Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Tazria-Metzora, 27 Nissan 5777 (23.4.17)

The Holy One, blessed be He, King of Kings, the Father of Mercy, looks from Heavens to the whole world and sees that without Him there is no existence. Without the help of the Holy One, blessed be He, the world will not exist! All are in panic, fear and anxiety, confusion and complication, they do not know what the day will bring, but they still think that they can do anything, manufacture missiles, airplanes, fight and threaten each other. They forget that there is a creator to the world, forget that the Almighty can transform the material of Nuclear Explosion to flour!

The missile sent by Kim, the leader of North Korea, which exploded during the launch - The Creator of the Universe blew it up! The missile sent by the Russians a few months ago, the best missile to drop planes, also exploded. This is not a human error, the Creator of the Universe blew up the missiles! The Creator shows to mankind that He determines what will or will not be, then dear Jews, why forget the Holy One, Blessed be He? The technology is progressing and instead of becoming close to Hashem, you are moving away from HIM? Everything is upside down? The Creator can paralyze all the satellites and darken the Earth completely in a thousandth of a second, at the speed of light. People are complacent and forget who created the world, forgetting that everything starts and ends with Him. Every country with nuclear technology and airplanes thinks it is above all worlds.

Please, dear Jews, do not forget that there is a Father in Heaven who protects and preserve the Holy Land and its Jews. The Creator give life and death, makes people rich or poor. Nuclear technology and the threats will not help Kim, the North Korean leader, nor anyone else in the world.

Don’t be afraid says the Creator, there will be no Third World War, there will be no nuclear war and no third intifada - there will be the Messiah that will be reveled in public, the construction of the Third Temple and the resurrection of the dead!

The world must listen attentively: the Holy One, blessed be He, is the one who runs the world, chose the Jews to live in the Land of Israel! Every country, prime minister or president of the world, who wants to disturb the rest of the Jews in the Land of Israel or to take parts of the land of Israel, the Creator of the world will beat them severely.

The most severe winds blow in the world, the most powerful winds that overwhelm everything in addition to earthquakes, fires and floods. The Creator of the Universe is using a lot of power to shake the earth.

Assimilation adds hatred to the people of Israel in the Land of Israel and throughout the world. Jews who live with non-Jews will convert them properly and marry them, if they want to receive a soul from heaven. Do not to say 'we are modern,' modern is rebellion against the Holy One, Blessed be He. Those who do not observe the Commandments are against the Holy One, blessed be He.

The Jews who live outside the land of Israel, the Creator of the world begged you many times already to immigrate to the Land of Israel now, it is urgent! You have the opportunity to come up now with great property, like they left Egypt with great property. Today it's exactly the same. Today you can still leave with great property, but if you do not leave, in a while you will be expelled by anti-Semitism, ISIS, the refugees and the infiltrators; you will be expelled from all over the world. They will take away your houses and property and you will come to Israel without property. You stayed because of the property - your redemption is to come to Israel with nothing, just to live and breathe. Write down what's written here on the wall.

In most of the world, "Eisav hates Jacob." There is hatred and evil toward Jews, no Gentile loves the Jews, so it is worthwhile to immigrate to the Holy Land and not believe them.

Jews understand: the Holy Land of Israel is like the skin of a deer, develops, develops, stretches and its development is hidden from the eye. There is livelihood in the holy Land of Israel, there is food, and there is protection for all the Jews on Earth who will come to live in the Land of Israel. The Land of Israel is the first in the world in economics, military, technology, science and medicine, love, peace, unity and mercy. The Land of Israel is the only one in the world where the Holy One, Blessed is He, is in it!

Russia, Putin shows everyone that he is in the Middle East. He is afraid that the United States will take Syria and then everyone will be subject to the United States. With the US it is money and food, and with Russia it is weapons and ammunition; Putin does not want to move from Syria.

The United States, the Holy One, blessed be He, has chosen Trump only to help the Land of Israel, and Trump wants to make order in the whole world. If Trump takes into account those who disturb the Land of Israel and help the Holy Land of Israel and come to meet it in all respects, he will receive divine help, all his plans for order in the world will succeed and he will be protected and guarded. Blessing and success will be in his hands, and a day will come when he will receive a great privilege from the Creator.

Trump tells the Israeli government to work quietly. He will help quietly; talks are disruptive to the plans. All that is hidden from the eye is successful and has a blessing.

Iraq is dead. Saddam Hussein sent missiles to Israel, which were turned in their way from chemical to flour. He made noise, startled an entire country, frightened millions of people, and nothing happened. The vengeance of the Creator of the world erases Iraq from the face of the earth. Iraq is finished, destroyed and erased.

Syria will continue to be destroyed, destroyed and destroyed, until it has no back, no spine, no brain. There is chaos in Syria, all the planes, missiles and soldiers from all over the world are training in Syria.

North Korea, Kim threatens and is scared to death to make a mistake. If a mistake is made, Korea will be deleted. Korea will be erased by people who hate Kim; he has enemies inside Korea itself and they hold the most dangerous missiles in the world. Their plans are to blow up the missiles inside Korea with all the residents. Therefore Kim is afraid to err. He exhibits threat and strength because he is looking for respect; respect is his life’s ambition.

Turkey nothing will help Erdogan, nothing. ISIS, the terrorists and the rebels in Turkey, want to rebel and revolt against Erdogan.

Egypt, Sisi wants to resign; he does not know what to do. The Egyptian army is collapsing in the Sinai desert. The soldiers of the Egyptian army were in a 'sanitarium;' they had not practiced properly since 1975 and until now; and, they are hungry too. Suddenly, when they have to fight ISIS, the extremist Muslims and Hamas, a lot of them are killed. Sisi entered a serious whirlwind; no country can help him, neither Russia nor the United States. From all directions he is threatened.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah have run out of power, they lack a lot of ammunition and weapons and do not want to deal with Israel. There is a beginning of rebellion in the Hezbollah army, and Nasrallah does not trust them. Why all this? Because Syria is crashing and crashing in front of their faces and has no back, no head, no tail, no legs to hold it. Everything coming from Iran explodes on the way.

Lebanon wants peace and does not care about anything.

Abu Mazen, ninety percent of the money he receives, he transfers it to his private account, his children and his family. Like Hamas, they take money for themselves, the senior leaders and their families, and ten percent they throw to the poor.

France is getting more and more complicated every day; everything that happens is worse than bad, and the main thing is that all is complicated by the elections. The earth is bubbling and will be a big mess in France.

Hamas continues to work in the tunnels, waiting for the right time.

Some of Israel's Arabs are in close contact with Hamas. The reason for this is that Arabs from the Land of Israel marry Arabs from the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem and a partnership is formed between them. Their connection creates hatred against the Jews in Israel.

In Hebron there are many other arms factories, if one is discovered, they make three more.

In East Jerusalem, there is the head of the serpent who brainwashes them and sends them to stab innocent Jews with knives, and then they say that they are mentally ill, it is one big lie.

Iran is scared to death of Israel, afraid of the United States and Russia, so it connects with them.

Father in heaven says to the people of Israel: We must thank every situation, good or bad. Pain, sadness, or joy - thank Hashem, who does only good and for our benefit. Not all Jews understand that the Holy One, blessed be He, only wants their good. He wants them all to be in the land of Israel so that He can protect the Jews and the Holy Land, the Land of Israel - the sky opening. The Holy One, blessed be He, does not want the Jews to cry out from their distress. It hurts the Holy One, blessed be He that they do not believe the warnings he gives in Israel and around the world.

The Holy One, blessed be He, says to the Jews: My dear children, the Messiah is present and you have not betrayed me! Continue as your forefathers to observe the Commandments. Do not assimilate. Despite the free choice I gave you to act as Hashem’s loved ones. The Creator took care of the Messiah from the womb of his mother, and taught him the laws of the world. Everyone knows and recognized the Messiah. The soul of the Messiah no one sees; the soul of Messiah is active in Israel and throughout the world, it encompasses the borders of Israel, protects and preserve around the Land of Israel. The Messiah works and acts and belongs to the Holy One, blessed be He, directly. The Holy One, Blessed be He, allows him to act abroad and in Israel, a Messiah who protects, guards and is jealous of every Jew!

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  1. 7.1 Earthquake just now in Chile.

    1. The Black Star report from Terral predicted that the earthquakes will increase this week and even worse next week. Is this another message from Hashem that it is happening? We should know more by the end of the week.

  2. "why forget the Holy One, Blessed be He? The technology is progressing and instead of becoming close to Hashem, you are moving away from HIM?"

    I think your forgetting that no Jew forgot Hashem, so many people are becoming more and more religious. Even in America, if anything even more so. That's forgetting Hashem?

    1. I have often said that we are seeing the same events in this redemption that we saw in the redemption in Egypt, 3329 years ago. After seeing 8 plagues, it is hard to believe that 80% of the Israelites didn't leave Egypt but died in the plague of darkness.

      You are correct that many more Jews and even righteous non-Jews have become much more observant and are following Hashem more, but what percentage of Jews. Even in Israel where it is so easy to be Jewish, and unfortunately assimilated, are we up to 20% observant? Many are doing much more, but we still have a great number who forgot Hashem or don't realize how dangerous it is these days to not remember Hashem (just like in Egypt).

  3. Hello dear Menahem: Can you write Mashiaj ben Davin insted of just mashiaj. Somtimes I prefer to read in my lenguage and put the automatic translator and google is obed cojabim and insted of translating Mashiaj it translates like a man hangin in a stick. I am not the only one the translate your messages

    1. I know what you mean since I have used Google translate in the past and gotten the same Greek translation for Moshiach. I complained to Google, and I just tried it and it came up correctly. If you do get a wrong translation, tell Google. The name you are getting is Greek and totally incorrect as an English Translation.

  4. Large planet seen today in Australia:
    Physicist a one hour interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bhf0GIEQlvg&spfreload=10

  5. Look at what goes on in USA. http://woodtv.com/2017/04/21/watch-grpd-video-shows-children-detained-at-gunpoint/

    What a sick country. They are barbarians.

  6. I very much appreciate your words. Chizuk. I am not crazy if I am not alone in seeing the world and believing in Hashem.

    1. Thank you. You are not crazy, but brilliant believing in Hashem and knowing we are not alone with that thought. Keep up the good work of convincing more people.

  7. more on Vendyl Jones' work,