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Read the signs Am Yisroel

I just received Part 4 of the discussion with Moishe'la.


Discussion with Moishe’la (and his family) part 4
A handicapped child
21 Cheshvan 5773 (Nov 6’12)
We shall continue from last night BS”D.

We are now on the threshold of a new type of world. Where as once people would wake up in the morning and jump out of bed, run to Daven or run to work with some kind of enthusiasm, with some kind of hope that today would be the day that their learning would go very well or they’ll get a promotion in their job or they’ll soon be making a Shidduch or Bar Mitzvah or a Bris. Something that would make a person excited, excited to live, excited to face the world. Once the world seemed just, and with rules and regulations, and the main thing is that most of the world was a democracy at least most of the western world. This meant that as Jews we could live quietly, and even if there was a certain amount of anti-Semitism still it wasn’t anything to be afraid of and besides it was not the accepted thing to do even among the Goyim.

In Europe and in America in England and in Australia, South Africa, Singapore, and many other places the Jews managed to rise, to sky rocket to the top of the financial world. More and more Baalai Teshuva came on the Frum scene so it seemed that we had everything going for us, material wealth and spiritual wealth. We had almost achieved Gan Eden in this world. Even more than that, we could take trips to Europe and Daven at all the Kevorim of all of our great Tzaddikim and of course the phenomenon of Breslev and Rabbi Nachman and Uman that thousands of Yidden come to Daven every year, makes Yidden feel that we really are getting somewhere spiritually also.

No problem to hop a plane, get to Uman for a day or two, and come back, and even some manage to go to Uman and the rest of Europe and even to get to Eretz Yisroel to Miron, to the Kosel, to Kever Rochel in less then a week. This has been our lives. Spiritual jet setting Chessed parties and other celebrations, and we feel that we are good Jews. However we forgot one thing, and that is HaKodosh Boruch Hu. Somehow He wasn’t really included in our new life, our jet setting life. Somehow He was left out. We became influenced in the worst way by the Goyisha life style, by the Egel HaZahav and this brought us down terribly in Kedusha.

Where there is little Kedusha, Hashem cannot be, and by my telling you this you’ll reproach me and say “how dare you say such a thing? We are Am Kodesh!”  I must say, no we are not for the most part Am Kodesh any more. We have fallen very low and our communities are full of spiritual rot, we have fallen very low. In business we are not always very honest. In Kedusha, Hashem Yishmor, the troubles that the Frum Am Yisroel suffers from is very similar to what the goyim suffer from. Yes the Frum Am Yisroel has lost its Kedusha. Hashem said “Kedoshim Tihiyu.” How can we be Kedoshim when we sit and glutton in a pizza store on Motzai Shabbos? How can we be Kedoshim when on Chol Hamoed we go to bowl in a bowling alley with men and women scantly dressed? How can we be Kedoshim when our wives are definitely not dressed as Yiddishe Mammas should be dressed, maybe they are dressed in a style that they have made everyone believe is Kodesh. But it’s not. It’s not Kodesh.

Our wives and our daughters are dressed in a way that our forefathers would faint if they saw this kind of so called Kedusha, this kind of so called Tznius. Oy Lonu! And the men encourage this from their wives. They encourage the makeup, they encourage the jewelry they encourage the Sheitels, the short dresses and so on. They are no less at fault, even more at fault. If the husbands would not want their wives to dress with a lack of tznius then most of the problem would be solved. Unfortunately these husbands want their wives to be noticed by other men because for some reason it lifts the husband’s ego. This is absolutely forbidden!

When a lady like this takes a Tehillim in her hands and Davens with all her heart and soul, but continues on her untzniusdik path, then her Tehillim can never reach the place that she is aiming at. And unfortunately she doesn’t even know where she is aiming and where it’s supposed to go, and what it really means. If she has troubles in her life so she’ll cry and ask Hashem to straighten out her troubles, but very often she is also Davening for troubles that are connected to the Egel HaZahav, to something not kosher.  If someone in the family is ill or someone is off the derech then her tears are real but they can’t get to Shomayim because she is not Kodesh and she is not even trying to be Kodesh, because everyday when she walks out of the house men look at her and desire her, and this is absolutely forbidden and she blatantly ignores this fact. And every man that looks at her will be a curse on her in Shomayim and on her husband who is sitting and learning Torah, Kivyachol and he still wants his wife to be noticed by men. So the curse will be on him as well as on every man that looks at her, every man that looks at her even without desiring her.

Therefore Am Yisroel, this hurricane came and hit all the centers of Yiddishkeit in the northeast of America which means most of the Frum people in America. The vast majority of Frum were affected one way or another.   Houses where brought down and the electricity, which is the main connection to the Egel HaZahav, has been cut off. Just think of all the things that you can’t do without electricity. No computers, no DVD’s, no movies, no air conditioner or heating, no cooking, no light, no refrigeration, no anything that can bring you to the great depth that you have fallen to spiritually.

Look and see and understand what Hashem is telling us. No electricity, no fuel, no cars, no airplanes, no nothing. Even food is hard to get. Read the signs Am Yisroel, because if you don’t the next time will be ten times worse.  I am not talking only about so called natural disasters. And by the way, temperatures will get to be freezing in the next few days and still many Yidden are without heating, without electricity to warm their houses.

Don’t you understand Am Yisroel, don’t you understand? Hashem is telling us, not to depend on the United States government or the Israeli government, not anything not the army and not the navy, not anything, not social security, not anything, not the doctors, not the nurses, nothing. We can only depend on Hashem. That’s all you’ve got so you better shape up and you better be true Erlicha Yidden and not “as if“ because that’s not going to be good anymore. The lie is going to disappear. All of your extreme Gashmius is going to disappear and when it happens you’ll remember my words.

I want to tell all of you that what I am saying now is straight from Hashem, and confiding in you Mommy and Tatti. All of that I have been writing relieves me very much because what I’m saying is extremely important.

I want you to know that very soon we will be in a world that is totally different than the one we know today and remember in the past. The base of everything will be totally different and we will need to be very strong in Bitachon in Hashem.  Whoever is worried about money or how to pay bills or if they will have financial success in the future etc. just calm down!  You won’t have that kind of false security but it won’t matter. Hashem will take care of us and that’s what you have to trust.

The world doesn’t have to be the way we think it has to be. Hashem makes it how He knows its best for us. Even if what Hashem does seems uncomfortable for us, we must always be sure that it is the best way for us and that’s what we have to know and believe.  Ultimately we will be very very happy.

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