Monday, November 10, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Chayei Sarah – 16 Cheshvan 5775 (11/09/14)

G-d, who created this world and us, is the leader of the world; and, He leads the world as He pleases.  If we do as He pleases, He will do as we please; if we do not, He will not do as we please, and we will suffer for nothing.  Free will is disappearing slowly until it will be completely gone.

Natural disasters, complications and conflict between and within countries will continue.  The social situation will continue to get complicated as will the economic state.  This is not the right time for Israeli Jews to invest outside of Israel.  You need to invest in real estate development in the holy land of Israel.

Abu Mazen, the Palestinians and Hamas failed greatly with the tunnels and their plans for Yom Kippur.  There was the "Protective Edge" war that dismantled them to pieces.  They did not succeed in destroying the country of Israel through tunnels, as well as their decision to invest a lot of money in brainwashing young Arabs in Judea, Shomron and East Jerusalem to protest and complicate things to a third intifada, G-d forbid.  There will not be a third intifada!  The leaders of the Hamas, Jihad and Fatah have brainwashed the protesting Arabs, sold them out and tossed them away.  They sit on the outside enjoying the world, rallying up the Arab youth in Israel and around Israel to do their dirty work.  They send them to cause trouble in the holy land; but, it won't work.  Every Arab parent needs to grab their sons and discipline them.

The government of Israel needs to be strict with the rioters.  Do not be afraid of any country and defend the state of Israel.  All of the conflicts and complications with Arabs around us, who aim to break Israel, serves only for you to agree with their will.  The government of Israel and every Jewish citizen must be careful.  If Arabs get something, they want more; they are never satisfied; they are never happy with what they have. They hate the Jews; they want to hurt and destroy the entire state of Israel and bring it back to a time before the Jewish state existed.  In the north there is a conspiracy with ISIS.  When Israel handles the protests and rioters with a strong hand, there will be quiet in Israel.

The prime minister of Israel is experienced and is the most suitable person for the position at this moment.  Stop whining about him; stop bothering him, and stop trying to make him fail.  Anyone who is not the prime minister whines and bothers; but, if you were in Bibi Netanyahu's place, you would do the same.  Stop with the hate; you need love!  You need to strengthen and back the prime minister.  It is not nice to protest; it is like a kindergarten of kids who don't grow up.  The heart of a king is in the hands of G-d, and he is guided from above without knowing.  So please, leave him alone; help him and support him.  Every time there are arguments in the government, the Arabs take advantage and protest.  It won't do any good; Israel will continue to grow and blossom!  G-d protects and defends Israel, the Jews in Israel, and we need to protect our souls - stand guard over our souls.

Half a million Jews are on their way to Israel right now.  The agency and government must be prepared for them.

ISIS continues to develop; grow and go wild, destroying Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt on the way to many more places.

The rebels in Syria are recreating the Exodus – they have been sent from G-d.

Iraq is fire and ember, no one can stop it.

In Jordan there are refugees from Syria and Iraq, and also Hamas.  Chaos is going to happen there; everything will get mixed up.

In Egypt, to ensure that Hamas and ISIS don't bring down Sisi and kill the Egyptian elite, Sisi needs to be strong against Hamas and ISIS.

Every prime minister or president in the world who opens his mouth against Israel, G-d will harm him directly; He will embarrass him and humiliate him to ashes.  If it is a country, G-d will create conflict within them.  They will be like Syria which is already a nice example of this happening.

No one can interfere with the holy land of Israel.

In the United States, a rocket fired into space exploded; also, a spaceship exploded.  Obama's airplane was grounded.  There are opinions in the United States that Obama can no longer do what he wants.

All over the world there is war while Israel is quiet and at peace!  There will not be a world war with the atom bomb, and not a third world war.  G-d has sworn that He will not destroy the world - it says in the Bible.  If G-d does not destroy the world, no one can!

In Turkey, ISIS is getting strong and Arduan is afraid.

In Iran they are busy with the atom bomb.  They are crawling slowly like a snake to create the bomb.  It wants to be powerful, but is terrified by the holy land of Israel.  The United States is weak in front of Iran, it is scared that Iran will go with Russia.

The United States is compromising with Arab countries because they are afraid they will go to Russia.

There will be terrible natural disasters in the world.  All of the Jewish Israeli travelers need to take care of themselves; they are going to dangerous places.  There is no protection or defense; don't waste your lives.

ISIS will spread all over the world except Israel and will help the anti-Semitism drive the Jews out of the world.  They will succeed because it is G-d's will.  It is Israel's time of redemption; it is time that the Jews stop suffering; it is time to settle the Negev, Shomron, and the Western Galilee!

The powers of natural, water, fire, wind, and earth will continue to shock the entire world, except for Israel.

All of those who bribe, thieves, con-men, adulterers, perverts and other bad men will repent; and, they will not be caught!   If they do not repent - they will all be caught.  It does not matter if they are religious or not, everyone from the smallest to the biggest – the world is ridding itself of them.

The rain falling in Israel is a great blessing; it cleans and purifies the state of Israel.  It will continue to rain for many years.  We need to prepare the infrastructure and drainage capability.

All of the complications in the world, all of the chaos, it is all in preparation for the Messiah.  It is the redemption process; it is for the crowning of the King Messiah, the son of David, soon.  This generation has been blessed; blessed is the believer.  The believers will be in the first wave!

When G-d crowns the Messiah, he will fight Israel's wars!  The people of Israel will stop suffering; the IDF will stop suffering.  The government of Israel will function as usual, the IDF will function as usual, but the Messiah will fight Israel's wars.

The Messiah protects while he is in hiding.  Soon he will act and protect in the open, and the world will continue as normal – the operation of planes, cars as well as the building the Third Temple!

באדיבות: אתר "תאיר נרי"


  1. This all sounds correct to me. I'm seeing it in so many ways in my own life.

    I'll say again these reminders are very important because all the craziness distracts us from where it all leads - redemption.

    1. B'H!!! :)

      I say the same, Israel.

      All good!!!

      Luiz Felipe - S.P - Brasil

  2. noah worked on the ark for 120 years
    the purpose was to give clear warning to all of what was coming
    same now with these daily signs of trouble
    they are not meant to tease but to give all fair notice

  3. luiz you are a ben noach right?
    God bless you

    1. Hello!!!

      Yes Israel. I am a Bnei Noach.

      Amen v' Amen!!!

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

  4. Luiz, How did you discover it?

    1. Hello Israel!!!

      You talk about how I discovered the seven laws of Noah, or the words of rav Nir Ben Artzi?!

      If it is about the seven laws of Noah, I will tell you my story after Shabbat. :)

      I'm sorry for my bad English, I still don't speak English, I hope to soon be able to speak English. I use the Bing translator.

      Shabbat Shalom Menachem and Israel!!

    2. Your use of Bing fooled me - your English is totally adequate. It is the wisdom that you share with us that is inspiring, no matter what language you are using. Mantenha os comentários vindo, meu amigo (Google translator).

  5. luiz, yes the 7 laws.