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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Tazria-Metzora, 22 Nissan 5775 (04/12/15)

G-d, Father of Mercy, is the father of the Jews and the world.

It was a very good Passover, there was spiritual ascendance among the Jewish people, they were closer to G-d, and G-d was closer to the people of Israel.  Seven days plus Shabbat - 8 days above nature.

G-d is telling Israel and the world: 'I decide what happens in the world, rain does not fall for no reason, the rain came to clean the state of Israel.  What you cleaned in Passover you cleaned, and I G-d clean and continue to clean from above and below.'  Jews need to continue to clean their homes and body, their spirit and souls.  The body, spirit, and soul are cleaned through learning Torah, prayers, and obeying the Torah.

Rain is a sign - sign of the Messiah!  A sign that there is less freedom of choice, that G-d is controlling the world Himself and preparing the people of Israel and the world for complete redemption and the crowning of the King Messiah!

The crowning of the King Messiah is in the hands of G-d and only in the hands of G-d.  The date is also in the hands of G-d.  Not in the hands of men, not in the hands of angels, not in the hands of anyone!

Don't worry, Jews - all of the prayers and Torah studies of the Jewish people is not for nothing.  G-d is fighting for the people of Israel!

G-d hates obscenity, G-d hates assimilation.  In the holy days of Passover, G-d did not want there to be assimilation.  The holiday of Passover is a very powerful holiday in the heavens and the earth.

Just as G-d promised that Israel will grow and develop - so it will be!  Very soon, in this generation, the people of Israel will stop suffering.

G-d is very pedantic with the religious people because they studied Jewish law and know better.

Travel abroad only if it is for the government, public institutions, the IDF, or work.  Don't travel just to travel - there is no protection for travelers outside of Israel, no one!

Anti-Semitism has grown horribly and continues to grow and spread in Europe, the United States, and many other places in the world.  Everywhere they are planting seeds of hatred towards the Jews.  Jews living abroad are like orphans.  They need to urgently run from there, so long as they are threatened.  Come live in Israel, here is where your mother and father are, G-d and the divine spirit.

The forces of nature continue to operate, winds and storms, fire and heat, cold, snow and ice, earthquakes and floods - everything will continue in full force, G-d is shocking the entire world.  When you see Jews in Israel and the world and what G-d does, you need to pray and cry out to G-d to crown the King Messiah!

Jews must not assimilate with the gentiles.  The Jews are the chosen people and they cannot be replaced!  G-d will not give up on anyone.  A Jew that, heaven forbid, assimilates, it is a shame.  You cannot be a half-Jew, you are either a Jew or not.  In the entire world there are seven billion gentiles, how many Jews are there?  Very few.  So why don't the Jews stay with their own and marry only Jews?  The state of Israel belongs and is designated only for the Jewish people of Israel.  The Jews in Israel and the world need to understand G-d's signs.  G-d uses signs, not direct words.  If He spoke directly, people would get hurt.

All of the people of parliament need to stop playing with the Jews in Israel; put together a strong government and the rest will come later.  We need a strong government now!  Don't stall and play with the Jews in Israel.

The economy in Israel is the strongest in the world and will never fall because G-d is guiding it through prayer, Torah studies, unity of the people, and obeying the Torah.  The state of Israel will be protected and preserved.

The Arabs have plans from the Gaza Strip to Metulah, don't trust them.  Abu Mazen is laughing at everyone; he is sneaky and fooling everyone.  Keep watch over the Judea and Samaria; they have a nest of Hamas there that needs to be broken down.

Some of the Arabs in Israel are more dangerous than the Arabs out of Israel.  They live with an Israeli citizenship, and they too need to be looked at.  The world is tired of hearing about Syria, it is old news and there is no solution.  Syria is being erased and will continue to be erased.

Jordan is filled with refugees and the King is waiting for peace.  Let him keep waiting, so that Jordan falls apart too.

Iraq will disappear from the world.

In Yemen they will continue to fight and make a mess, in and around Yemen.

ISIS is fighting the Arabs.  Every Arab country is in conflict with itself - G-d will fight for you and you will hold your peace!

Continue to pray to G-d, to obey the Torah, and He will fight for you!  Without G-d fighting, the people of Israel would not last even a day!  People of Israel, wake up, seven billion gentiles in the world are against the Jews and G-d is protecting the Jews living in Israel!

The Arab states are like the Babel tower, they are killing each other, confused and complicated.  May their swords fall on them and their bows break, their people kill their leaders and their leaders kill their people.

Egypt will continue to get the ten plagues from ISIS, the extreme Islamists and Hamas.  The situation in Egypt is very bad, on its way to a revolution.

In Turkey ISIS is closing in like a ring.

The Hamas are the seed of Amalek.  They continue to dig tunnels.  Wherever the IDF close tunnels, they build new ones.

You need to be careful so that you are not surprised, not in a military base and not in a Jewish settlement.  They don't want peace, they want to take the country of Israel.

Iran is celebrating, they think everything is rosy.  They are afraid of Israel.  Peace with Iran is not real peace; it is peace so that Iran does not go with Russia.  Iran is not stupid; it has requests above the will of the United States.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are afraid that they will run out of ammunition, weapons, and soldiers.  The IDF is keeping watch so that they don't get weapons and ammunition from Iran and the sea.  Nasrallah and Hezbollah are deathly afraid if ISIS.

The United States is fighting over who will rule the Middle East, the US or Russia.

Every white and black collar, thief, dirty and cheat - all will be revealed.  G-d is purifying and cleaning the state of Israel and the entire world.

The entire world is in chaos except for Israel, Israel is safe and protected.  Don't stop praying, learning Torah and obeying the Torah.

G-d wants the state of Israel, the Holy Land, to be pure and holy.

Every Jew under his vine and fig tree and the Messiah work in public!

Courtesy of the site “Tair Neri"

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