Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jew Hatred Revisited

Please watch this video.  The Jewish nation definitely has the most unique history of any nation in the world.  Why?  Because, it is the design of Hashem, and not a random series of events.  Notice how much happens in Israel that is not by human logic – things that could not happen anywhere else in the world.  We see Hashem here every day.  Enjoy the video.

Having watched the video, I would like to revisit my post of 28 March, entitled “Jew Hatred.”

Although very misunderstood, a great increase in Jew hatred around the world is actually an indication of the end of days.  First of all, let me correct a misnomer seen every day in the world.  The term anti-Semitism has become synonymous with Jew hatred.  From the Scriptural genealogical record comes some of the most well-known terms relating to Israelite people: Semite and Semitic originate from Noah's son Shem.  The Shemites are all the descendants of Shem, but a more modern term (actually came from Germany in the 1800’s) was Semite.  The misnomer of Shem’s descendants include all Arabs and even other cultures.  The Mayan culture, as an example, which is greatly talked about these days due to their calendar and prophecies, dwelled on the Yucatan Peninsula.  Yucatan is an improper pronunciation of Yoktan who was a descendant of Shem.  In other words anti-Semitism really includes the hatred of many people on this planet including possibly the Mayan culture.

Anyway, what really is Jew hatred?  Two facts need to be clarified first.  One is that the Jewish people were designated by Hashem as Am Segulah.  Although the world translates Am Segulah as the Chosen People, it is more properly translated as the “nation of the remedy.”  In other words, when Hashem told the Jews through the prophet Isaiah (49:6) “To be a light unto the nations,” He was tasking the Jews, who would be spread throughout the world, to bring the message of Hashem to the world.  That message is the remedy for the world’s problems.  The specifics I have covered in many other blog posts.  The message, however, has been greatly rejected by the people of the world – they are not interested in carrying out the will of Hashem, but doing their own thing, no matter how evil or dangerous it may be.  It is the biggest reason the world is in so much trouble today.  The problem is “if you can’t kill the message, kill the messenger.”  Jew hatred in essence is the world fighting Hashem and His word, but the Jews are the scapegoat since Hashem is not touchable.  This has gone on for thousands of years but now it has increased greatly for another reason.  The work of the Jewish nation is basically finished.  It is time for the Jews to return to their ancestral homeland.  Many Jews, however, are stubborn and think they will remain comfortable outside of Israel.  Hashem is sending a strong message to the Jews worldwide.  The economy, the political situation, the threat of war and, above all, the Jew hatred is telling the world Jewry it is no longer possible to continue outside of Israel, come home.  Israel is the only safe place in the world for a Jew (even with a war going on in a very isolated area, it is far safer on the streets of Jerusalem than the streets of any other city in the world.  Google statistics of homicides in major cities and see for yourself.  If you are worried about terrorism, Google that too and be amazed.  If you think I shouldn't compare homicides to terrorist activity, then you are greatly mistaken – dead is dead what difference does it make if it was a terrorist or a mugger?).  It is clearly stated in many places throughout scriptures that the Jews have the mission to be in every corner of the globe, spread the word of Torah and then return home after the mission is accomplished.  Being the end of history as we know it, it is time to come home.

How well the Jews have done throughout history and why, if we are on a mission to save the world and help the people, has our history been so replete with suffering?  Wouldn't one think that Hashem would make it easy to do His will?  The answer is very complicated and well covered in scriptures but was covered, once again, in its own blog post.  Just be aware that the greatest miracle of the history of this world is that the Jews are still here (well stated in the video above).  Many great powers throughout history tried to eliminate the Jews from this planet, but failed -- they are gone, we are not.  It says in the Torah “you will remain small in number but will never disappear.”  That prophecy, told to Moses 3325 years ago, we are witness to its fulfillment and is a testimonial to the fact that the Torah truly is the word of Hashem.

Why was I so interested in revisiting this blog post?  We see every day, and even more so now than last March, that Jew Hatred is greatly increasing worldwide.   The way the war around Gaza is being depicted in the news has nothing to do with reality, but everything to do with Hashem’s message “It is time for the Jews to come home.”  When the theme of the news is that the poor downtrodden people of Gaza were horribly invaded by Israel and responded with some rockets.  That is beyond lies, that is pure Jew hatred – pure evil.  I sent the following answer to an article written about the horrors of Gaza and the Israeli terrorism,” as they like to call it:

The article forgot to mention that Hamas has sent about 750 missiles, rockets and mortar shells into Israel at civilians (that is non-military men, women and children), hundreds of them before Israel started its defensive reaction.  The world doesn't think Israel is allowed to defend itself.  Gaza has fired close to 13,000 rockets and mortar shells over the years and we are supposed to just take it and not retaliate? Israel is so careful to not hurt civilians; but, the barbaric Arab terrorists shoot off their deadly rockets from the middle of civilian populations.  When you use children as shields, who are the bad guys here?  Gaza is lacking nothing. Their beautiful new shopping malls are well stocked, their beautiful water slide park did a great business this summer and their tremendous luxury hotels make it the perfect vacation spot (unless you are non-Muslim).  Did you know that Gaza has about 600 millionaires? What, the Jew hating media never mentioned that?  People in all the other Arab countries don’t have it as good as the Gazan Arabs.  By the way, Arabs kill more Arabs than Jews ever did.  The Islamists don’t want the land of Israel, they have repeated over and over they only want all non-Islamists dead — "first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people." Americans and Europeans don’t have a clue as to how important it is to their safety that Israel wipes out terrorist groups.  If you don’t believe that, you will soon. Ignorance is bliss but very dangerous.
Also, according to international law and Biblical law (you remember — G-D), all the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea is Israel (including Gaza), which has existed for about 3700 years and does not belong to Arabs.  The renaming it as Palestine was done by some evil Roman 2000 years ago but it was never a legitimate name -- never a sovereign nation.  Before 1948 all Palestinians were Jews. When the terrorist PLO rewrote history in 1964 and decided that the Arabs were the Palestinians, it was all a lie, but the Jew hating media loved it.  The time of truth is coming soon.

This comment never showed up until after the news article was eliminated and archived.  The article appeared on my computer with a statement “the comment will appear after moderator review.”  It is comical but, once again a very deep message.  The world does not want Hashem’s message and can only fight it by suppressing and hating the messenger.  I say to you, my fellow messenger deliverers (as I ended my comment):  “The time of truth is coming soon.”  Don’t get wrapped up in the minutia of the world’s lies – it is totally unimportant.  The only reason I wrote the comment is that I knew there were Jews and righteous non-Jews who believe the filth that is in the news.  The number of self-hating Jews in the world has greatly increased since they believe the lies and want to distance themselves from reality and, unfortunately, Hashem.  I am always trying to reach the good people and give them the truth.  I know with complete confidence, that Hashem will measure for measure take care of the evil people of this world – I am not interested in helping them; but, I feel bad if they convince good people to join their cause.

There is so much more that I could say about what is going on.  I think my favorite article was that Israel sent 100 rockets into Gaza.  Israel doesn't send rockets.  So, what was the meaning of this article?  There were about 100 rockets that were fired off by Hamas that went astray and landed in Gaza.  They blamed Israel for it.  Cute?

The most important message I wish to convey is that we all have some Jew hatred in us.  Since Jew hatred is nothing more than rebellion against Hashem, if we are not doing all that Hashem wants from us to survive and thrive, we are lacking in serving Him and rebelling against His will.  If we say that what I am doing is good enough, we are rebelling.  If we go by our own human logic instead of studying Hashem’s logic, we are rebelling.  None of this may look like Jew hatred on the surface, but Hashem will answer our rebelliousness with people turning on us – both as a nation and as individuals.  In the end we are still responsible measure for measure for ourselves.  It is so important to read Hashem’s messages and to react.  If we, as individuals, experience Jew hatred, please, please, please look in the mirror and evaluate who you see based on the message received.  When you catch on to the system, you will thank Hashem and realize how much He is trying to help you.  Thank you Hashem.

One last message that I have already said, but I still get comments about.  The turmoil that is happening in Israel now is so isolated, that Israel is still the safest place (the only safe place for a Jew) in the world.  Somebody wrote to me and said that even Jerusalem is under attack.  The fact is there was one rocket that went in the direction of Jerusalem but was nowhere near the city.  The sirens went off, but it was a false alarm (literally).

Let me tell you something comical about Israel.  Biblical Israel is basically Samaria and Judea with Jerusalem right in the middle.  The terrorists renamed this area “the West Bank (the world loved the new name).”  Actually it was Hashem that provided this scenario.  Because there are Arab towns dispersed in the area, no terrorist group would ever send a rocket into this area.  Hashem protects His most valuable land and people (this is where the most observant people live) by putting the enemy here out of harm’s way.  An example of this is that the Temple Mount is completely off limits to Jews.  Why?  Because Hashem told us that during this time of great impurity amongst our people, we cannot desecrate the holiest land in the universe by ascending to its ground.  So Hashem provided us with enemy to keep us away and out of spiritual danger.  When we receive the Third Temple, we will regain entrance and the Arabs will be gone.

In all the wars, there has never been a rocket or mortar attack in this area because the Arabs know that if they send something our way, Hashem will make sure it lands in an Arab town (or hit the mosque on the Temple Mount).  It holds true even outside of this area.  During the last war with terrorist groups insouthern Lebanon, many rockets were thrown at Israel’s northern area where there are many Arab towns.  There were more Arabs killed by these missiles than Jews.  39 scuds in the Gulf war were all in the Tel Aviv to Haifa area (miraculously only one death occurred – a Jew hater) – not anywhere near Biblical Israel.  (Because the roads were all closed that week, the Gulf war is on record as the one week in modern Israel’s history with the least amount of fatalities – one.  Only in Israel does a war keep the people safe.)  Why do you think the secular left parties in Israel want to give away the so-called West Bank?  Remember that Jew hatred is fighting Hashem and His message.  Get it?


  1. Thank you for this wonderful article; much more positive than all the negative doom and gloom stuff we are reading about.

    1. Nothing is doom and gloom when you see prophecy, that is due to happen right before Geula, being fulfilled. The only one who should be worried and consider it doom and gloom is an evil individual whose days are numbered. It has been my message since March that the happy ending is imminent. All this is from Hashem which means it is all good news. B"H

  2. Shalom,
    Read your article, you are so right.
    I am Noahide, I cannot understand why all the Jews do not go to Israel.
    Thanks you and I shall be reading more of your articles.
    I came to yur blog via Shirat Devorah's blog.

    Am Israel Chai!