Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Very Interesting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita. Passover, 13 Nisan 5777 (9.4.2017)

The King of Kings, Blessed-Be-He protects and defends all the people of Israel and all Jews living in the land of Israel. A cloud of fire envelops all boundaries of Israel, but the Jews must not be complacent nor trust in miracles, 'and you will protect yourself very much.' Despite the protection of the clouds of fire around the land of Israel, the IDF must be prepared and must not be complacent, and Jews all over the country must be vigilant and don't say 'it won't happen to me.'

The Creator gave us the Passover holiday, the holiday of freedom not only to clean the chametz from the houses, the cars and the offices, He gave the Passover holiday to cleanse and purify the negative peel of the Jews. The Creator gave us a taste of freedom and to feel the goodness of freedom same as with Shabbat, where we feel like heaven to differentiate between working days and Shabbat, between good and evil.

When The Messiah will come out in public, he will be revealed in Israel and in the world; the Jews will have freedom and liberty, peace and life forever. The Creator wants the Messiah more than anyone. The Holy One is hurting because the resurrection did not start yet. The Creator wants that all the Jews will feel the holiday of Pesach; that they will know the feeling of the month of freedom, which is only in the land of Israel.

The Holy One surrounds the Holy Land Israel almost perfectly; a little more effort is needed from the people in Israel to reach completeness.

The Jews living outside the land of Israel thinks the Creator is playing with them; they will be banished from their place with shame and disgrace.

The Creator says to the Jewish people of Israel: 'you don't have patience, I have patience! Until the last minute I will fix the world until the revelation is seen in public!'

The Holy One is asking the Jews, not to forget the intentions of the goyim towards the Jews and not to believe anyone.

There is tension between the United States and Russia; they want to demonstrate power and world domination.

We the Jewish people in the Land of Israel shouldn't get excited about anyone, we have the Holy One who protects and preserves the holy land of Israel. He and only He gives life or death and every Jew must do His will.

The tension between the Russians and the Americans is only a beginning. This will be followed by many more countries which will feel the tension. They will continue to get into trouble and quarrel, the whole world will be in a state of rage, and there will be panic in the world. They will not know what each day will bring; there will be nowhere to go. It will get stronger by the minute, because everything is the preparation for the King Messiah to reign in public in the nearest time!

Listen up, dear Jews, when the Messiah will be revealed there will be Shofar blasts heard all over the world, and all will understand that all this is the Messiah revelation happening! The sea, the trees and the mountains will dance; the animals, the birds, the beasts, and the fish will be happy; they will make noise and dance! The world will be in shock; people will be stunned and will not know what is happening. The Creator will shake the whole world and all the world will see the connection of the Holy One with the Land of Israel and with the Messiah who is in the land of Israel! Great joy will be in the Holy Land of Israel!

When they left Egypt, they received the Torah at Mount Sinai, and now it is the same thing as they are welcoming the Messiah.

A happy Passover holiday with good health to all the people of Israel. The Holy One will remove and heal all the pain of Israel and disarm our enemies! We will have a good holiday of freedom, full of joy!

Although Messiah is working and acting and most know him, we are waiting for the omen from Heaven.

Above and Below all is ready, and the Holy One knows when Messiah will be reveled!

Courtesy of the site : "Tairneri"


  1. What is this?
    "The Holy One is hurting because the ??resurrection?? did not start yet."

    1. It is a very polite way of saying we are not trying hard enough. Hashem wants the best for us, but will not compromise a better Tikun Olam because we are not ready yet.

      It is similar to the verse we have been saying each day in Hallel: "Difficult in the eyes of Hashem is the death of His devout ones." Does that say that Hashem has no control over His faithful followers? No, it says that we are partners in creation with Hashem and that He works His will around our will. If we are living the word of Hashem, He is happy. If we are doing what we need to bring resurrection, He is happy. If we are acting as the flawed human beings that we are and not using the goodness He provided to help ourselves, Hashem is not happy; He is hurting.

      It may be a subtle message, but a very definite one.

  2. Wondering what is meant with "The Jews living outside the land of Israel think the Creator is playing with them." Nothing could be further from the truth. There are multitudes of G-d fearing, observant and kind Jewish people who take Hashem and Torah very seriously also outside of Israel. They have not done aliya because not everyone feels the need to do so or simply cannot at this time. I do not feel Ahavat Yisroel in this latest posting which is particularly bothersome during Pesach. Chag Sameach to All - Yid in and out of Eretz Yisrael, Noahides and righteous gentile! Ms. AP

    1. I would like you to ignore the messages from the Rav and the messages from other Rabbis who are saying the same. I would like you to ignore the Facilitated Communications individuals who have been giving the same warning for a while. I would like you to ignore all my dot-connecting showing that Hashem’s prophecies are happening or are even completed. After you ignore all these very accurate sources, including obvious messages from Hashem, please do a scientific review of all that is happening in the world and how the evil ones are hiding the absolute truth.

      What is that truth? The United States of Magog is doomed and doesn’t have lone to exist. Many other places in the world are with the same scenario. All the secular people who don’t listen to Hashem already know it. All the definite changes including the earthquakes, weather, volcanic eruptions, etc, etc, etc (I have made this list too many times) are pointing to WEEKS, NOT MONTHS AND DEFINITELY NOT YEARS until your home is no longer. I have been providing this information for over a year now and as long as it hasn’t hit you personally yet, it is so easy to be in denial.

      I am not even talking about the tremendous level of evil that is around the world, especially the US of Magog. The evil is far worse than Germany was in the 1930’s. That has been testified by Holocaust survivors, many of which I have personally interviewed (I lived in Germany for six years and did a very comprehensive study of the truth about pre-WW2 Europe. There weren’t 800 concentration camps in operation before the war. There weren’t multi-trillion dollar fortresses underground to protect the evil ones while we good people remain on the surface in harm’s way. There wasn’t a star and its solar system heading towards Earth that Hashem is telling us will wipe out 2/3rd of the world population and totally devastate many countries. There wasn’t the level of Jew-hatred so rampant throughout the world as there is right now (don’t say it was worse then, unless you haven’t done any statistical analysis). The horrors that exist today far exceed the horrors of any time in history. Ignoring Hashem’s scriptures that has told us about this for thousands of years is foolhardy.

      The fact that there are so many that are trying to save you and your loved one’s lives should not be called a lack of Ahavat Yisroel, it is the opposite – a great love and concern for all.

      I do believe that there will be miracles to save the Jews and righteous non-Jews that are in a place of great danger, but we have also talked about the fact that we should not count on miracles.

      Trust in Hashem is paramount for the survival that will be needed soon. Fighting the messages of Hashem is counter-productive and is actually a Chillul Hashem. Blaming it on people who love you and want to help you is actually wicked. Please turn to Hashem and do the right thing – not excuses or fantasy beliefs, but true planning based on the word of Hashem and the obvious truth that is happening every day.

    2. Menachem, how can you continue to say this, "WEEKS, NOT MONTHS AND DEFINITELY NOT YEARS". You have been saying that for years.

    3. I have to say that according to all our Sages. It is brought down in scriptures that I cannot make a prediction of a definite date since we are required to anticipate the arrival of Moshiach every day. The RAMBAM as an example says in the 13 Principles of Judaism: Belief in the coming of the Messiah, He will send our Moshiach in the end of days to redeem all who await His final deliverance. I await the Moshiach and do know that we are close, hopefully today.

      What is brought down is that the Moshiach will come in the year after the Shemitah cycle (Sanhedrin 97). All Rabbis agree that 5776 was that year. Hashem agreed, since He was the One Who told us that, but He said to us through His servants (Rabbis, Mekubalim, FC individuals) that we were not ready last year and needed more time to do Teshuvah. We are the cause of the delays.

      We have seen through many sources that it is now. Every time that I mentioned it in the past I said it was a possibility, which it was. Just about every possibility that I mentioned did not come from me, but another source. They were always correct; each time was a possibility.

      The only fact that I have to point to a definite time, besides our personal faith in Hashem, is the arrival of Nibiru, the Star of Jacob (many places in scriptures). That too we were told by Binyamin is up to us turning to Hashem, since Hashem could put Nibiru anywhere He wants and have it pass by anytime He wants. We are, however, getting very good signs from Hashem that Nibiru is extremely close and ready to do its final devastation, and also to introduce the worldwide redemption and Moshiach. When? Any day now, hopefully today.

  3. To clarify: no one is fighting the messages of Hashem and anyone reading the posts knows how grateful we have been. Living in the diaspora has been a reality that most of us for a variety of reasons have not been able to change. What i am saying is that we trust and love Hashem and no one really thinks that the Creator is playing with us. We are listening and reading the messages with much interest and gratitude. Hashem knows who cannot truly pick up and leave at the moment and who are the ones with means who simply are too in love with their homes and businesses to go. Ms. AP

  4. Dear Rabbi,
    Your last comment blew me away, but what is someone to do if they have a young family with parnussah issues here (USA) already and don't have the resources or jobs necessary to move? What does Hashem expect for someone that simply can't?

    1. Ms AP and Don kass I have answered your comments several times, but right now I am 9 minutes from Yom Tov candle lighting. I will get back to both of you on Wednesday after your Pesach ends, B"N. Chag Somayach.

  5. "The Jews living outside the land of Israel think the Creator is playing with them." Nothing could be further from the truth.

    The navi quotes Hashem explicitly. Hashem will redeem the Jews because of the massive Chilul Hashem that demands a response.

    If you listen to the non-Jews, around 99% of the world's population, even the ones that are sympathetic and/or even like Jews think it's time to go home. The evil ones still want to destroy us. But growing numbers are increasingly dissatisfied with the Jews remaining in their midst. Is there a greater Chilul Hashem than millions of Jews who remain abroad at this moment in Jewish history?

    I only have my own personal experience to go by. I wanted to live in Israel. I really wanted and desired to. And Hashem paved my way. But the choice, the desire, was up to me. I came to yeshiva right in the middle of the first Gulf War. I was handed a gas mask on landing. I was the ONLY student to show up during the entire war at Ohr Samayach.

    For various reasons, I moved back to the US in 1999. But from the start, as people who met us there at the time said, we had one foot out the door the moment we arrived. We figured we might be stuck there for many years. We were back in just over two.

    That is my personal experience. But I know two other couples who did the same. Left, worried about being stuck, and also returned much sooner than expected. Because they too had one foot out the door the moment they left. Reb Menachem knows them too.

    What I'm hearing about some Jewish communities in America is chilling. There are various golus pathologies at play here, even in Beitar, and other charedi cities in Israel. But they are far, FAR worse abroad. I'm not going to drop names or places or even specifics. It is VERY bad.

    Nationalism is on the rise everywhere in the West. The skirmishes are growing between various groups in America. Trump has been a galvanizing force there. Increasingly organized and involved physical violence, while police stand aside and do nothing. What has happened in Berkeley (twice now!) is just the beginning. Jews are not going to be able to just sit this one out, but either way, no side is going to really want to ally with them, while many outright hate and despise them no matter what. Best to leave now, before they have to leave with just the clothes on their backs.

    1. What you are saying is the Absolute Truth. The Jews of the world are overdue in coming here.

      You mention you know couples that ran from countries, and came here, but you forgot me and my family. We saw that "handwriting on the wall" 14 years ago and gave up everything we had and came here. We did it with complete faith in Hashem that all would work out OK, and it did (even much better than we thought).

      Those who are complaining with all their excuses about why they can't come to Israel are not realizing that they are the cause of all their excuses. If one does not have the money, it is because they didn't turn to Hashem for help, but tried to do it their way. I know so many families, including mine and many of my readers, who didn't have enough money but put themselves completely in the Hands of Hashem and it worked. They were successful; not because of their own efforts, but because of complete reliance on Hashem.

      A fast story about me and my family. I have about 20 examples of times that we needed money to do life's efforts. They were always efforts that Hashem wanted such as marrying our children, moving to a frum community, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Brit Milahs, sending children to Yeshivahs and Seminaries, moving to Israel, etc. In every case we turned to Hashem and miraculously it happened. It happened in such a definite way that I know it was completely Hashem's doing. As an example: we needed money for a wedding. A relative had passed away a year before and an inheritance check was received with perfect timing for the wedding and the exact amount that we needed. That happened twice (another relative). We needed a large sum to put down on a house in Lakewood, a completely observant development. Two stocks that I had purchased 8 years before just happen to go up at the exact time that we needed the funds, and it just happen to hit the amount that we needed (down payment, moving expenses, etc). What is even more exciting is that Hashem put us in those stocks 8 years earlier (long story).

      There are no coincidences, and there are no situations that could keep us from doing the right thing as long as we turn to Hashem -- guaranteed in writing.

    2. Reb Menachem, I was speaking of my (and the other two couples) experience of leaving Israel for financial reasons and STILL returning within a few years or less, while our children were still young. That is not typical. I don't think you were challenged in that way. But I am sure you would have returned too, if you were.

      I still remember meeting with the representative of the Israel Aliyah Center in LA prior to my move in 1992. He asked me what my plan was. I responded, move, find an apartment, find a job. He looked at me like I was crazy (they seemed to be the Anti-Aliyah center for all the discouragement they provided). Yet, that is exactly what happened, and in that order!

    3. Right again. It so happens that both our children were married, with children, and already living in Israel. We came over here after them.

      But, it was an interesting thing that where I have readers complaining that one of the problems with moving to Israel is their children leaving their friends, both our children had gone to school here, and had lots of friends here with whom to be reunited.

      We did have a situation of having very good jobs with good salaries that we gave up, and came to Israel to retire and not work. The Aliyah office didn't like that with us either. They saw an Engineer with decades of military and government experience and said: you will have no problem finding work in Israel. When I told them that I retired and wanted to go to Israel to study Torah, they thought I was crazy. This was especially true since I was only 58 and had no retirement pay yet (still years away).

      Hashem provided and we couldn't be happier. If we had it to do all over again, we would have moved here sooner.

  6. Greetings Rav Menachem !!! Wanted to ask a couple of questions ,what is your e-mail address ? Kol tuv Yehuda Richter

    1. Look forward to hearing from you.

  7. "Although Messiah is working and acting and most know him, we are waiting for the omen from Heaven."

    Who is the Rabbi referring to when he states that most know him?

    1. That is above top secret to disclose who the Messiah is. I believe the Rav is stating that he is a well-known person, meaning that many people are aware of this great Rabbi, not that they know he is the Messiah. I don't think we have long to wait and the whole world will be introduced to the Messiah.