth. And it is very very important. Our sages say in tractate Ketubot 110b one who dwells in Eretz Israel has a G-d and one who dwells outside the land serves false gods.

    I hope people will realize this even though some cannot come now. At least they should know this fact. If a Jew wants redemption he should know the reason for its delay. Shomer Ha'Brit and Yeshuv Ha'Aretz are the foundations of Torah observance.