Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Toldot - 23 Cheshvan 5775, 11/15/2014

The Creator of the world, our Father of mercy, chose the Jews!  Like it or not - He won't give up on them! He will protect them from their enemies in and out of Israel.  This is the chosen people that G-d has chosen. G-d loves all the Jews and wants all of the real Jews in the world to come to the holy land of Israel.  G-d protects, guards, heals, bequeaths and enriches; and, we the Jews need to make an effort to protect ourselves and not take risks; because the choice is in the hands of man, the good and the bad – the Jew chooses.  When you obey the Torah, the Jew is protected and guarded by G-d.

Jew-hatred is increasing from day to day; it is one hundred times what it was the day before.  Hatred, evil, and cruelty are in front of every Jew in the world.  Jews need not only come to Israel, they need to flee to Israel!  You will miss the train and G-d will not hear you.  Don't complain and don't be bitter, G-d warned you and is warning you now!  Don't miss out; don't say it won't happen to you.  Everyone can make a living.

Anyone who goes abroad will only go for a special occasion, a mission for the state of Israel or special work.  Anyone who is touring is taking a chance and has no protection!  There is nothing to do; this is G-d's wish.

The amount of real estate in Israel will continue to double itself until infinity.  Construction will not stop in the holy land – the country will blossom and grow.  No country or nation in the world can interfere with G-d as he takes care of the economy of the Jews in Israel.  Every country, president or prime minister who interferes or wishes to harm Israel, G-d will strike them harshly.  No one can harm the holy state of Israel.

Egypt, ISIS and Hamas are coming together to fight Egypt and bring down the government.  Sisi and his government and army need to watch themselves and not take anyone for granted if Hamas or the Palestinians wish to fight them.  Hamas and ISIS are making plans on how to bring down the regime that is unstable as it is, including its bad economy.

Hamas members are eating at each other and will continue to do so, in secret or out in the open.  Hamas is afraid that Fatah will rise and rule them.

All of the "bosses," the Hamas and Palestinian leaders, are having the time of their lives around the world, buying houses, enjoying themselves, living like kings as they have their workers do their dirty work.  Hamas and the Palestinian leaders send their members to fight in their stead as they enjoy the money from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

Syria is being eaten from the inside and out.  This will continue until it is gone from the world.  Whoever tries to stop the fighting will be terribly harmed.

Nasrallah is in a dog house, tied, barking, and doing nothing.  He is afraid that his guards will turn into ISIS.

In Turkey, Arduan is speaking well of ISIS and the radical Muslims so that they don't kill him.

In Jordan everything is chaos; there are terrible riots; and, there are many refugees from Syria and Iraq.  ISIS is doing their work, the Hamas and Palestinians are going to explode, and the state of Israel is protecting the king of Jordan and guarding him so that his government doesn't fall.

Iran wants to be a great power but is deathly afraid of Israel.  They know that the IDF is the strongest army in the world and that there are hundreds of eyes looking at them from Israel.  Iran knows that Israel is protected; they know that the King of Kings, G-d, is protecting the holy land!

Hamas, Jihad and Abu Mazen are sending people to Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem and brainwashing them to cause riots.

ISIS is working whole heartedly, and is, and will continue, to drive the world crazy.

The government of Israel – you cannot let it fall apart!  This is not the right time and the world will celebrate because for a whole year there will be no action.  All will stay the same.

The government of Israel and the people of Israel must support the soldiers of the IDF so they act accordingly to law!  Stop the blaming.  Whoever blames the IDF soldiers will have problems with G-d!

All of the Knesset members need to dress properly to be a model of Israel.  Just like you wear nice and clean clothes to the Synagogue on Shabbat (and on weekdays too if possible), they must also show self respect and respect for what they represent.  There are many tough decisions made there.  The new and young Knesset members should listen to the older members, they have experience – even Moses consulted with the elders.

Jews in and out of Israel need to be careful and open their eyes.  Arabs are walking around with knives, they practice how and where to hurt the body in order to kill it.  They pretend to be innocent and suddenly pull out a knife.  Every Jewish civilian and soldier needs to be vigilant and with open eyes!

Armageddon is only for the gentiles!  This is happening and will continue to happen among gentiles around Israel and among Arabs who hate the Jews within Israel.  They fight with each other; it is already happening and will continue to happen more and more every day.  G-d is creating conflict between them because they are bothering the Jews in Israel.

The rain in Israel is a blessing! G-d is directing the rain in Israel for the good of the Holy Land!  Cleaning the sewage pipes is in the hands of man.

Natural disasters will continue to happen in the world – volcano eruptions, floods, winds, storms, heat, fire, cold, snow like nothing there has ever been in over 100 years, including the most difficult complications in plane navigations, ships and cars.  Animals will continue to go crazy.  G-d wants all of the Jews to repent, to obey the Torah and to pray and learn Torah.  The Torah cleanses the Jewish brain and soul.

One of the hardest pains of G-d is Jews assimilating with gentiles.  For thousands of years Jews maintained their Judaism; they cannot forget it now!

All of the white and black collar people, G-d will reveal them all!  We will hear about a lot of people who will testify against their bosses.  All of the bribers and bribe takers, the vile acts, the treacheries of women and men, all of the filth will be revealed one after the other!  If they stop and repent and correct their wrongs, G-d will not shame them in front of the entire world.

No one can lead the world!  The world is in chaos, everything is complicated and in conflict.  The bad world has reached its end, hate has reached its end; G-d has started since 1948 to purify the world.  Now the world is on the verge of the crowning of the Messiah, through which Hashem will guide the world to purity.  Bitter will turn to sweet, there will be kindness, and all of the Jews will come to Israel.  It will be a world of good – heaven on earth!  We are now in the throes of the Messiah!

Courtesy of a "Tair Neri"
I encourage everyone to go to Tomer Devorah and read the latest message from Moishela “"The Noose is Getting Tighter"   It is very reassuring how many things that Moishela has said that are in total agreement with the message of Rav Ben Artzi.  They are completely two independent sources that are getting the same messages from Hashem.

I am encouraged by the accuracy of both sources over the years and especially what they are saying about the near future.  Yes, they are letting us know that there are rough times ahead, but they are also enforcing Hashem’s message of how to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Follow Hashem’s ways and you will survive and thrive – it is just that simple.


  1. Hello Menachem and Israel!!!

    Israel, as asked above, this and my history until I met the seven laws of Noah:

    I come from a family of Roman xatolic, was raised in this idolatrous, left the xistianism at the age of 13 years. at the time I watched a program of the Brazilian Jewish community, and there a "rav" reformist, said because the Jews don't believe in "crisp", this "Rabbi" said that at the second program I watched, was the year 5762. Immediately until a few years ago I wanted to convert to Judaism (and didn't want to be just a Bnei Noach), because this idea was maturing and was handled with responsibility. It wasn't easy telling my parents I want to convert to Judaism, the anti-Semitic stereotype was soon evicted by typical ignorance of the Gentiles: Jewish stereotype of rich.

    I don't come from "religious" family, I mean xatolic practitioner.

    The huge mixture of pagan religions, whose variable that receives the name of syncretism in Brazil is high, the Brazil and ´ a pa si ´ extremely immoral, secular and pagan.

    The spread of homosexuality, drugs and crime for more than six decades on cultural Marxism (atheism, people who seek a world anti-Hashém-chaz v shalom!!!) made me faced with many obstacles these years, to deal with those kind of people eating here in Brazil.

    Today I have 26 years, but only for 20 years with the mass propagation of the internet in Brazil I managed to know what were the seven laws of Nôach.

    I still intend to convert me, today I am driven by a rav of Chabad-Lubavitch, as well as other Bnei Noach Brazilians, Bnei Noach movement is growing in Brazil, although in Brazil still no concrete community, there are meetings and classes of a Rabbi from chabad and a chabadnik, besides also moré classes old recorded another rav chassdimbut non-Chabad that guides even a select group of Bnei Noach Brazilians.

    These Rabbis and the Moreh are located in Are Potus (big city name Brazil's financial, didn't say the correct name, because is an idolatrous name, ok!).

    What I see about things that are happening in the world, is that beyond the Middle East be a chaos, the United States can enter into civil war with the collapse of the dollar, say the real Americans libertarians and anti-Communists vs. lefties, which symbolize the decadence of the West.

    Today South America is ruled by a majority of leftists, including President Dilma Rousseff (who else acts like a real dictator) was a Communist during military governments rousseff (in years 1964-1985 secular), including military had to intervene in time to fight the Communists who were silently taking over from Brazil.

    If Brazil falls today, the entire South America going to chaos more visible, as well as private networks say that inflation in Venezuela is in 360%, the anti-Communists Brazilians has grown gradually, they advocate free-market ideas and no fascism as the leftists are accusing anyone against them. It is expected in Brazil several scenarios, including: civil war (Communists vs. anti-Communists), impeachment of Dilma Rousseff linked to Foro de SP (considered the Intelligence Center of communism in Latin America, orchestrated by Fidel Castro and Lula-the latter, former President of Brazil in the years 5763-5770), the Brazil and Argentina are in recession.

    I apologize for so many details, but I believe to be of great value to any other reader, you don't know what it's like South America or Brazil.

    I still intend to live in Israel, B ' H!!!

    All the best to all, Shabbat shalom!!! :)

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

    1. As always your wisdom inspires me greatly. I know without a doubt that Hashem loves you. He would only give that much ability to understand the truth to a righteous servant of Hashem. We are told by the Arizal Hakodesh that every convert to Judaism was born with a Jewish soul, but had to go through the test and trials of life before converting. I don't think Hashem would be putting you through such a dilemma unless He had great and happy plans for you. I very much get the impression that you were Jewish in a former life and will be again in this life. Hashem is, and will continue, to guide you. I believe you will find your way and, above all, will return to Israel -- I get the strong impression that you will be living here when all the Jews return (if I am wrong about my speculation, I feel strongly that we are at least a member of the lost tribes and, therefore, you will live here when Geula starts).

      Whatever your true situation, and only Hashem knows for sure, I very much look forward to meeting you some day and would hope that we could be neighbors -- my dear friend.

      Please, don't worry about all the chaos in Brazil and the rest of the world. It is part of your test to reach Tikun; and, you seem to be handling it very well. Also, don't worry about your family; your strength and belief in the truth will be the help they will get to a happy future.

    2. Hello!!!

      Thank you for your words Menachem, although what I know until today, were due to Rabbinic guidance. B ' H!!!

      Your words motivate me and, moving forward, in search of rectification and righteousness. I'm Jewish, in a previous life? Only Hashém is who you know, it's not even.

      Yes, Hashém has guided me these years, especially when I didn't have rabbinical orientation, this just started having to more than 20 years before that, it was even harder for me.

      If Hashém Permit me, in fact, I live in Israel. :)

      I'm also looking forward to meeting you Menachem. If Hashém wants us to be so neighbors, B ' H!!!

      I have done what I can in order to be able to deal with the tests of Hashém.

      Menachem: "Also, don ' t worry about your family; your strength and belief in the truth will be the help they will get to the happy future. "

      Luiz Felipe: Amen v Amen!!!

      Shavua tov and all good!!!

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

    3. Dear Luiz,
      As I mentioned "the Arizal Hakodesh said that every convert to Judaism was born with a Jewish soul." Why? Because they were Jewish in a previous life, but perhaps converted due to great pressure from Jew hatred, which was prevalent throughout history.

      I befriended a non-Jew in the states who had such strong feelings of wanting to be Jewish -- he couldn't get enough Torah study and had such strong feelings for Hashem. He definitely wanted to convert. When we reviewed his past, we discovered his family went back to the Basque region between Spain and France. I told him that there were many Marrano Jews who went to the Basque region to escape the persecution of the Inquisition. It seemed like a good possibility that he was a Jew in Spain or Portugal; that he was converted by decree and went to hide, since many Marranos secretly continued their Jewish ways. Since many Portuguese Jews eventually migrated to Brazil, I am very curious if you may share a similar background to my friend. This friend converted to Judaism, married and lives a very happy, successful life as a very observant Jew.

      Review you family history. You may see some very tell-tale evidence of why you are so interested in Judaism.