Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Comments and Answers

Once again I would like to have you read the comments that I received – this time on parts 6 and 7 of Discussion with Moishe’la (and his family).  I definitely have very intelligent readers, B”H, and I do believe that what was discussed below probably is on the mind of most of my readers and therefore should be addressed and shared with everyone.  All should benefit from their comments, not just the people writing them.  Hopefully, these comments and my answers will give you a deeper insight into the messages that Hashem is conveying to us through His servant Moishe’la.

I have been talking like this for years and people look at me like I'm an apikoros. How dare I criticize the frum world? These very much are my views on frum culture and on the goyim. But one thing I don't like at all about these posts is that they don't give us a plan or measures to take. They just threaten us with doom. I hear a hint of "move to Israel now.' And last night we submitted our aliyah application. So we are working on it.
Moishela can get away with saying these things since it is coming from Hashem, and not Moishela’s words. But, we can't, simply because we should only say positive things about our fellow Jews and not be judgmental. I have one extra bit of leeway since I am old enough, according to Pirkei Avos, to give Mussar. But even that I try to keep down to a minimum, since we are in a time when people don't want to hear it. I have two men in this city who have stopped talking to me because I had the nerve to help them. They both have solvable problems that I know could be solved with some simple Mussar, but they don't want to hear it, so their problems persist. I have the same situation on this blog with some of my readers -- they don't want to be confused with the truth.
The plan to follow; measures to take is the old answer -- tefilah, teshuvah, tzedukah, limud haTorah, ahavas Yisroel, love and fear of Hashem, do all the mitzvot, try to make aliyah and turn to Hashem completely with faith and trust. Do these things and success is yours. Not lip service, but with sincere kevanah. It worked for me and was a lot easier than I thought. The moving to Israel will fall into your lap if you do the above. If you don't believe that, it won't happen. If you really know that it will happen, the surprise will come.
The view of faith you are presenting is not normative actually amongst the commentators. The basic peshot of emunah (see R' Yona) is that whatever happens is for the best but not that all will work out. A view developed in the last few hundred years, based loosely on the VGaon that if you have faith blessings will come. It's no surprise I guess that such an approach has become widespread in the age of affluence. But there are people who might be confusing general affluence with cause and effect. 

So according to the old time view, all of this doom and gloom talk is quite disturbing because there are no guarantees, even with faith, that one is not going to suffer. The admonitions in the Chumash and the talk of rain in the Shema are based on national behavior, not personal. And the words from this kid speak very negatively about the nation.

And on that point, it's not correct that one has to only speak positive words about Jews. You can criticize Jews, just shouldn't overdo it or not see the merits too.
What purpose does it serve to criticize anyone especially on a public forum? Does it feel good to put others down, or is it ego to build yourself up? Since the Torah tells us to see the good in everyone; or say nothing if you have nothing good to say, that is doing Hashem's will. Only Hashem can criticize as He is doing through Moishela in an attempt to spark us to reality. I have received many comments that were, unfortunately, negative. In most cases it was due to a lack of information, personal opinion, and presented me with an opportunity to teach -- to help. In most cases it was from Anonymous, so I never felt that I was saying Loshan Harah about an individual. In some severe cases, it would have served no purpose to post; so, I just deleted the comment. Negativity really doesn't help anyone especially since we are so close to the happy ending. Even on Tisha B'Av this past year, I found it so difficult to mourn the first and second Temples when I am so excited about the third Temple. Some people see a glass as half empty and some see it as half full. My glass is so full it is running over and I know exactly Who filled it. When I talk of success, prosperity and goodness in life I am talking about how blessed I am with family, good health, where I live, etc, not materialism which is what most people think of when they think of success and prosperity. The smile on my face is because I lack nothing, I want nothing, in fact, I believe I have more than I deserve, bli ayin harah. It came from an extremely positive attitude and completely turning to and relying on Hashem. It does work and national behavior does not affect me when measure for measure I am held completely responsible for myself. I am a partner in creation with Hashem and do have complete control of me -- once again, if you don't believe that, you don't have complete control of you. This is an exact science -- measure for measure -- Hashem returns to us what we give to Him. Live it and be happy or complain about it and miss out.
There is certainly truth in these words, but I wonder if they're not tainted with a little bit of bitterness and jealousy. Human nature is such that people do not respond to being frightened; they prefer to cling on to the dream and to the past. The true Gedolim have always brought people to teshuva by words of encouragement. Was American Jewry better 50 - 100 years ago?
You do not need to be a prophet to see the direction of things, but there are those who seek to gain recognition by showing everyone how they saw it coming.
Who is bitter or jealous the FC individuals? Absolutely not. You are not hearing from these individuals who are not even living in this reality. You are hearing from Shamayim with the purpose of encouraging; even if it is by scaring. Hashem works in very mysterious ways and I guarantee that these messages cannot be psyched out by us mortal humans. They are much deeper than we can comprehend since their souls are talking to our souls -- we are just listening in on the conversation. We are told in scriptures that our souls are affected by every word we hear and everything we see. If someone says to you "bad language doesn't affect me, I can handle it," you are talking to a person that has no concept of the reality of his or her makeup. We know so little about the real us, but it is human nature and even ego to say I know all about me and what is good for me. When we rely on Hashem for everything, we have started to come to grips with reality. When we know that we are nothing other than a part of the spiritual Oneness of Hashem, then we start to see the picture of who we are.
Was American Jewry better 50 to 100 years ago? The answer is measure for measure yes and no depending on the individual. No stereotype can describe a Jew, or for that matter any person, today or yesteryear. We are in the eyes of Hashem individuals and are judged as such based on our particulars (midos, behavior, interaction with Hashem, interaction with people, words, thoughts, actions, etc).
I wonder how many people there are out there who, like me, had a panic attack when reading these words last week.
Jews are not allowed to have panic attacks or be depressed. That was a loaded statement. Problems in life are insurmountable only when you don't have a plan. If you have nowhere to turn and no one to help, problems can be devastating. If you have the Torah -- the perfect plan -- and Hashem -- the only Source of help, what do you have to worry about? The problem is that not too many people have caught on to the secret. Jews have the perfect solution for surviving and thriving, but few really believe it, so they turn to the superficial solutions and are very disappointed when it fails. The world leaders are no help; the government programs are no help; the materialistic world provides no help (in fact it is the biggest part of the problem). These messages from Moishela are a wake-up call to get us to turn to the real solution and experience the happy ending.
I, along with hordes of others, have made enormous strides in coming closer to Hashem over the last 20 years. This is mainly because of the positive, feel-good factor Torah education put out during this period. We are all human beings and get scared by unpleasant tidings; indeed this can send people running in the opposite direction. Teshuvah born out of love is far superior to that born out of fear.
Why don't you write a letter to Hashem and tell Him that the method that He has succeeded with for thousands of years doesn't agree with your flawed human logic. Please, please don't try to give me or Moishela credit for Hashem's flawless plan. When things get so bad in the near future, come back and tell me how many atheists we still have remaining in the foxholes. If humans were doing things the way they should, these tactics wouldn't be needed. It is all for our good since Hashem knows exactly what He is doing. Trust Him!!!!!
Chas veshalom to criticize Hashem's methods; however I'm not convinced about the benefit of humans preaching doom and gloom. The post war world has seen a remarkable Teshuvah at the core of the Jewish people, and this merit will carry us into the Geulah.
The point that I have been making is the message is not coming from humans, it is from Shamayim. The other point to be made is these messages aren't made up to scare people; they are real warnings of what is coming. Hashem is not tricking us into following Him, He is giving us a heads up to prepare and providing us with the instructions that the best way to survive and thrive, with what is about to happen, will be by bringing oneself closer to Him with complete faith and trust. The purpose of it all this is to wipe out the evil of the world and do away with war and hardship -- the simple message is don't be part of the evil -- be on the good side. It is not a message of doom and gloom; it is a message of mercy and great help.
You are very correct about the Baal Teshuvah movement that has occurred (it really started in the 1980's, not after the war). The problem is, like Egypt, only about 20% of the Jews would be ready to follow Moshe, or in this case Moshiach, to Mount Sinai, or in this case Mount Moriah. Since Hashem tells us that Moshiach will be introduced when all the Jews, 100%, do Teshuvah, much more drastic methods are needed and will be used to accomplish it. As I have said, Hashem's plan is foolproof; and, all the righteous of the world will see the miracles that will be greater than those of Egypt, but more importantly, all will be included in the redemption. Then we will all understand why Hashem had to do what He is planning to do. We will see the mercy of it all and repeat "Na'aseh V'nishma" and we will say it with great joy and happiness, not out of fear. When we see everything with a positive attitude, it is never doom and gloom, but only goodness and totally merciful. B"H
I think that some, what would be considered very good Jews, are swept up in their surroundings here in America. They unfortunately measure their success - for the most part in dollars and cents, getting their kids into the "best" colleges, their tennis game, their high profile careers. Maybe the ghetto was better for us than this new reality where the women in some of our communities are more alike than different from our non-Jewish neighbors. Fashion is one of the gods of the women in the Orthodox world. A young girl, 13 years old showed up at Modern Orthodox Bar Mitzvah with make-up on, a narrow, short, spandex "cigarette" skirt, tight blouse and 5" spiked high heel shoes. I was so disappointed her mother allowed this. I blame her. This is the norm for many. My shul is full of liberals and "rationalists" and not many see themselves making aliyah. I fantasize leaving here soon. I hope not too late because I know there is no guarantee even good Jews will make it when the chaos start. I usually sign my name, Today I will attempt to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.
My dear friend you have nothing to hide when you speak so eloquently the truth. What you say is beautifully put and I know that if you work hard to help these fellow Jews, you and your family will be well taken care of by the True Caretaker. I have said all along -- what is the easiest way to make aliyah and have a good life? " Serve Hashem with complete faith and trust and He will make it happen." It worked for me and thousands of other Jews that I know.
Moishela "I Love You Too" you are a direct messenger from Hashem custom tailored to help us greet Moshiach in the very near future. You are just amazing.

I came across something enlightening that would be nice to share on this blog to help all of us understand Moishelah's Derech of communicating a little better:
"From the time the Bais HaMikdosh was destroyed, prophecy was taken away from prophets and handed over to fools" (Gemara, Bava Batra 12b).

The Shechina (Divine Presence) only dwells on a joyful person, and after the destruction (of the Bais HaMikdosh) joy has been abolished from the hearts of the intelligent. Fools and children (like Moishela) however, can be joyful because they lack intelligence" (Maharsha).

"Sometimes Higher power dwells on them" (Ein Yaakov)
"This can be compared to a king who arranged a large meal [but before their partaking in it] his servants sinned to him. [Seeing this,] the king commanded to throw the whole meal to the dogs. The same is true about the gift of prophecy. Since Klal Yisrael sinned, Hashem disgraces them by giving this gift to those lacking intelligence" (Toras Chaim)

"Prophecy was given to fools since by them the screen (i.e. the brain) is not so strong.
The brains of fools are damaged, and one can peek within the world of the soul without any physical concealment or cover.

When the brain is damaged, the soul is freed. It is unlimited and sees all. The brain is what limits and conceals the soul"

(HaRav E.E. Dessler, IV)
Thank you so much for this beautiful insight. I do learn from my readers.  I recommend that all my readers read the above a second (and maybe even a third time) to understand and internalize why we are receiving messages from the FC individuals.
Just want to point out the Maharsha and Chasam Sofer point out that shaidim also talk through these autistic kids. Something to think about before you might get tricked into thinking there is prophecy these days. There are no prophets and we can be tricked into believing this is since so many yearn for truth, hope, geulah and Moshiach. Be cautious and just turn to Hashem.
After 15 years of these individuals passing the test for prophesy as stated in the Torah (Parshas Shoftim, Devarim 18:18-22), I and many Rabbaim know that these are the modern prophets of today as is brought down in scriptures. Read books like "Galia" and "Secrets of the Soul." These individuals fulfill the prophecy of Bava Basra 12b (see the comment above for further reassurance of validity).  Can a message from an autistic come from a negative source?  Yes, but you can rest assure that if the message is totally good and helpful and it comes true, it was from Hashem.  A little common sense goes a long way.  The other thing to consider is the consistency of certain FC individuals.  Moishela, Daniel, Ben Golden, Galia and others have always proven positive and from Hashem.
Who's the author of "Secrets of the Soul"?
Rabbi Yehuda Srevnik. The book was written in Hebrew, I believe in 1997 with the English version in 2000. It has haskoma letters from Gedolim.
I wish to thank all my readers for their support.  This blog is an effort of love and a great desire to help all the good people of the world.  The comments that I receive greatly enhance this effort since it lets me know what you are thinking and your reaction to what I present.  I know that sometime I may seem a little harsh in my answers, but it is all done with a desire to help everyone reading this blog.  You may have noticed that I have trouble coping with negativity since we are in a time of such positive events about to happen.  Negativity does not help anyone prepare for the goodness coming but discourages those who are confused and not sure what to do.  As I have said, I am not publishing the truly negative comments or Emails that I receive (yes there have been other comments that you don’t need to be affected by) since they come from individuals that are not catching on to the efforts at hand and are not seeing how greatly they can help themselves by not fighting Hashem.  Perhaps, I am getting messages from the evil side, people who are totally oblivious to the reality of our present situation.  The only thing I can do for them is pray for their wisdom to kick in before it is too late.

May Hashem bless all my readers and all the good people of the Earth as He prepares our wonderful future under the rule of Moshiach Tsidkenu.  


  1. One suspect thing about the FT comments is all the musar is direct towards America, as if frum Jews of Israel don't have sins of their own. This combined with the full articulate sentences that are coming from letter by letter FT cards, seems a bit suspicious, as if either an Israeli regular person is making all this up, or projecting lots of their own views on top of whatever they are hearing.

    1. Read today's post, Sunday 18 November 2012, and get the message that I have been saying since March. Everything is measure for measure to each and every individual, whether he or she lives is the US of A or Europe or Israel. These messages are so accurate and to the point that anyone who doubts them is truly not listening to Hashem. He is, in His infinite mercy helping us, but instead we are looking for every excuse to refute the messages being posted. No there is nothing suspicious about these messages from the FT people as proven by the fact that Israel is involved in a war. It is very localized but nevertheless still a wake-up call for all Yidden in Eretz Yiroel. Make no mistake, the end is near and we are obligated to take this very seriously, since it is measure for measure a personal message for each one of us.