Thursday, April 27, 2017

Prophecy Deciphered After 1,500 Years Reveals North Korean Conflict Precedes Messiah

A fascinating article appeared on Breaking Israel News:
Prophecy Deciphered After 1,500 Years Reveals North Korean Conflict Precedes Messiah
Then there is this amasing story about the:
The Student Appeared To His Rabbi In a Dream

Yes, this applies to all of us, and is the solution for our protection from the possible war above!!!


  1. This is such good news..
    Especially the one there at BIN, that says how every week the White House begings with prayer to Gd.

    Hashem bless all..


  2. Million Dollar Question - so with all this - how long are we talking until we see it all with our eyes and real undiluted truth in all the glory?

    1. I am not a prophet, just a dot-connector, but look at today's news about the Pentagon plan for North Korea. They are not saying when, but the Pentagon doesn't plan for the distant future they are talking now.

      We also have the Yalkot Shimoni and Yoma 10 about Persia, Iran who has been working together with North Korea on their nuclear program.

      My personal assessment is that Iran and NK are planning an EMP attack on the US. When? I think they are already prepared, IMHO.


  3. בס"ד

    Shalom rabbi Menachem.
    Thank you for posting the article about Eli.

    I did not know how to tell people around what i just witnessed with one family, there is something similar that happen, and i explained them, that its happening because the Jewish family is lacking mitzvot.

    Almost 50 years old man got his father in a dream. Then again.
    First his father wanted to kill himself in the dream. I spoke with this man about his family. Daughter living with a goy, other children also far away from anything related to the Torah.
    Then i asked, are you children born from Jewish women, that got a real Get from previous Jewish men?

    They lived with Jews before, like a pilegesh, and never got a GET.
    Then having children with this man, that dreamed about his father.
    Now i asked the same about his brother, that is very, very far from any mitzva.
    The father came back in the dream.
    This time with a brother of the father and another male member.
    Lying on beds in the same space, looking at this 50 year old, son of one of them.

    Well the mother came, and it came out, that they both dreamed same, her later husband and his father with the brother of father.

    I spoke with both of them.
    Mother and son.

    The family tree is suffering for lacking enough MITZVOT.
    For not having next generation to free the pained souls, for many things...
    There is just one, the 50 years old, that did tshuva time ago.
    I explained, that he can save his family tree, with soul hanging in between, waiting for merrits!
    The brother of the father is now also niftar.
    I am not sure, if they let him put TEFFILIM before hi left.

    The mother, in her 70 ties, attended first AFARSHAT CHALLA IN HER LIFE.
    She candles NEROT! SHABBAT.
    She left her friend, that she lived together with to be able to have a kosher household without dog in the kitchen and not to hear slander about "rich" rabbi's.

    What more?
    My people, do you know where Ruah of the one that is NIFTAR end up if he have not enough merrits to enter GAN EDEN?
    His soul is set in a waiting line!
    In a fruit tree of ERETZ ISRAEL.
    Until a Jew comes, take fruit, bless it and by blessed eating kavanah and thankfulness elevates the sparks of this soul back to GAN EDEN.

    We all have to go true Machpela, there is no escape, unless you got karet.

    I hope this recent happen story help many.
    Please, think, do tshuva, speak the words of LASHON HA KODESH,
    Connect yourself to a rabbi, MIKVA!, TEFILLIM.....kashrut!
    There might still be just little time be left to give you another chance, to save your own ETZ CHAIM.

    אורנה ניצבת

    1. Fabulous story that you were part of ! Thanks for sharing , you might write it up for mass dissemination so all can benefit.

  4. The thing is, that we are all connected. In GAN EDEN everything was ONE. When we sinned and where banned out, husks(klipot) separated everyone and everything. The only thing to do is to do our best, to loose the KLIPOT. There is just one klipa, that can be turned to LIGHT. Its Noga. A matana to us, called FREE CHOICE.
    Free choice
    To do MITZVOT
    To do CHESED
    To eat KOSHER
    To live our short gilgul life with KAVANNAH in serving HASHEM.
    Also it is important to connect to a living tzadik. Without it, it is walking in the dark.
    It took me a lot of bravery to write it, for its very recent and i am involved in. But that might be the reason. Every family must take care of each other. And all of us , we must take care of all Am Israel. To survive.
    As ONE.


    Washington Plans to Nuke Russia and China

    1. Most news items are sensationalism for the purpose of making money. I don't believe the contents of this article.

      The biggest reason for Israel to have a nuclear arsenal is as a deterrent. Any country that wishes to nuke Israel would come out the loser. The US, Russia, China and others know that a nuclear confrontation with one of the big boys would be disastrous and counter-productive.

      The bigger threat would be an EMP attack which could disable almost all of the country that is attacked. The repercussion would be insignificant to the perpetrator. North Korea, Iran and others are more likely to perpetuate an EMP attack rather than a US, Russia, China causing a nuclear holocaust.

      I also believe Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita and other sources that say we will not see a World War 3. I believe the Chofetz Chaim saying the the third war, the third battle of Gog and Magog would be a spiritual war. That has been ongoing for decades, and hopefully nearing an end.

  6. Ginno Ricci. I held back your comment since I am planning a blog post on the subject next week, B"N.