Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita – Parashat Lech Lecha, 2 Cheshvan תשעה

The Creator of the world is informing all the Jews of the world and giving a strong signal that they must emigrate to Israel urgently!  The day is coming when there will be a sudden reversal against the Jews worldwide.  It is a pity to not expect that day will come, because there will be no return; it will not be easy! Seven billion people in the world hate Jews – whether outside or inside.  The place for Jews is in Israel, the Holy Land.  Jewish life has an infinite value!

All Israeli tourists leaving Israel are in danger; they must be careful and protect themselves from all kinds of interference.  They are not protected from the Almighty, the protection is only in Israel.  This period is that of the judgment of the world, it is forbidden to take risks.  Let no man say, this will not happen to me; there is no hero in the world, all must protect themselves and not take risks.

The Creator continues to increase natural disasters, earthquakes, floods and high winds, fire and heat, problems with aircraft, ships, trains and all types of vehicles.  The animals in the world have gone crazy; judgment in the world is growing, to bring the world to repent.  It is just as in the days of Noah; except, that now everything is more modern, more hidden.

The Creator wants to change the world into a world of love, free love, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself," and “what you do not want anyone do to you, don’t do to others.”  He wants a world of honesty and truth – this is called: the deliverance and the crowning of the King Messiah!

Complications will continue around the world, between states and within themselves and they will continue to fight endlessly.  The global economy continues to crumble, falling apart.  Jordan's economy continues to break down.  Do not invest in Jordan, it would be a shame, because everything will collapse.  China is also on the road to economic collapse.  At this time you must not take any risk anywhere in the world!

In the State of Israel the economy is the strongest in the world.  Security, protection and preservation are also the highest in the world!  Israel gives life and light to all animals and the world!  Without the Jews and Israel the world would not exist!

The Israel Defense Force must have the support of the government and citizens.  Do not demean the IDF which would provoke insecurity!

The Israeli government must stop arguing and must work together to do its work faithfully – that’s why they were elected.  Do not hide problems and do not talk openly.  Arab rioters act with a strong hand; do not make the beautiful soul.  If you do not use a strong hand against them, G-d forbid, they will continue the destruction of Jerusalem as well as the destruction of Haifa, Beer Sheva, etc, etc.  They know that the hands of the Israeli army are blocked, so they do what they want.  For all the problems of Jerusalem, the Arabs are following the orders of the leaders of Hamas and the Palestinians.  They fight against the Jews in Jerusalem to show the world how much they suffer.  We must remove them from their root, as one brings another.

Abu Mazen has revealed his true colors; he is a bad man and hates Jews.  None of his words are true, he is against Israel, smiling with an innocent face as he spits on the State of Israel.

Hamas sees that Abu Mazen correctly handles the situation and is waiting to see what the results will be. Meanwhile, they restore the tunnels in the Gaza Strip, perfecting them.  If they do not like the conditions of Israel, they want to attack through the tunnels.

The IDF must be vigilant at the borders!  During all border tours, be alert and on guard every second!  If you are vigilant - the Creator will protect you!

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait give a lot of money to Hamas, to the Palestinians and to the IS.

The United States fought against the IS; out of 100, only 10 are successful attacks.  They flee, hide and mingle with Muslims.  The US only cares about one thing – control the entire Middle East; this is its interest.

The IS is a faith and a religion, not a state not a country.  Gradually, it will have hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers.

Egypt should be on alert. It must keep its borders and its government safe, as the IS and Hamas will unite to overthrow it.

Iran is working quietly, afraid of Israel.  They want to be like Russia and the United States, be a superpower and dominate the world – the Creator will not let them.

In Turkey hundreds of thousands of refugees from all places have entered causing Turkey to lose direction.  The IS informed Erdogan: "If you're not with us from A to Z, we'll take care of you personally."  There is a large base of the IS in Turkey.

In Syria has a thirst for war amongst them.  They do not know who is against whom; Syria against the IS, Syria against Hamas, Syria against Syria, Syrian rebels against Syria, Syria against Hezbollah.  They shoot everything and in all directions, there is no order and there will be no order, only destruction and terrible carnage.

Iraq, continues with heavy fighting, massacres and murders.

Jordan, all groups take care of it, the IS, Hamas, Syrian refugees, Palestinian, Iraqi refugees, all in a complete mess.  Jordan falls apart, do not invest in this mess.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah, supposedly showing its power – it’s just pride, it can do nothing.  He is afraid that the IS will kill him and that his soldiers and guards will turn against him.  He is only interested in sitting on his chair and to reign.

State of Israel, take heed that the IS does not enter Jerusalem from Jordan.  In the North a band of the IS was formed.  Jews do not be tempted to talk with Arabs, to think they like the Jews, many of them are two-sided.

The Israeli government must invest in education and culture in the youth, and engage them in things that suit them.  They must receive an education and adequate training to prevent the youth of the State of Israel from falling into drugs, alcohol and gambling.  There should be a budget for the youth to allow them a good and strong future – they are the continuation of Israel.

The Government of Israel should be united to build and defend the State of Israel!  We have the Torah, we must behave according to the Torah and Halachah, so that no one can dictate what he wants and misguide Israel.

You must not be disturbed by any state and country in the world, because whatever you do in Israel, you will always be criticized.  Israel does only good.

The current government is good – do not dismantle it!  The Prime Minister has a very long experience, do not provoke him; work with him.  It would be too bad to overthrow this government, you must be ashamed of wasting money – this is no time for games!  When you want to form a new government, it is at least a half year that the government cannot act; and, at the same time, the goyim celebrate.  It makes it difficult to take action against the wrong.  Now the government is strong, the IDF is the most powerful in the world, this is not the time to change the government – it is not the right time!

All corrupt and corrupting, lustful men, white collar and not, all will be revealed and discovered one after another, whether they are famous or not.

Armageddon is against the Arabs and the world, but not in Israel.  In Israel will be only love, peace, protection, preservation and all perfect!  And the Jews must protect themselves "you must protect and keep yourselves safe."

Rain will fall favorably and in its time.  The first rain fell, cleaned and purified Israel.

The Creator is showing signs and symbols, in heaven and on earth, in people's dreams, regarding salvation and the kingdom of the King Messiah, soon.  Suddenly, the day will come!  The date of the coronation of King Messiah, everything will be in the hands of the Almighty and in not in the hands of anyone on the planet.  This generation has won!  Without the intervention of the Creator and the coronation of King Messiah, the world would be destroyed and G-d will not let the world be destroyed!

Salvation and the coronation of King Messiah exist, so that the world will repent and follow the Ten Commandments.  Jews will lead the world and the goyim that remain will serve the State of Israel!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"


  1. I thought I would ask about the phrase used here: "Jews do not be tempted to talk with Arabs, to think they like the Jews, many of them are two-sided." I don't know what the Hebrew says, but I had to think about it and realize that R' ben Arzi must have meant "two-faced" - at least as Americans understand it (I cannot speak for other English speakers).

    Many thanks,
    CDG, Yerushalayim

    1. I think you are saying it correctly. The idea of not trusting an Arab because he may say one thing and mean another is very obvious. We see it everyday in the news.

      An interesting word in Hebrew is punim or face. Why does it have the plural ending? Doesn't it sound like we are saying faces? We know that every individual is complicated and may not always say what is truly on his or her mind. We also know that what a person thinks at home may be very different from his or her demeanor in public. It is known that people wear different faces, so to speak, in different situations and that in making the word for face, Hashem gave us a taste of reality about ourselves.

      Our enemies are as two faced or two-sided as can be. It is part of their propaganda program to be one way to the world (such good people) and another way in reality (evil to the core). I think the message from the Rav is giving us a taste of the obvious.

    2. I thought it came from the word 'punimious' meaning inside or character? One's character shows in one's facial expression.

    3. I wasn't talking derivation, I was just trying to give a deeper insight that we get from scriptures.

  2. So powerful, so encouraging, thank you.

    1. Very true. It is the reason that I look forward to the Rav's message every week and that I am so anxious to pass it on. The most important thing to remember is that the Rav has been extremely accurate in the past; and, to ignore his message of what is coming up is foolhardy and dangerous.

  3. That Israel has the greatest economy is questionable. I bought a bunch of stocks and a fund. All are down 20% over the last two months?

    The statement might be as dubious as the Moshiach prediction game. It's weeks passed simchas Torah now. Nothing has happened.

    I do agree about the duplicity of Arabs though. I work with one now. You never in your life saw such a liar.

    1. Everything in this world is mida keneged mida, measure for measure. I have been playing the stock market since 1968, yes 46 years. I retired at age 58 and haven't worked a day since. Is all my effort in trying to help the people of the world the key to success in the market? I have learned a valuable lesson about investments -- Hashem controls it all -- the stock market, the real estate market, retirement funds, etc, etc, etc.

      Doing Hashem's will makes for successful investment. That has been proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt. My examples to prove that are much too complicated to discuss here. Actually, the best investment in the world is Tzedukah – it pays back tremendous returns on you investment for all eternity. I am not saying that you or any other individual has not been totally following Hashem and therefore your investments have failed, I am saying that Hashem's plan for you is what determines your success. If Hashem is personally testing you faith by having you lose in the market, then that is what He feels you need to truly succeed.

      My true point is that your success or failure is in no way a true indication of Israel's status as a successful economy. The indicators that judge an economy are based on GDP, employment, housing starts, export versus import, etc. Israel is doing better than just about every country in the world in those areas and many others. Do I have full statistics on the overall success of Israel? No, I once again, turn to Hashem and know that Israel is headed in the right direction and will be the absolute top of the economic chain because Hashem wants it.

      So far as what is happening in the world versus the predictions we are receiving, I could write a book to answer that. The first part would be realizing that we don't have a clue as to how or when these predictions will come to fruition. Do you believe you fully understand what they mean? As we know from the Tenach, until something actually happens we cannot say that a prophecy is complete or not. I am not so smart to be able to tell you that the Simchas Torah passing meant immediately or within months. I am not so smart to be able to tell you what it is that will satisfy the prediction. What I can tell you is when it is completed, we will all say "oh, that is what they meant."

      Read my post of 7 Oct 2012 and you’ll get the idea.


  4. " Patrick de la Chevardière, CFO of Total SA (which is France’s largest energy company), has publicly announced that Total is looking to finance its share in the $27-billion Yamal LNG project using euros, yuan, Russian rubles, and any other currency but US dollars.

    “The effect of US sanctions was that Yamal LNG will be prevented from raising any dollar financings,” Patrick de la Chevardière stated in London at a news briefing.

    Patrick de la Chevardière’s boss was Total SA CEO Christophe de Margerie. De Margerie is now dead: he died under mysterious conditions last week, when just after midnight a snowplow and his private jet collided at a Moscow airport.

    Back in university (yes, over 18 years ago now), I actually worked at the Vancouver International Airport. Because I was a young buck going to university, I got the night shift: I was responsible for bringing planes into the bays, where passengers unload and the plane gets refueled.

    One has better odds of being struck by lightning at an airport than being hit by a snowplow—or any other ground support.

    Is it a coincidence that the one CEO who went against the petrodollar is now dead?"

    Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist

    1. Everything that is going on in the world is happening because of the Global Elite trying to control the world. Hashem is really the One Who is running the show and only letting the evil ones feel success until the time comes when He drops them from their high perch.

      Analyzing world events is almost impossible, but we will get to the happy ending and all say "now I see why Hashem did that or, at least, let that happen." Just know for now that everything is good news and for our benefit. We can't see the trees through the forest, but we will (hopefully very soon).

  5. Interesting, but truth is he needs a 'good' translator, because for those who are unfamiliar with what he is trying to say can get a completely opposite impression of this message. A professional interpreter is what he needs to get his message across in the right way. Maybe someone reading this can be of help.

    1. I agree completely. I often, not always, receive the translation from the Rav's office. It takes me hours reviewing the English and trying to put it into better English. That includes going to the Hebrew to evaluate whether I am completely capturing the true meaning. It is not easy and I have included Israeli friends of mine in helping the situation. The bigger problem is until events happen, we may not be certain of what the Rav, really Hashem, is telling us. All the translation in the world may not help until after the fact, but it is exciting watching everything unfold. Just have confidence that Hashem knows exactly what He is doing and that all is for our benefit.

  6. I'm disturbed by the statement, "The current government is good – do not dismantle it! The Prime Minister has a very long experience, do not provoke him; work with him."

    This is not true. The Israeli government is not good. The PM is weak and is submissive to the International community, particularly the Americans. The PM accepts the rock throwing and banning from Jews on the Temple Mount as the 'status quo." They have ignored the violence of the Arabs and are persecuting Jews. There is no way this can be considered 'good.' Let's be honest.

    1. I completely agree with what you are saying, but let us look at the big picture -- Hashem's plan. These days, Hashem wants the most inefficient government and leadership in every country throughout the world. Why? Because when Moshiach is introduced and we, all of a sudden, will have the best leadership possible and we will fully understand Hashem's plan. The Knesset of Israel is causing a lot of Teshuvah to be done here -- what could be better. We know that if Bibi was totally effective, who would turn to Hashem and say "HELP?" The plan is perfect and working.

  7. Shalom!!!

    - Rav Nir Ben Artzi: “The Creator of the world is informing all the Jews of the world and giving a strong signal that they must emigrate to Israel urgently! The day is coming when there will be a sudden reversal against the Jews worldwide. It is a pity to not expect that day will come, because there will be no return; it will not be easy! Seven billion people in the world hate Jews – whether outside or inside. The place for Jews is in Israel, the Holy Land. Jewish life has an infinite value!”
    - Luiz Felipe: In Brazil, the Federal Government has already approved re-elected the entry of immigrants from Arab countries, Arab immigrants will not be interviewed by the Brazilian federal Government (led by an anti-Semitic woman, whose state is contradicted by Bolivarian Communists). This will cause that anyone (terrorists) from these countries may enter here.
    The subject of civil war in Brazil (Communist vs. anti-Communist) grows every day more, the developed part of Brazil is raging with re-election (many accuse of being rigged) of the current President of the country (Dilma Rousseff, a former communist guerrilla).

    - Rav Nir Ben Artzi: “The Creator continues to increase natural disasters, earthquakes, floods and high winds, fire and heat, problems with aircraft, ships, trains and all types of vehicles. The animals in the world have gone crazy; judgment in the world is growing, to bring the world to repent. It is just as in the days of Noah; except, that now everything is more modern, more hidden.”

    - Luiz Felipe: In Brazil, the water is running out. The dams are drying up. The dams also, the main financial city of the country ("São Potus") is with dry dams and decreasing increasingly, we're in the dead volume. Inflation is high (7%) and in the secular year 2015 is possible to go up even more. The Brazil is no rain for a long time, at national level, speak in a general way.

    A question Menachem: what may cause the economic collapse of China?

    Thanks a lot for sharing the words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi.

    All good and Shavua Tov!!!

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

    1. Once again, an excellent and very interesting comment. Thank you.

      The answer to your question about the collapse of China, I have a one word answer: "Hashem." China is a very scary nation. This so-called Communist nation is extremely Capitalist and very detrimental to the economic welfare of the world. They are greedy and vindictive and have hurt the little man in many countries who are just trying to make a living.

      Hashem takes care of every country, measure for measure, as He does with every individual on Earth. China's collapse already is in the making and will happen with the Tikun (repairing or rectification) of the world.

    2. Shalom!!

      I understand that China is a scary country, Hashém takes care of this nation, measure for measure.

      I have a working knowledge of ghost towns, built with Chinese investment and Chinese investment in countries that are now already in financial collapse, as the case of Brazil and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

      The Chinese recently launched a market for trading gold. Precisely because they know that the dollar will collapse on top will have plenty of money when it comes to the collapse, but what the Chinese don't expect them too, then heading toward financial collapse.

      A note: the current workers party (President Dilma Rousseff or the former President Lula) sent once the equivalent of 12 million dollars to Hamas, saying that was for humanitarian aid.

      B ' H!!!

      Hashém Is taking care of Everything.

      Luiz Felipe - S. P. - Brasil

  8. We have been talking for years about the world falling apart and every day I wake up to the same thing, same political parties, same corporations, same commute to my never changing job. My guess is that it continues this way for years.

    1. I see the exact opposite. The Ebola crisis, the increase in war activity, the increase in terror activity, the failing economy, the lack of leadership and government help (actually the opposite -- the governments working hard to hurt their citizens), the increase in Avodah Zorah, the going away from the ways of Hashem (homosexuality, abortions, increased killing, increased thievery, etc), etc, etc, etc. I see these horrors increasing on a daily basis and cannot possibly see it continuing for months, let alone years.

      You as an individual, as I as an individual, may not be in a situation of these events affecting us personally, but it does not mean that the world is not in a lot of trouble that is increasing exponentially. I have said, if you follow Hashem's ways you will not be affected by this nonsense. It is all happening for the purpose of perfecting the world. If we are not seeing personal problems in our lives, hopefully it is for very positive reasons -- keep up the good work.

  9. Speaking of Ebola. I am very interested in this and have watched some amazing documentaries lately, as I too believe everything that happens is the Will of the Creator.

    In one documentary (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-bC6pfzxxo) a scientist talks about the first time he saw an atomic image of the virus, describing it as, "Fantastic, appearing magically and inexplicably ordered." This is the metaphoric fingerprint of the Creator.

    Also, all I can say about this is Thank G-d! for kashrut, thank G-d for everything: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XasTcDsDfMg)

  10. Dear Rav Menachem,

    I have been perusing the comments here today because I like the conversations, for the most part. One issue I would like to contribute to is that of investors not benefiting from putting their money in Israel. I wonder whether they consider into which investments they place their money.

    I am not an expert in financial investments, so I will not speak directly to that; however, considering that HaShem looks at everything we do, my hypothesis is that it might, at least partially, depend on whether we Israelis ourselves directly benefit from the inventions being invested in. In some cases (sun-driven water tanks - doodei shemesh, drip irrigation, Waze) most of us do benefit (and some of that is voluntary, like Waze. Obviously, if one does not have the proper telephone to place it on, they will not benefit from it.). To my great surprise, amazement and confusion, when I went to get a colonoscopy, I asked if I could get the pill-camera treatment. They looked at me as though I had come from Mars. I surmise from this that the average Chaim and Chaya Israeli who depend on our HMO-style system for their health care do NOT receive the benefit of that amazing innovation. I am not entirely sure that this statement is true across the board, but if the item is expensive enough, people are expected to at least contribute to - that, I'm pretty sure about. Dentistry is one example - my medical insurance company has finally invested in building dental facilities and providing excellent dental care (we had to pay privately before - and yes, it is expensive; so, I'm happy to contribute my small share.). I imagine the other companies have, or are in the process of, also making way for state-provided dental care.

    I have no idea of the correlation between the success of investment on the part of people from outside Israel, Jewish or not, and Israelis benefiting from the items being invested in. I just think it would be an interesting item to study, and your correspondents in the financial field are in a good position to do that for us.

    Many thanks - whether posted here or not.
    CDG, Yerushalayim

    1. I could write a book answering this comment which I found very interesting.

      First let me say that everything in this world is measure for measure. Who Hashem puts into good of not-so-good investments is dependent upon our intentions for how we plan to disperse our profits. If everything will be used to serve Hashem, one will be very successful with investments. If one only wants luxury and not wanting to help other people, he or she might fail totally. There are many, many more details to what I am saying, hence the need to write a book. Suffice it to say that I have been playing the stock market since 1968 and have observed 1000's of people with successes and failures -- totally consistent with my above statement. They say "you can't take it with you," unless the investment is Tzedakah, which pays returns for all eternity.

      So far as medical advances, both my wife and I would not be alive if we were still in the states. We both had medical situations within the past ten years that would not have been successful outside of Israel. Once again, details are too many for a comment here.

      Three things to add would be 1) we both had hospital stays (totalling 21 days) with major operations that cost us nothing -- our very meager health insurance covered it all, 2) we had extremely talented doctors, both in operations and recovery -- there are many people brought in from around the world for their expertise (also, there is no problem finding good Jewish doctors here) and 3) the medical equipment is state of the art since so many of the world's medical advances come from Israel. What a coincidence that my wife has an appointment this Thursday to swallow a camera pill to review the results of her operation. I have seen no shortage of medical equipment or procedures being available in Israel, and I am living proof.