Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Chol Hamoed, Pesach, 15 Nissan 5775 (04/05/15)


King of Kings, G-d, protects and guards the state of Israel, the Holy Land, and the Jews in it. G-d is confusing all of the Arab countries and they are eating at each other and destroying each other. The other states are also being confused by G-d and He is creating conflict between them; and, they are destroying each other.

All of the Arab Muslims and all of the states that are against Israel, it doesn't matter where in the world, G-d will bring them harsh blows and create within them a very deep hatred.  Armageddon is for them, not the state of Israel.

When the Jews in Israel and the world see the great miracles that G-d is doing and that G-d is fighting to protect the state of Israel, they need to understand that these are great miracles that G-d is creating.  Here we see the work of G-d, and how G-d protects the state of Israel.  Neither the government nor anyone else protects - G-d alone does this holy work.

G-d's request is that the people of Israel be kind, united, pray to Him and learn Torah, and G-d will do the work and protect and guard the state of Israel and every Jew in the state of Israel.

G-d is creating all of the complications and conflict between countries, creating a Babel Tower so that the people of Israel believe and cry out to G-d and thank G-d for all of the good that He is giving them and lighting the way to the right path.  When the people of Israel see all of this, G-d asks them: cry out and ask Me to crown the King Messiah soon!

The government of Israel and chosen officials need to urgently unite and help each other.  Don't seek out honor and a chair; it is disrespectful to the Jewish people in Israel and the world and G-d.

The IDF needs to continue to be very vigilant until a strong government is formed.  The IDF needs to keep guard from Eilat to Metulah with high vigilance.

Another important matter: Look very carefully into the tunnels in the Gaza Strip!  They are working day and night and waiting for the right time to surprise Israel.

Abu Mazen is a liar, a crook and a snake.  He wants to create a trap for Israel with his "pleasant talks."  The gentiles around know what the Holy Land of Israel is.  They know that G-d promised the land of Israel to the Jews - a land of milk and honey.  All of the Jews in Israel also need to know this!

The economy in Israel is blooming and successful.  Nothing will change, what will be, will be.  G-d fuels the state of Israel and the world.  There is work for everyone, if you want to work there is work, if you don't want to work there won't be work - 'by the sweat of your brow you will eat your bread".

Syria is being erased.

Iraq is being erased.

Jordan looks like it gave up.  The prime minister is afraid of getting killed.  He is waiting for Abu Mazen and the United States who are promising him a piece of the land to put all of the refugees there.

In Egypt the extreme Islamists will create a revolution, Hamas will not relent and ISIS will not relent.  When there will be great blows in Egypt, only then the media will report.

Turkey is entirely ISIS and surrounded by ISIS.  Arduan doesn't know how to get down from the tree so that Israel will help him.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah can't act now because the IDF is preventing ammunition and weapons from reaching them.  Still, ammunition and weapons arrive through roundabout ways. Hezbollah and Nasrallah are waiting for the support of an Arab country to bother Israel.

Iran is dancing and celebrating, they think they got what they wanted - big mistake!  They did not get anything.  G-d will not let them lift their heads.  If they have any intention of harming Israel, G-d will bring down upon them ten plagues that have never been seen before.

Anti-Semitism in the world is going to increase stronger than ever before.  The Jews who insist not to come to Israel have no mercy for their little children.  Come urgently to Israel, saves your lives and the lives of your family members.  This is very serious, it is not a game - this is about human lives!

There will continue to be natural disasters and they will increase terribly, fires, earthquakes and floods, winds and snow, rain and disease.  There will be mistakes by doctors treating patients.  Planes will continue to crash, ships will sink and trains will derail.

G-d has given a beautiful gift on the Seder night of Passover, a good Passover for the people of Israel.  Jews need to be happy, to enlighten each other and be joyful for everything that G-d has given them.

The rain that fell purified the Holy Land for the Jews.

This Passover, the year 5775, all of the Jews living in Israel will be free of their worries and pains and all their problems and a new way of blessing and success will appear.  Don't be mistaken or confused - choose good and you will have good, do not choose good and you know what will happen.

The first prophet Eliyahu was also the last; he came to announce the crowning of the King Messiah through prophecy and vision.  Eliyahu the Prophet was not flesh and blood, just like he comes to circumcisions and we don't see him, so it is now.  When he will come to announce the crowning of the King Messiah, he will come in dreams, prophecies and visions.  All of the signs in the world, all of the complications and conflict are to show the Jews in Israel and the world that the crowning of the King Messiah, son of David, is near!

Courtesy of the website "Tair Neri"


  1. Amen v' Amen (in tears)!!!

    "All of the signs in the world, all of the complications and conflict are to show the Jews in Israel and the world that the crowning of the King Messiah, son of David, is near!"


    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil