Thursday, April 6, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Tsav. Shabbat Hagadol, 6 Nissan 5777 2.4.17

The King of Kings, Blessed Be He, loves the Jews who live in the Holy Land, who protects with their bodies, souls, minds and spirits the Holy Land! The Creator of the Universe very much loves the Holy Land, the land of Israel. All the people who settle and live in the Holy Land of Israel are blessed from Heaven!

The Creator gave the people of Israel Passover, which is the beginning of a new year. It was a new start when the Holy One pulled out the people of Israel from Egypt to liberty and freedom from slavery. Like a person who is saved from disaster and comes back to life, celebrating the miracle, so is Passover. The Holy One did visible miracles for the people of Israel, the ten plagues, miracles at the Sea of Reeds, with Amalek and on Mount Sinai. These miracles are not forgotten for generations, and also the Goyim don't forget them. The month of Nissan and Passover are in spring when there is flowering, good weather and the wind hugging and caressing. This generation is the generation of salvation and Messiah and all feel the spirituality. In each Jewish family, everyone is happy and full of joy the eve of the Seder, because of liberty and freedom. The Creator gave the Passover holiday to the people of Israel so they will not forget the exodus from Egypt where they were enslaved for two hundred and ten years. They must not believe any goy in this world, because the goal of most goyim is to destroy the holy land of Israel.

The Creator states: The entire world knows that the Palestinians and Hamas want to destroy the land of Israel; they will not succeed! It is very interesting, that in Israel the Jews are indifferent, they don't know. They don't know the objective of the Palestinians and Hamas is to destroy Israel. The Holy One opens our eyes and ears to know the agenda of Hamas and the Palestinians, what they intend to do for Passover. May their swords pierce their hearts and their bows be broken; and let them kill each other!

All the Jews in the land of Israel and abroad don’t be complacent and say “it won't happen to me.” The whole world has become very dangerous for the Jews. IDF and the police must be 100 percent on alert. IDF be alert and dismantle their efforts where they are planning attacks; they want to disturb in Passover. Jews do not believe any goy, every word they say is slippery and serves only their interests.

The Passover holiday is good for the people of Israel, no one is missing anything, rich and poor people are eating matzah - all are equal in the eyes of the Holy One. All are sitting around the table reading the Passover Haggadah, big and small; all should be happy and tell about the Exodus from Egypt, so as to not forget the past and be careful of the future. From immemorial times, the goyim wanted their power of impurity to harm Jews in the Land of Israel. Soon, when the Messiah will be revealed publicly, he will make some order.

Hamas and the Palestinians don't want peace; they're just making a show of it. They have a patent, a trick, to take parts of Israel, more and more parts. This will not happen, because the Goyim cannot live in the Holy Land; it is closed and sealed!

Jews living outside the Land of Israel must return immediately to Israel! Stop casting doubt, stop thinking that you are living well there, you live in delusion and fantasy that everything looks good, these are lies, lies and deceit. Seven and a half billion people hate the fact that Jews are living abroad, and seven and a half billion people like the Jews living in the land of Israel, this is the wonder. The Creator says to Jews abroad: "don't get stubborn with me, I will call you every moment, until the time arrives not to call you anymore.” Anti-Semitism is increasing and increasing until there will be an explosion that will be impossible to resolve. In the Holy Land Israel all is good; everything that a Jew wants in this world is in Israel.

Trump, President of the United States, doesn't like that people are making noise, talk and confusion. He wants that Israel's Government will not advertise anything; that they work quietly and secretly, because everything hidden from view is blessed. When people are speaking in Israel, they are making noise over the whole world, and then Trump stops, modifies his words; it is a pity. Do not mention the settlements; build what is necessary according to the law, without speaking. If Trump goes with Israel all the way, Blessings from Heaven will escort him, every time he sways, Heaven will sway his plans.

Russian and Putin, like the holy land of Israel and do not like Jews living outside Israel. Russia wants to control everything; it is selling weapons and ammunition and wants to hold much more land in the world.

The European Union (EU) will fall and crash and crash and crash, it's called the European breakdown. Every country wants to be alone by itself. Other countries will continue to leave the union and why? Because they hurt Israel and disregard the Jews living in the land of Israel.

Prime Minister of United Kingdom is very strong and knows exactly what she's doing to save the United Kingdom.

In France, there will be a big mess; as long as the Jews are living there, France will be in chaos, until they will banish them. Wherever there are Jews there will be chaos; when they expel them, there will be peace in every country.

In Turkey, the situation is very difficult. Erdogan opens the gates to the infiltrators and the refugees so they will escape, because they are destroying Turkey. Erdogan is controlled by ISIS. He is walking between drops, and he is afraid they will hurt him and his family. There will be a revolution in Turkey.

Refugees and infiltrators will flood Europe strongly. Better for the Jews to escape, because in the end they will have nothing left in their hands. Now they can still sell more or less, at normal price, soon they will leave the property and homes and come to Israel empty-handed. The Holy One is applying Eye for an Eye; they opposed him because of the money and material; all will remain there, and they will come to the land of Israel without anything.

In Iraq every time another city is destroyed.

Syria, worse than bad; they continue to kill hundreds of people, if not thousands.

Jordan is waiting for the two countries.

Egypt, Sisi is sending his soldiers to fight in the Sinai desert, nothing will help him. Soon, ISIS, Hamas and extremist Muslims will enter Egypt and do a big mess to Sisi, because Sisi is a minority against the extremists. Whatever he does in Sinai, they will eventually win over him.

Hamas in Gaza and Palestinians are descendant of Amalek, Amalek likes killing and slaughter. They continue digging tunnels and want to surprise on Passover, G-d forbid, through the tunnels or with other means. May their swords pierce their hearts. We must be alert at the military bases and in every community.

Lebanon doesn’t like war, but Hezbollah fights there.

Hezbollah received a severe blow in Syria; he lost a lot of ammunition and soldiers there.

Iran fails to deliver ammunition and weapons to Hezbollah, whatever ammunition comes in is blown up. Iran continues to send all kinds of messengers and missiles to disturb the Holy Land of Israel indirectly. It'll get very severe blows; have patience.

Natural disasters and chaos in the world will continue with great intensity except in Israel – fire and infernos, water and floods, winds and storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

All the white-collar, the thieves, the rapists, the lecherous and those that are corrupt will all be revealed.

Gambling, drugs and drinking, assimilation are prohibited, because this hurts clean, pure Jews of the people of Israel.

The news about redemption and Messiah: there is no going back for the Messiah! No delay, no stopping, the Holy One opens and prepares the way to reveal the Messiah in public. Everything that happens in the world and in Israel, all the painful and difficult things are all preparations for the revelation of the King Messiah in public! The Messiah is a man chosen by the Holy One, he is above all men in the world since the beginning of the world. The Creator never changes what he chose; the Messiah is already chosen! There is no going back in this world, in the sky, in the Land of Israel and regarding redemption and Messiah! Everything progresses in succession, with tremendous force, pushing all the impurity in all kinds of directions, so that the King Messiah will be revealed in public in Israel and throughout the world!

Courtesy of the site: "Tairneri"