Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Seventh day of Passover and Parashat Shemini, 20 Nissan 5777 (16.4.17)

The King of Kings Blessed-Be-He protects and guards all the people of Israel and the Jews in the land of Israel, from above: clouds are around the borders of the land of Israel and Jews living in the land of Israel, must protect and guard themselves "you will protect yourself very much." Despite all the protections, be alert and don't say ‘it won't happen to me.’ Know where you are going, from where you are coming and look attentively at all corners. When a person keeps himself safe and doesn't say, 'it won't happen to me,' Heaven will protect him. A man who takes risks, and says 'it won't happen to me' has no protection from the Creator.

On Passover, the holiday of freedom, the Holy One gave freedom and liberty to all Jews so they could feel what it is like when soul and spirit are connected to soul and body. During the Passover holiday all was so good and all will be good, the choice belongs to each individual between good and bad, "life and death." Those who choose the crooked and bad way of taking risks will bear the responsibility.

In the Holy Land Israel nothing is missing. We have to ask the Holy One, Blessed be He, to help and save; and the Holy One, blessed be He, will help and save. We will strive to the maximum and the Holy One, blessed be He, will help from heaven. A Jew should not be indignant, complain and accuse the Holy One, Blessed is He, he should be happy with his lot. Every Jew is worth 100 percent when he is happy; when he enters the imagination and starts thinking 'why this way and not like that,' he falls from his perfection. To spoil takes only one second, to fix it, and redeem takes a lot of time.

The winter was very good; spring arrived in time. There are four seasons only in Israel, it is unbelievable the providence of the Creator! The Creator gave us abundant blessing.

Anyone who wishes to repent, the Holy One, blessed be He, will help him. To repent is to follow the commandments, and those who haven't repented, should do so.

The Government of Israel and the IDF must not trust any goy around us; they don't want peace, they want to humiliate the IDF and wipe out the Land of Israel, Heaven forbid. They do not lack land in the world; they have many, many times more land than in Israel; for no reason they want to take parts of the little country of Israel. Not because of the territory, but because they hate the Jews.

The Government of Israel should focus on the citizens of Israel, all the infiltrators and the refugees must be returned legally to their places, to get them out of the country. They do destruction and damage to the Israeli society without caring about what the world is saying. The Creator of the universe accompanies the entire Land of Israel and its Jewish inhabitants. The Creator of the Universe says to the Government of Israel: 'the righteous decisions are in favor of the Holy Land, for the Jews; I will follow you everywhere and help and remove every obstacle from the Holy Land of Israel!' Rely on the Holy One, Blessed is He!

The entire world is in chaos, conflict and complications. The ground shakes everywhere in the world, no one knows what will happen in next hour, fights and troubles amongst themselves, accidents, bus accidents, car accidents, planes and ships are getting into trouble. Complications are between the leaders of countries in the world; they do not sufficiently understand each other. The world is in fear of atomic nuclear missiles. No leader or state wants to die by atomic bombs. There are thousands of nuclear missiles in the world and there are countries that are demonstrating strength and pride with nuclear bombs to scare and show they are a strong power; it is just intimidation.

Because of nuclear bombs in the world, a third world war will not break out. If, G-d forbid, there was a third world war, nothing will be left – no human, tree, fly, butterfly, not even in the strongest shelter; the world will be desolate and silent and return to chaos. The Holy One, Blessed be He, says to the Jews and the entire world, there will be no Third World War, there will be no third intifada and no nuclear world war. There will be the Messiah in public in the nearest time, and the building of the third Temple! Construction of the third Temple! Construction of the third Temple!

The whole world feels the urge and pressure, something unusual in the world; we feel that the world is about to change for the better, and the change is the Messiah revelation in public to avoid World War 3 and the destruction of the entire world with nuclear war.

People in the world know that the period will be good, they know that in this generation something good is going to happen. Although there are very difficult things in the world, all are expecting the Messiah revelation in public!

The Jews, they are fed up with the counterfeits, the players, the debauchery, silver, gold, property, food and everything. Everyone wants and feels in his heart, subconsciously, that they want to be saved, they want redemption, they want to get out of jail and to feel freedom and liberty; to feel as the Messiah, our Just one, is leading the world to the way of eternal life.

Syria will continue to be destroyed and collapse because they tortured and killed soldiers of IDF. Russia is doing training in Syria. United States is getting involved to demonstrate strength and presence.

Syria will continue to be destroyed and collapse because they tortured and killed soldiers of IDF. For every soldier who was tortured and killed tens of thousands of non-Jews in Syria, and perhaps hundreds of thousands will leave the world. The Creator of the World is hurting for every Jew who was taken and killed. The goyim will pay forever for every Jew. Time of heaven is not the same as time on earth.

Turkey, Erdogan wants to control the country; he wants to have internal control. In Turkey there is chaos and it will have a revolution. There will be to Erdogan a big rebellion in the army and civilians, nothing will help.

Egypt if Sisi will not work with Israel and the Government of Israel in honesty and truth, he will have a big mess and a revolution in Egypt and a big mess in the Sinai. In Egypt, there are Muslim extremists, Hamas, ISIS and famine.

Hamas in Gaza wants control. All the millions of dollars, the leaders put into their pockets, like the underworld, the mafia, taking it all, in partnership with Abu Mazen. They leave the residents hungry without food, they have no mercy for them, and only the leaders take the money for their own pockets.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels at a very fast rate. Abbas continues to produce ammunition and weapons and plants, and send out suicide bombers.

Abu Mazen and Hamas and others are planning all day how to eliminate Israel, how to hit the IDF and the citizens of Israel, Heaven forbid. They don't have even a 1% desire for peace, all free hatred and evil; they are not for the Holy Land, just free evil. The Creator says: "from the beginning of the world nobody succeeded and certainly not now when the Messiah is acting and working and ready to come out in public. You will regret that you even exist. "May their swords pierce their hearts and their bows be broken."

Hezbollah and Nasrallah have no new weapons and ammunition. They are hiding part of the weapons and ammunition because they are fading fast. The Iranians fail to deliver to them because the IDF is destroying all. Nasrallah is quiet like a bear in the winter. May he not wake up! May he sleep forever.

Iran can't do anything against Israel, sending through other countries. Iran has full production of nuclear; they have special missiles that can go where they want, but they can't point then at Israel. They fear the Holy One, they know for sure He keeps and protects the land of Israel. They fear that IDF will come to the atomic plants and from there all of Iran and the surrounding area will be destroyed.

Iraq, there is no fundamental basis. ISIS and all sorts of clans kill and are killed, they have no spirit of life

King of Jordan waits and waits, strangling because all the refugees and infiltrators are destroying it daily; Jordan has no more power and is stalling.

Europe will become ashes, occupied by infiltrators and refugees, slowly and surely. All the European countries will lose control of their countries, because the refugees hate Christians, and not the Jews in the land of Israel. European media has not stated the number of all the refugees, only a percentage.

Trump, President of the US, Hashem will help him to succeed in his ways so as to fix the distortion on the planet. He will use the best way for the holy land Israel; the Creator would help him directly. If not, he will have glitches and problems and delays, until he realizes that above him is the true Leader of the world.

All the Jews in Europe, South America, Australia and everywhere in the world, please, it is better for you to settle the land of Israel, to settle the Negev, Galilee, Golan Heights, Samaria and Benjamin, and the Jordan Valley. You should come and help your brothers in the land of Israel, to be partners in the protection and preservation of the Holy Land of Israel. It is worth it for you! If not, someday you will regret deeply and have great remorse, and you will not come out of it.

The Creator gives you clues, you see how the Arab countries break all around Israel and how Israel is protected and preserved. There is nowhere in the world a place that is so protected as the holy land of Israel. The Creator protects and guards the Jews living in the land of Israel.

All countries take care of their own interests and want to connect to the land of Israel; they figured out that the Jewish brain is giving life to whole world, economically, socially, politically and in every subject. There are blessings of the   L-rd on the Holy Land Israel and on the Jews in the Holy Land of Israel. The whole world will need the Holy land of Israel.

There is a very big progress in the revelation of the Messiah being in public. There is a full connection between our mother Lea in heaven with Messiah from above – the Yehida. There is a full connection between our mother Rachel with Messiah from below. All is right, good and accurate. Everything works correctly; everything is more than accurate, we don't have patience. Messiah is working and acting, if he weren't, the world would look different. Everything that happens in the world, this is the work of the Messiah, all is in the Hand of the Holy One.

All are waiting, in heaven and on Earth for the Bat Kol and the sound of the trumpet blasting to receive the signal!

Courtesy of the site: "Tairneri"


  1. With all due respect; i have a couple of questions or remarks that linger in my humble mind.
    Why does the seer not mention North Korea? This issue seems to be the number one prophetic concern these days. Is it going to end well, is Mosiach involved somehow?
    Secondly he said that the rains were going to be fine this winter in Eretz Yisrael but The Kinereth is a record low level, so that seems to be a prediction that came out wrongly.
    Also some times he mentioned an earthquake 'this week' but that didn't happen. No big one that specific week.
    To the best of my understanding/experience the seer scores about 50% in his predictions. I do that when i fill in the Loto numbers. But although 50% of the right numbers in the Loto draw is significant, it doesn't win you any money, or very little at best.
    I hope my writing explains somethings. (why do they never win the Loto for example, and why do some people take this kind of stuff seriously nevertheless)

    1. The Rav is concerned with Israel. North Korea is not a concern for Israel and is therefore not mentioned. I believe Israel will not see any war. Outside of Israel is possible, even though Nibiru may preempt that also.

      Israel's water situation is miraculous. Hashem gives it to His followers and keeps it from others. The Kinneret is only one source. Where I am, as an example, we have our own underground reservoir that received a good amount of rain this winter. I don't have all the details for every area, but Hashem does.

      I have been challenged in previous weeks with what the Rav has said and found that he is usually close to 100% correct. It is the person challenging him that is usually 50% correct. One problem is that this is a talk that he gives in his Synagogue in Hebrew, and it is recorded and later translated into English at a later time. The person translating it is not a fluent English speaker. I very often have to read the Hebrew and try to understand his meaning; not just the word translation, but the intent of the statements. There are times that the wording could be improved, but the content itself is fairly accurate.

    2. I forgot to mention that there were two earthquakes over 6 in intensity and many over 5. It was a more intense week for earthquakes and the Rav mentioned it before it happened, not after. The only source that I saw that didn't mention it was the mainstream media. My source is the USGS, which said there were 1,925 earthquakes this past week. There were 4 earthquakes over 6 in the past 30 days.