Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Vayeira, 5775

The Creator continues and will continue to shake the planet with natural disasters, calamities and bizarre things unimaginable.  The Creator surprises every time with something new that He has not yet shown, serious illness, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, winds, storms and severe complications in every state.

Anti-Semitism increases openly and also in secret.  It will not cease until the last Jew leaves any foreign country and comes to Israel - Israel the Holy Land.  The Creator is no longer patient!  The Creator has warned and continues to warn, to immigrate urgently to Israel, the Holy Land.  HE will not wait! Jews that are scattered in many communities and countries around the world should leave the world of material and money urgently and immigrate to Israel!  They will receive blows, very hard ones where they are.  The Almighty sends signals to the Jews of the world from all directions.  The Israeli Jews leaving Israel to wander should not leave Israel.  Shame, you're Jewish, you have no protection outside of Israel!  This is the time of judgment in the world; do not take risks, shame!  All travelers going abroad are at risk; they should protect themselves and be very careful.

Everything is the responsibility of the Creator and it is exactly the way He sees fit, without forgetting anyone.  All Jews who are closer to the L-rd - will be protected!  The Creator gives suffering to human beings so they will get closer to Him.  The Creator loves his children, the Jews, and wants all to be united. It is very painful for the Creator that there are right and left parties in the Holy Land!  Our Heavenly Father wants all to have the same opinion and free love, to protect and preserve the country.  A thousand Warnings: Do not believe the goyim and do not waive any parcel of land; study the Torah!

Everything that happens in Jerusalem, the capital, is due to the negligence and those “beauty of soul” in Israel who fear what the world will say.  They treat goyim with gloves and it's a shame; so, they are rioting.  The Master of the Universe is angry because Israel considers the world opinion and not what HE has to say.

The Creator said to Israel: Do not fear any state and country in the world; this has been our land for thousands of years!  There is no place in the world like the State of Israel and the Jews have nowhere else to go.  Jews must cease to act as "modern."  A Jew who keeps his Jewishness is the best in the world!

Arab Muslims have many states and countries; the Jews have the Land of Israel for many generations.  There is in the world a great hatred against the Jews; seven billion people in the world hate the Jews.  In Israel, Jews are protected and preserved by the Creator!  Too bad Israeli Jews who leave the Land of Israel are endangering themselves.  Outside of Israel they will be harassed, attacked and belittled, they are not protected and are like orphans...

Additional supervision is necessary by the army, the Shin Bet and Mossad, of some of the goyim in Jerusalem, also in the north and in the south.  We must follow their every move; they have spies and informants who work with them.

All goyim who live in Israel and join the IS - they kill people and say they were killed in the war.  The IS declares them spies for Israel so this is why they kill them.  This process is from the Almighty!

The IS is in Syria and Iraq; they mock the world.  They hang flags on the empty barracks and the United States and other countries, which joined them, bombard these empty cabins and their flags, but are not bombing the IS!  Americans think they have killed thousands, but in fact they have killed ten percent of what they think.  The IS continues to grow and develop in Turkey.

Syria, the media does not say anything; it has become very routine.  There are murders and killings of thousands a day, not what they write - 186.  Syria is fading to the end.

Iraq is in chaos with fire and sulfur.

Jordan barks all the time, the situation is complicated with refugees from Iraq, Syria and other places. The IDF protects the King of Jordan, despite an influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees into Jordan. Do not invest in Jordan, it will fall apart, it is not the time to be rich!

In Egypt President Sissy fights with strength Hamas terrorists and the IS.  He knows he is being targeted and does everything so the regime will not fall.  He is afraid of the revolution and knows in his heart that he himself is marked – that they want to hurt him.

Abbu Mazen sends many young terrorists to Judea and Samaria to do demonstrations and cause war against Israel – they have been indoctrinated.  He thinks he has the upper hand, but the Creator is the One who decides.

The Creator has put words into people to strengthen Israel and so there is no division between the Jews of Israel.  The Almighty enlightens Jews from inside so they connect to HIM.

Iran plays the good girl, good heart, to get the best of the United States.  Then they will give them a kick and go with the Russians.  Iran is terrified of the State of Israel.  Before Iran does anything against Israel, the Holy One, Blessed be He, will destroy them!  It's not weird, it's 100% exact.  Let them try!

The United States thinks it is helping Iran to encourage them not to go with Russia.  This is why there are problems between the United States and Israel.  They do not want to lose Iran and the Arab countries.

Hamas quietly acts as a "nice guy."  They are doing nothing because they want the money and building materials to refurbish the tunnels into Gaza.  It is preparing a new army and is equipping itself with ammunition; it is not concerned in any way for Gazans.  Abbu Mazen and Hamas are one gang.

The military defense of Israel must be alert and ready at the borders and must not wait for surprises.

The current government is good and should not dissolve!  The elections will still take 6 months to 1 year until the government can be operational.  During this time the Arabs will party - shame!  It is necessary to preserve and protect the head of government and the government!  The head of government is balanced and has a lot of experience.  Stop saying bad words and using bad language against the government of Israel!

The State of Israel is blessed!  Its economy is blessed as well as work, livelihoods – there is plenty for all, you just have to want to work.  Rain falls with love and joy in Israel there will be blessed rain for many years!

All corrupt individuals, individuals who corrupt others, lustful men who do abominations and who are avid, from the smallest to the largest, religious and non-religious - all will be revealed!

Armageddon is the war for the goyim around the world - Israel is the most protected place and the most secure in the world.

There are signs, the Creator gives indications and signs in heaven and on earth, in the dreams of the people, to inspire them and tell them that there is salvation and the imminent coronation of King Messiah.  Suddenly, the day will come!  Without the intervention of the Creator that will crown the King Messiah soon, the world would be destroyed, there would not be a fly on the planet - all have the atomic bomb.  The Holy One, blessed be He, promised after the flood in Noah's time that HE will not destroy the world. And if the Creator will not destroy it - Nobody can!

Jews, follow the Ten Commandments urgently, unite and unite the people of Israel in free love; pray and study the Torah.  Ask the Creator, the Almighty to stop the suffering of Israel and to crown King Messiah!  When HE will crown the King Messiah - He will openly fight the Israel's wars, this is not weird!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"

Please note: this is a time for positive thinking and complete faith in Hashem.  I will not be posting any negative comments from people who, like myself, are very anxious to see the happy ending, but unlike me, are impatient – even rude.  I have complete faith that the messages of Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Moishela, Menachem, Binyamin, etc will come to fruition and are very positive (everything is from Hashem and is for the good).  When?  When Hashem says so.  Are we close?  Yes, that is the basic message that Hashem is sending through His servants.  Is it tomorrow?  Maybe.  You will know tomorrow.  Are we deserving of Moshiach immediately?  Probably not, but that is what all the messages are trying to accomplish – to get us to do our part to make us more deserving.

Please, please keep a very positive attitude and thank Hashem for His messages of chizuk.  If you have a negative comment, write it down and put it in the trash can where it belongs.  I have found that most negative comments that I am receiving (not too many) are more of misunderstandings of the truth than valid comments.

The most important thing for me is to not share negativity on my very positive blog – it helps no one and could even further delay the happy ending.

If you have something you wish to get off of your chest or even a question to clarify a point, send me a personal Email at absolutetruth613@gmail.com   We can have a private conversation – I am happy to help. 


  1. I think one of the essential messages here is that Jews must come to Israel. I say that as a person in the USA. I was never much of a Zionist, largely due to my yeshiva training, but I believe I'm seeing now that the ingathering is happening. We are being forced out of golus. In my work, strange things are happening, inexplicable things that have made it unbearable. It makes no sense, other than to say Hashem is saying go to Israel.

    So the reason this collapse of the world and redemption is taking time is because Hashem is giving us a little lead time and zillions of hints.

  2. I'll say further, the message does bear repetition because it takes time to get the mind around and is easily lost. Most people in Israel came there in desperation. Since 1980 50,000 have come from N. America yet there are 6 million Jews in North America. So the great majority of people in what seem like safe, affluent countries don't plan on moving.

    But history is coming to a close. It's incredible but seems to be the case. So we have to get our minds around this whole new way of life. It's a big move and Hashem has given us time to adapt to it. So all the world events can be very depressing. Or you can look at them as nudges from Hashem. In the West, we have communities, schools, parnassah. We speak the language etc. People aren't here just because they love money, as if we are all rich. So it's a big change but we have to make it. And it's easy to forget the message in the midst of our busy lives. So this is a big service reminding us. If feels almost like nagging, and maybe that's what it is and we need it. Golus is coming to an end and the world will be judged. We need to get to Israel.

    1. I would have agreed with your comment about about 50 years ago. I personally have lived close to 18 years of my life outside America, 6 years in Europe and close to 12 years in Israel. Everything in life is what you are used to, we are creatures of habit. My experience was that outside the US is much more enjoyable than living in the good ol' US. Israel today is more modern, more secure, more enjoyable and much more livable than the US ever was. Americans find very few problems here and actually find many of the problems that exist in the US are non-existent here -- in fact far superior here. Examples: the medical system, the employment, product availability, lack of crime, availability of Shuls, Yeshivas, kollelim, mikvahs, the fascination of biblical sites to visit, the higher kiddushah (one can feel it), the chesed, etc. The English is less of a problem than any of the 20 countries that I have visited -- Jews are intelligent, close to 85% of Israelis speak English. When I was in Europe, people were offended when Americans insisted that everyone should speak English -- in Israel, they are proud of it and don't want to talk to me in Hebrew. When I meet a stranger, I think that I must have American tatooed on my forehead -- they start talking English even before I open my mouth. There are cities that have been setup by English speakers that offer schools, shuls, kollelim, shopping completely in English. Products from all over the world, especially American are available everywhere in Israel. It was not this way about 20 years ago, but Israel is a very comfortable lifestyle for people from outside of Israel, especially Americans.

    2. It's complicated.

      Agreed, life in America has become unbearable, particularly for frum Jews. Yet, we are told all the time how great we have it and are so busy trying to make a living that we have trouble seeing through that. Plus, in a certain way we have gotten used to all the stress and strife which came about steadily over the decades and then so quickly in the last 10 years that our heads are spinning.

      Also, we hear the worst of Israel. Aside from some news about technological breakthroughs, most of what we hear from Israel is news of war between Israel and its enemies and between Israelis.

      So it is helpful when you remind us how life in Israel is good.

    3. Maybe you should distinguish wealthy or retired Americans from those that need to work. I imagine that you are retired. Perhaps you receive a military pension from the US. That must be very nice.

      I know numerous working Americans that have come to Israel and struggled mightily not having military connections or fluency in Hebrew or knowledge of the system.

      I believe we all need to come to Israel but let's have our feet on the ground.

    4. One would ask the question "why settle for bearable when tremendous is available?"

      A big problem these days is the falsehood of the world media. When it comes to "what is happening in Israel," you get the Jew-hating media reporting the Arab propaganda. The Arabs and the Edomites are not interested in Jews making Aliyah. Why do you think the world doesn't even want us to build on our own land? It is all a ploy to discourage Jews around the world. The truth is, I saw many more horrors when I lived in Europe and America, in the past, then I see in Israel today.

      The people of our city don't have TV, most don't have radios nor computers -- they study Torah. There have been wars in Israel, such as the one in southern Lebanon and the conflicts with Gaza, that my neighbors knew nothing about. All they see is complete peace and they will continue to see peace as long as we do not give away any land to terrorists. We are completely safe here. Even my daughter in Jerusalem has never seen one incident in the years that she has lived there (as long as she ignores the horrible media). In the close to 12 years that I have lived here in my hometown, there has not been one terrorist incident, not one homicide and, I believe, not one theft. We have no police force since there is no crime in this city. Stores leave merchandise outside over night -- nobody takes anything without paying. I couldn't be living in a more peaceful arrangement while still in Galus. Of course, the entire world will be like my hometown when Moshiach is introduced. We certainly are enjoying the preview of what's to come. That is what we are inviting the Jews of the world to experience now (of course, Hashem is really the Inviter).

  3. Suggestion: Please help with the translation, because whoever is doing it is giving some distorted or just unclear perception of what Ben Artzi is trying to say because the translator obviously is a bit unfamiliar with vernacular English. 'Free love' is not what he means so it should be changed to 'ahavat chinam' (love of one Jew to another, even if undeserved). Another correction should be not to use the word 'State' but Land of Israel; also, 10 Commandments should be translated to 'Torah', then it will be understandable to Jews who read these messages.

    1. I agree with your comment. Most of the time I am receiving the translation from the Rav's office even though there have been weeks that I did the translation. There are other terms that always come through that I change on a regular basis, but the suggestions you made for additional improvements will be considered in ensuing weeks. I am always leery about changing too much that may change the true content and intent of the Rav's message. I guess the most important effort is for me to inform my readers of the truth. I, at times, would like to add lines that I know are true just from watching world events, but I really want this to be the Rav's message and not mine.

    2. Israel, you may not care for my answer to your statement about whether one is wealthy or not and whether one has to work or not, but here it is. Those who completely turn to Hashem have absolutely no problem making aliyah. I have seen thousands of situations (many, many in my own family) when people needed help, and Hashem came through. Turning to Hashem works; and, if you have about two hours, I could tell you story after story of my own life where I needed help, including money, and miraculously Hashem came through. He proved it to me beyond a shadow of a doubt. When I decided to make aliyah I was 58 years old, still years from receiving my retirement pay. I turned to Hashem and told Him that it was up to Him if I were to serve Him in Israel. Miraculously, I had several dormant investments, that I had held for 8 years prior, that woke up, paid off and was the ticket for us to realize our dream. To make it even more miraculous, Hashem put me into those investments 8 years earlier (long story on that one). I have 100's of stories of times that I needed help, turned to Hashem and the help came. The details are way beyond my amount of available typing space and time, but are an obvious as to how I received help and how immediate it came once I completely turned to Hashem.

      I have mentioned that I am working on a project for the past ten years that will help many people make aliyah with absolutely no problems at all. What is holding up my project? It is not my faith since I already have everything that I need. Hashem is waiting for many of my readers, who have the same concern as you, to turn to Him. It has already worked for some of my readers who caught on and are here as happy as can be, even though they came here with almost nothing and no plan about how to succeed. You could definitely be next.

      I look forward to your moving here -- it will happen; and, we can have a good time talking about the mysterious ways of Hashem.

    3. Your bitachon in general is very helpful to me. I appreciate how generous you are in sharing your personal experiences. It's never been my strong suit. I'm much better at faith - the truth of the Torah and the reality of punishment for violating it. I'm not as good in seeing how we get help too.

      I have decided to make Aliyah. In my mind, I have no choice. The messages are clear. We have tossed away half our possessions, are learning Hebrew, doing all sorts of things. I am excited about it, feel very right about it. Whatever happens in this insane world, I want to be with my people.

      I just expect it to be difficult from the financial point of view. I just hope that I don't have the same experience in Israel as I have in America which is working day and night and weekends at a blistering pace - Egyptian servitude basically. I just talked to a guy who did make Aliyah who does work like that. It was a depressing conversation. Of course, he works for American companies. And you are right, America is Magog. I don't know if it was always that, but it has become that.

      You say turn to Hashem. OK, I will do it right now, online for all to see. I turn to Hashem. There's no turning back.

    4. I am inspired by your words and pray that many more Jews should think like you. If every Jew thought like you, Geula would be here already, with King Moshiach in charge (actually acting as an agent for Hashem the King of Kings, Who is really running the show). I predict a very happy future for you since I know that Hashem knows your deepest feelings and I know He reads my blog and all the comments I receive. He loves you dearly as He loves all His creations. I can see that you are going through the final testing before Tikun HaOlam. Your words let me know that you will be thoroughly successful which is why all Jews should have your attitude. I would like to talk to you privately. If you could Email me at absolutetruth613@gmail.com I have more details for you about your upcoming success and happiness.

      I also would like to mention that the America that you are experiencing is not the America in which I grew up. The changes are drastic as they are in the rest of the world. But, ol' optimistic me sees it as great news since we were told by Hashem thousands of years ago that this is what the world would be like in the end of days, just before Moshiach is introduced. Thank You Hashem for the signs of the happy ending being close -- all the chaos and turmoil of the world is good news to those who follow Hashem (I just typed that with a big smile on my face).

  4. "So the great majority of people in what seem like safe, affluent countries don't plan on moving."

    Yes, there are a lot of well-to-do, comfortable Jews in galus. However, there are lots of people who are desperate to make Aliyah and can't because they live paycheck to paycheck- no savings, no retirement. I'm in that category with others I know personally. How do you make Aliyah without money for a ticket, or the ability to rent an apartment? I've heard many times Israel doesn't want to bring Jews over who would be practically penniless if not for the mercy of HKB"H. Especially if you're older.

    1. Mr Anonymous, my old friend, look at the answer I gave to Israel who has the same concerns.

      The more important thing to grasp is that those who are affluent and comfortable outside of Israel, will not be soon. We have seen so many messages, and it is definitely numerous places in scriptures, about the difficulties that will come in the end of days. Anyone who thinks he or she doesn't need Hashem because the bank account is plentiful, is in for a shock in the near future. I personally know of diabolical plans that the global elite have to steal the fortunes of the citizens of the world. Only Hashem is a source of protection and comfort. Heed the warning of the Rabbis and Facilitated Communications individuals -- they know what they are talking about, even if they don't know the details. Hashem is running the show and is the only source of salvation.

    2. The Israeli government will buy you the ticket via the Jewish Agency. They also give you a few months of money to start off. And think how incredible that is. My great,great grandfather came to the US from the Ukraine with $16 in his pocket. The US gave him nothing.

    3. "I've heard many times Israel doesn't want to bring Jews over who would be practically penniless"

      Where did you hear this? And does it mean Jews who are penniless or Jews who will be, meaning they refuse to work? Israeli certainly took in hoards of penniless Russians.

    4. Nefesh B'Nefesh is the organization that does it all (for those in the US, Canada and western Europe). They get your paperwork together, get the money from Israel which is more than what you have mentioned, help find a job if you are looking for work, help find a dwelling place for you and family, help with information about schools, medical, transportation, frum communities, etc, etc, etc. One thing that I have done with individuals who were in a hurry to come to Israel was to have them travel here on a visa and do all the Aliyah work here. It is a way to have it all happen faster.

      I know what you mean about immigration to America years ago. My grandfather couldn't even afford pockets. He was so poor he couldn't even pay attention (bad joke, but I love it).

    5. No matter how great Israel is compared to the rest of the world, it is still a capitalistic country run by secular people -- still in Galus. They want people to come here to invest and to productively increase their Gross National Product, GNP. Hashem, Who is actually running the show, helps all those who come here that follow His ways. The Chareidim take care of the Chareidim as much as possible, but if someone comes here without money or desire to work, the government here believes that person to be a burden. The truth is Hashem not only takes care of people who are totally observant (not Erev Rav who only pretend), but He protects Israel and gives it prosperity in their merit. The secular people of Israel have no clue as to why Israel is so successful, but we know.

      As a former military guy I can tell you that Israel won all its wars on the merits of the Tzadikim -- the military here is not as great and efficient as they think. But, we know the Absolute Truth (I love that expression) about what is going on. Thank you Hashem.

  5. You say that you personally know of diabolical plans the global elite have to steal our money. Are you able to reveal to us these plans so we can at least know from a trusted source as yourself how to best protect ourselves? Whilst we believe in Hashem and accept all is controlled by Him, we also have a duty to ourselves and our loved ones to do the best we can and if Hashem decides otherwise then we accept it but we should prepare if we have the right knowledge from the right sources. Im Ein Anili Mili....

    1. Let us talk through Email. Write me at absolutetruth613@gmail.com This is too sensitive on a public forum.

  6. If what you say and predict is the absolute truth, then we will see for ourselves shortly, and that you were right. . . when we get enough warnings, and hopefully before it's too late.

  7. I was wondering if you could possibly clarify a term I hear so much but it is not really clear to me what it means. The comment that made me wonder whether we ourselves are Erev Rav chas ve shalom is: The truth is Hashem not only takes care of people who are totally observant (not Erev Rav who only pretend)
    Since as Baale Teshuva I feel we are working really hard to be observant but it doesn't always come naturally and then when you have those moments that it doesn't come from the hart, you often times feel you pretend indeed. Look forward to your explanation in a search for the truth.

    1. Your excellent comment requires more than a short answer. See by blog post of today, 9 Nov.

    2. I don't want to post negative of even personal problems. If the individual who sent me a comment under Anonymous with a personal complaint would Email me, I have good news for you and possibly a complete solution to your problem. absolutetruth613@gmail.com

    3. "Since as Baale Teshuva I feel we are working really hard to be observant but it doesn't always come naturally"

      This is an important point. Oftentimes musar (exhortations) are meant for the typical frum Jew and the typical frum Jew is not a BT. The main thing is to try to grow. I for example struggle every time I pass Burger King and there's one on my block! Somebody who grew up keeping kosher doesn't have that challenge. If a person grew up with no conception of God, you can't expect them to have perfect faith over the course of a few months or even years or even decades. The main thing is to try to be better, in a reasonable way. First comes simply keeping to the halacha. The duties of the heart, ie the mitzvos of emotion and thought, are harder to control. So we should study, think, try. But don't be ridiculously hard on yourself.

    4. My best advice to you (yes, this is Musar from an old man to BT), move to Israel. Mitzvot are much easier when everyone in the city where you live is 100% observant -- FFBs and BTs. The other thing that makes it easy is we have Kosher McDonalds and Burger King -- problem solved. (There are so many great Kosher restaurants with wonderful food, it is very easy to forget Burger King).

      I experienced the same dilemma about 23 years ago when I was living in a goyishe neighborhood, going to a job working totally with goyim, going to goyishe shopping malls and centers, going on business trips to areas that there was nothing Kosher available or even davening, etc. It was all part of my final testing to see if I could avoid the Yetzer Harah and have complete emunah in Hashem. I must have passed the test that Hashem said "it's time to move to a place where the tests are minimal."

      Your time will come, too and you will be with great happiness that you passed the test, B"H You can come to my house for dinner, my wife's cooking will make you ask "what is Burger King?"