Monday, November 26, 2012

Hooray for Pallywood

What you never heard of Pallywood?   But, you have seen some of their best productions on CNN, BBC, Reuters, Associated Press and thousands of other eager news organizations anxious to make money whether they are telling the truth or not – no matter who gets hurt.  Let me show you some examples to jog your memory:

Pallywood - truth in the middle east hollyland, what goes behind the scenes and for the cameras

Photo Fraud in Gaza.

Muhamad Al-Dura was not killed

If you want to see some more of these fine productions, go to Youtube  -- it will keep you entertained for hours.

Now it looks familiar!  It seems that Israel is losing the propaganda war since most news organizations turn to the Arabs for their information.  Even though it is all lies and not too well staged, it definitely has much more Jew-hating sensationalism than any truth coming out of Israel. And that is what we want today in the news: exciting fantasy to justify our hatred of Israel and the Jews.  I have said all along "don't believe what you see in the news.  If you want the Absolute Truth, study the Torah.


  1. Maran HaRav Yosef Sholom Elyashiv had some very harsh words regarding today’s sheitels, stating the women who wear them today are as if they go outdoor bareheaded.

    The statements were made during the Rav’s daily Gemara Shabbos shiur the weekly Belze-affiliated BaKehilla reported.

    The Rav is quoted as saying there are permitted sheitels and those that are asur, but today’s are strictly forbidden. He called “today’s” sheitels “erva”, stating they are absolutely forbidden.

    A participant in the shiur asked Rav Elyashiv how they wore human hair wigs in the time of the Gemara, to which he responded the wigs of those days were different, with the best at that time being comparable perhaps to today’s worst, adding today’s human hair wigs represent “erva” and are absolutely forbidden.

    The Rav repeated over and over again the severity of the isur of wearing such sheitels, which the wife and her husband share equal responsibility.

    To hear Rav Eliyashuv’s speech from the USA (LOCAL CALLING)
    (718) 906-6400 [Kol HaLashon NY]
    Press 3 for Yiddish
    Press 2 for Gemara
    Press 19 for Rav Eliyashiv
    Press 1 for Pesachim
    Press 173 for the shiur
    While listening to the shiur, press 6 (skips 5 minutes) 4 times.

    1. I agree 100% since today's sheitels often look better than the woman's real hair that is being hidden. That, by definition, is "erva" (nakedness). I do not want other men looking at my wife. If she wears something inappropriate that makes her more attractive in public, it is totally contrary to Torah values. In the secular world men want other men to be jealous of their spouses and very often encourage such immodest behavior. Jews try to keep men and women separated to help men avoid improper behavior -- it is completely out of love and respect for one's wife (I know, my wife insists upon it). In Muslim society, they kill their women for talking or walking on the same side of the street as a man (very common in Gaza -- it is called an "honor killing" and happens much more often than you can imagine). Jews are the most humane people on Earth when it comes to respect for the opposite sex. B"H One additional problem that exists (this one should get me into trouble). The Lubavitcher Rebbe made the statement that sheitels are acceptable. He was taken completely out of context considering he was only referring to a woman who works in a non-Jewish atmosphere. It was to not make her stand out and be more uncomfortable. The Rebbe stated that if a woman is in an atmosphere of observant Jews, she should only wear a snood or large hat that completely covers all her hair. In the city where I live snoods and scarves are the "in" thing and a woman with a sheitel will stand out in a crowd. I try not to bring the subject up since most Chabadniks will be happy to argue with me but will almost never check the sicha of the Rebbe to find out the truth.`The debate goes on but a simple common sense question is: "Does the sheitel look better than her own hair?" If the answer is yes, as it often is, then the sheitel is against all halachic ruling (in other words against Hashem's will). This is a touchy subject that I have avoided but I always ask the question to any inquiry that I investigate: "What is Hashem's opinion?" and that is the answer I use.

  2. Here we go again with sheitel bashing. You are right Mr. "Absolute Truth". There will be sheitel wearers like my self who will totally disagree with your logic. Not only the LR permitted wigs but also R. Feinstein, the Pri Megadim, the Rema and others. But I of course you know better than the great tzaddikim of the past. Right?

    I am not going to waste my time arguing with you but I suggest you check out the links below before you make false comments:

    1. Well, I am so happy that you enjoyed Pallywood.
      I don't agree or disagree with anybody's opinion on sheitels. As I said, this is a touchy subject that I have avoided, but I always ask the question to any inquiry that I investigate: "What is Hashem's opinion?" and that is the answer I use. When you study Torah in great depth, you see Hashem's opinion. When you live life as long as I have (I am 68 1/2 years old) and you are a people watcher, as I am (especially watching the nonsense in the secular world), you see the logic that men are basically animals and very, very weak and as it has been said a million times, if there is something that causes men to look at women (against Hashem's will, I repeat, against Hashem's will) then that something is contrary to Torah. We are not talking about men just being aroused, we are talking about very definite damage to a man's soul. It is like the argument of a man hearing a woman sing. Most macho men would be glad to tell you "that is ridiculous, it doesn't affect me." Hashem says otherwise!!!! It is damaging to the soul of a man and since we are all connected through Hashem, it literally hurts everyone on Earth. That was a loaded statement, but that is Hashem's opinion and any human opinion that you listen to is dangerous. Even common sense says otherwise. Another thing is, if you have been a woman all your life and never had the opportunity to be a man, then you don't have a clue about how men really feel and act. Just watching their eyes stray, their facial expressions and in many cases their ignorant comments (that's mostly in the secular world), does not let you know how they feel or the adrenalin that is flowing in their perverted torsos. That is why Hashem should be our Guide on everything we do and say. Sound advice from the Torah and a senior citizen.
      But, thank you for your comment.

  3. You see Hashem's opinion in your OWN eyes but ignore the opinions of great tzaddikim who permit sheitels and even Rav M. Feinstein, z'tl stated that they are not considered Ma'aris Ayin. You make the comment that because I am not a man I do not understand how men feel and act. True. But I do have a husband, and I assure you he does not feel erotic thoughts, C"V, when he sees a woman wearing a sheitel. However, it does bother him when women wear pritzus clothes and do not cover their hair properly with a snood or tichel.

    Also, the reason why women must cover their hair after they are married is not to prevent men from having erotic thoughts. If that were the case, single women should also cover their hair. The reason why we cover our hair, is to conceal the spiritual energy that is emitted. That spiritual energy must be covered.

    Yes, Hashem should be our Guide through His tzaddikim. I am guided by true tzaddikim like the LR and RMF through their writings...who permit wigs. Therefore, I have who to hold by.

    1. I am sorry I didn't respond earlier but I was not home most of the day yesterday and not involved with my blog. Instead, I tried to cover your concerns in today's post "The World is Upside-Down" If you have any further questions please Email me at