Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Vayera 5773

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi  Parshat Vayera
A Message for Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

(Translator's message: May the inspiration gained from this translation be a spiritual benefit for the soul of my beloved mother, of blessed memory, Shvartzel Tova bat Moshe Yeshayahu and Glicka, who departed this world on the first day of Sukkot.)

The King of Kings, the Holy One blessed be He, allowed the holidays to pass in peace and gave Am Yisrael the ability to achieve a complete repentance. Following the holidays, the Holy One continues where he left off, engaging in the world – destroying and dismantling the impurity in the world!

All the forces of nature are in full and strong force and will get even more intense every day! Every day another location “grabs” its own plague. All terrible forces of nature- hurricanes, harsh winds, volcanoes, mudslides, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires – will continue with greater force and regularity, social and economic conflicts in every state and country – will continue in full force, and the holy Eretz Yisrael is safe and secure. Whoever doesn’t believe – Heaven’s compassion be on you!

With all this chaos, with all the craziness in the world – Israel is protected and the Jews are flocking to Eretz Yisrael! What was in thought – is now in action! For many years the Holy One spoke to their hearts, and for the past 3 years, they’ve been taking action and it only grows. This is not a passing phase – it will increase! Listen closely, read this closely – it will continue and grow!!!

Anti-semitism will increase, there are thousands of incidents in the world where the goyim spit on, curse at and strike Jews. Not enough Jews understand, there are those who understand and come to Israel. There is no driver in the world, nothing attractive, no whip, no judgment and no judge – and there won’t be! It will be like the time of Noach and the flood, that the Holy One destroys the old world and builds the new world with King Mashiach ben David! The Master of the world is preparing for him the infrastructure and the path , so that he can do his work in the open throughout the world – and with respect! Even now the Mashiach is working and is on the offensive with all surrounding Arab nations and the world! Now this work is done secretly – soon it will be revealed! The clowns of the generation will continue to mock – the Holy One will not give up on even one clown! The Negev will be filled with Jews , the Shomron and the North will be filled with Jews and all those who are not Jews, dress up like Jews – very soon they will escape from the Land – all of them. Mashiach will remove them! This is not a hallucination – this will happen!

Don’t believe the infiltrators in the Land! They are not refugees, they’ve been sent to destroy and attack Jews! They come “as though” they are looking for work, and make themselves pitiable and it’s not true! They’ve been sent to destroy Tel Aviv! All the bleeding hearts who oppose their expulsion – are not Jews! They pay them money from other countries, in order to create a revolution in Israel!

Don’t believe Hamas and Egypt, they’ve made a pact! Hamas is teasing Israel in order to create a region-wide conflict – instructed by Iran!

The government of Israel and Tzahal – don’t rush into Gaza and it’s surrounding areas! Think 10 times – this is not the time! They want to cause a flare-up and a war of missiles joined by Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Gaza, Egypt and Iran!

Government of Israel, don’t give them the “pleasure” to be pulled into a war! Better to fight against them “nicely and pleasantly!”

Tzahal, don’t take risks! You can deal with them with other methods – helicopters and tanks – rather than with exposed bodies! They are very sophisticated, the goyim have become experts at wars.

Their swords will enter their own hearts, their arrows will break, their leaders will kill their own people, and their people will kill other people within their people!!!

Syria continues to destroy its people. They say that only 150 die every day and thousands die. The Holy One creates confusion there so that they not have a war against Am Yisrael. If God forbid the war in Syria ends…..God forbid! Let them continue!!!

Jordan wants to deceive Israel. They always say they are stopping terrorist cells – it’s all a lie, in order that Israel will become complacent regarding Jordan. Terrorists are entering Israel from Jordan , and the Jordanians are helping them to infiltrate.

In Lebanon, the Holy One allows them to fight one another, once in a while they go at it and conflict among them will continue. The Holy One has confused their language!

Turkey is on alert regarding Syria. They say they love peace, but this is only a show – they don’t love anything.

In Iran they are happy about the elections in Israel and America, Ahmedinejad is dancing and singing , as though they forgot him – their spirits are lively! The citizens of Iran don’t like what their president is doing and are waiting for reaction in the United States, to give support to topple the regime. When the world imposes sanctions on Iran, this gives them strength to topple their president.

Nothing has changed in the world economy and no solution will be found! The economy will continue to tumble and disintegrate. China, through whose merit have fallen America and Europe – she is next for the big fall! When China falls, no one will be able to help her and she will cause the downfall hundreds of millions of people! This is close to happening!

Israel’s economy will never fail! It’s economic advisors are given direction by angels in Heaven!

Real estate in Israel will continue to expand, with roads, and open spaces, housing and businesses. This year will see a huge “air train” of new émigrés, who will come in huge numbers! They will receive an escort from Heaven and will be blessed from the mouth of the Above!

All the religious parties, it’s up to you to have unity and become one unified party! This is what the Holy One desires! Be careful in not listening to Him!
All those elected to Israel’s Knesset need to “come down from the tree” and be humble! The people don’t need to hear slander in order to elect you. It’s forbidden to slander each other! You must be realistic. Anyone running for office must search himself and be sure that only the good of Am Yisrael and its safety are in their vision! Be warned that it shouldn’t be from personal interest in having a seat, and honor and a pension – you won’t get this! Don’t be a bleeding heart “like the moderns.” If God forbid something will not be normal or a vote will not be proper – it will all come out and you’ll have tremendous embarrassment in the media, with Am Yisrael and throughout the world! See that you have been warned! There is no hero against the Holy One! The Creator will reveal your inner secrets – and everyone has a huge package of secrets from the past! In the Heavens everything is written! Go forth with faith and a full heart to save Am Yisrael, without personal interest, and blessing will come upon you! If you don’t do this – you will have endless embarrassment!

Jews in the State of Israel need to be careful in Knesset elections. We need to listen to the elders because they have gone through a lot in their lives and they know the truth!

All the chaos and craziness in the world, the Holy One is doing this for the Jews – for Am Yisrael. Everyone hates the Jews and the Holy One loves the Jews very much! Don’t give up on the Holy One! Leave all the logic and enter simplicity and purity, righteousness and truth, unity and baseless love for every Jew! The Creator continues to disassemble everything! He takes apart anything that has impurity and impinges on a new world, a new light of Mashiach to be brought to the world! The Creator and forces of nature are creating a path for Mashiach, destroying and fixing country after country, city after city! The Master of the world won’t give up on anyone!

The time has come for a new world! A world of peace, love and baseless love among people. A world of the revelation of King Mashiach ben David in mercy! Please, precious Jews, wise and discerning, take all that is written here deeply into your heart – and commit! Blessing will come upon you from the mouth of the Above!

These are not my words, but are definitely my thoughts and beliefs.  Even though this will appear on other blogs, I put it here in hopes of reaching more people.  I truly wish that all Jews should read this, believe it and internalize the message -- it is excellent and the Absolute Truth.


  1. That's very nice. But I have no spare parnasa with which to emigrate to Israel from where I live. So to me it is words, just words. And with struggling with parnasa, is for me the most difficult thing ever. Everything else pales into comparison, whether Aliyah or anti Jewish attacks.

    1. I can't talk about it yet, but great changes are about to happen that will make your parnasa dilemma vanish. I know it sounds crazy, but Hashem works in mysterious ways -- just turn to Him with complete faith and trust and watch His salvation. No more said; but, we could be talking much sooner than you think.

  2. I share the same thoughts as anonymous. If I were single, what the heck, I'll move to Israel and sweep streets. But I have kids that I have to keep in a decent environment so that they'll stay frum. I just don't have any spare money to buy an apartment in Israel. My Hebrew is weak, even though I practice every week. I can't just move my wife there, where we have no family, no support network, no connection from military days. The economy can boom there. How does that help me? I don't speak Hebrew. The Israelis will walk all over me. Let's not pretend that you move to Israel and it's all hugs and kisses. And yes, what you are saying about parnasa dilemmas vanishing sounds very crazy. I don't know what this means, turn to Him in faith. That's so abstract. What do you mean, that everything is for the best, that we should keep the Torah no matter what? OK, I try to do that.

    1. I can't tell you the details now but I am hopeful in the near future that you will receive a very big surprize and the whole situation of making Aliyah will be simple and painless (no parnasa problems). I have been working on a massive project for 8+ years that is about to explode. I will say no more until all is ready. You and many others turning to Hashem will help since He is the One to make everything happen.

  3. Northern New Jersey had a small earthquake this morning.

  4. I know many people have mixed feelings about this but I personally don't think Rabbi Glazerson is a light-headed or frivolous person.

    Torah codes: Shinui Olam



    1. I thank you as usual. These are excellent and, as you may know, I am a big fan of the work of Rabbi Glazerson. I highly recommend his books as well as all his videos.

  5. With all due respect, does not Torah say that we are to remain in Diaspora until Moshiach comes and that he will take us all to the Promised Land?

    1. Scriptures say in many places that there will be many Jews that will return to Israel before the Moshiach comes with the remaining Jews returning after Moshiach is introduced. Specifically Moshiach ben Yosef will be the one to take us through the final battle of Gog and Magog and gather the remainder of Jews from the four corners of the Earth; and, all the Jews will dwell in Israel.

  6. Please elaborate on your plans mentioned on 11/06/12 @ 4:43 PM. Thank you, Yosef Avraham ben Feivel Nachman

    1. Until all the details are finalized, it has to remain a close hold secret. I believe I am much closer to fruition (hopefully within weeks), but believe it or not there are very evil people in the US of A that are the barrier. As we are told in the Talmud, we are in a time of tremendous greed and this is a huge example of it. If you send me a private Email, I could give you more information; but, it would require me knowing more about you and your situation, B"N absolutetruth613@gmail.com