Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parshat Vayeitzei 5775


The King of Kings, G-d, guides the entire earth and heaven - He alone. He is One and His Name is One! The forces of nature do not have free will; they are controlled by G-d. Whether they like it or not – they will do G-d's will.

All of the countries, that bother the Jewish people of Israel in the land of Israel, G-d harms them through the forces of nature.  He gives them a "taste" of the flood generation.  A lot of these "tastes" are being given by G-d around the world so that they are busy with their problems and do not bother the state of Israel.  It also serves to drive the Jews from their homes to come to the holy land of Israel.  The holy land of Israel is the mother and father; it is the parents of all of the Jews in the world.  They have no other source – only here.  It is time that all the Jews come and settle the Negev, West Galilee, Samaria and Benjamin.  It is a great Mitzvah to fight for the holy land and settle in the land of Israel – the opposite from the desert generation. Every house built in the holy land excites G-d and makes Him very happy.  Bless is he who makes the L-rd happy for he will have happiness all his life.

There will continue to be harsh floods, storms and winds in the world.  Earthquakes will continue, volcanoes and heat, natural disasters will increase and continue, there will be snow like never before, heat and cold like never before.  The beautiful and wondrous thing is that in the holy land of Israel there will be pleasant winds, pleasant rain to cure the Jews, a good life and an even better economy.  G-d protects the land of Israel.  The Jews must also protect themselves, the choice is in the hands of man "and you will guard your souls."

The righteous men who were murdered in the "Kehilat Bnei Torah" synagogue in Jerusalem atone for the generation, they are messengers of G-d that atone for and protect the generation and warn the Israeli government and the Jews in Israel not to give away even a centimeter of land to the gentiles.  Their peace is to destroy the entire state of Israel.  They continue and restore the tunnels – business as usual.  They continue to receive ammunition from Iran and continue to bring ammunition into Gaza from stock hidden in the sands of the Sinai desert.

Abu Mazen, Hamas, the Jihad and the Palestinians are all working together to harm and destroy the state of Israel.  They tempt youths in East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to cause harm.  They are liars and cheats and they have bad plans to harm the people of Israel.  They act miserably – it is all for show.  Israel is a drop in the ocean – they should leave it alone.  They have a lot of Arab countries to live in.  Let them go live in Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon or Saudi Arabia; there is a lot of land there.

In East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria there are Hamas moles, terrorists of Abu Mazen.  The leaders brainwash the youths and they commit suicide, while the leaders enjoy the spoils and money that comes from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.  There are places in the north and south in which some of the Arabs develop and hide ammunition.  We wait for the day when it blows up in their faces.  There is ISIS in the north and in the south.

Iran is putting on a show with the United States and Russia together.  It is deathly scared of Israel and rightfully so.

The United States is begging Iran to join their side and not Russia's.  The United States wants control over all Arab countries.

Russia is against everyone and destroys whatever it dislikes.

Turkey is entirely in conflict with the extremists of the Muslim religion.  ISIS has grown and is spreading there until it will hatch and blow up – slowly, be patient.

Jordan sits quietly, trusting the IDF that is protecting it, the king and the government so it doesn't fall.  The king is waiting for salvation, and hopes to get parts of Israel.  They are deathly afraid of the refugees coming in from Syria, Iraq, ISIS and the Palestinians.  Jordan will be like the market of the wild west.

In Egypt, good advice to Sisi would be to continue to use force to destroy and dismantle the Hamas, ISIS and some of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who have conspired to harm him and his government.  Thank G-d, Sisi doesn't care about what people think and is fighting them with full force – he is smart.  He should protect Egypt so that it doesn't collapse from the economy, ISIS and the Hamas.

The Hamas are quietly killing each other in the Gaza Strip and loudly killing each other in Syria.  Even in Turkey and Iraq they are fighting among themselves – this is G-d's doing!  Whoever wants to help will get in trouble.  In the Hezbollah, Nasrallah is threatening and afraid of the rebels and ISIS.  ISIS really wants to kill Nasrallah; they don't get along because everyone wants to be the leader.  Tens of thousands are being killed in Arab countries and around the world and it isn't being publicized anymore.

The government of Israel and the Jews need to support the IDF soldiers.  They are protecting the homeland and working with integrity and truth.  They have the will to protect the state of Israel; and thanks to them, we sleep, eat, make a living and learn Torah.

Assimilation with the gentiles is causing a lot of problems in heaven and angers G-d!  Because of the Jews' assimilation with the gentiles, there are harsh riots and problems in Israel.

White and black collars, whoever causes trouble, takes or gives bribes, steals, does abominable things, lives on the backs of others, cheats and takes over – they will all be revealed.  G-d is revealing them in their folly in front of the media.

The month of Kislev is a month of miracles that G-d has done for our forefathers in the old days and today. Even for us, His children, G-d is making miracles.  This month is a month of miracles!  G-d is making miracles every day!  The miracles that G-d is doing needs to double your faith!  Jews need to obey the Torah and distinguish between right and wrong.  Stick with the good and let go of the bad.  Turn bitter into sweet, bad into good, hate into love and stinginess into kindness – a world of Grace will be built!

All of the problems the people of Israel have, G-d is making them to get them out of complacency and inspire them to shout out to crown the Messiah!

Courtesy of  "Tair Neri”


  1. May Hashem give all of them a complete healing together with Am Israel.

    Shmuel Yerucham ben Baila
    Chaim Yechiel ben Malka
    Avraham Shmuel ben Shaina
    Eitan ben Sara
    Yaakov ben Rivka Rachel
    Ron ben Rut.

    And please G'd let people read these lines from this weeks parsha's newsletter well since the lives of 4 righteous men were murdered last week. Let us all take responsibility please G'd.and protect your fellow Jew.

    Assimilation with the gentiles is causing a lot of problems in heaven and angers G-d! Because of the Jews' assimilation with the gentiles, there are harsh riots and problems in Israel.

    Besorot Tovot!

  2. In addition to the previous comment:

    There is a special fundraising drive for the families of those killed and injured being run by Mr. Ira Zlotowitz, which has secured an anonymous donor who will give up to $1 million dollars in matching funds for all donations made this week. You can make your tax-deductable donation here. The fund is under the auspices of Rav Nissim Kaplan and Rav Rubin, Rav of Kehillat Bnei Torah.

    1. Where exactly is it possible to make a donation, since I would like to contribute? Do you have a website?

  3. Sure it is


    Tiski le Mitswot

  4. This world is under control. We are all puppets. Hashem is standing behind the scenes and pulling wires ... Therefore we shouldn’t become so excited and flustered.

    When a person ... is more or less confident in the way Hashem is conducting the world, he will not so easily fall victim to kaas (anger). — Anger, Midos, and the Afterlife (#447)

    Rabbi Avigdor Miller.

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      Shavua tov and all good!!!

      Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

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