Wednesday, July 30, 2014



G-d is fighting for Israel, protecting and guarding the IDF soldiers.  The IDF soldiers are also protecting themselves, they will protect themselves and G-d will protect them!  Thanks to the three righteous youths who were murdered by the Hamas in Hebron, thanks to 18 days of crying and prayer of the people of Israel who have prayed with all their hearts and soul without personal interest, with pure clean tears, G-d has opened and enlightened the eyes of Israel to what is in the Gaza strip!

Everyone worked; Hamas prepared a cruel army and paid millions of dollars to hundreds of thousands of Gaza Arabs to dig tunnels out of homes in order to surprise the people of Israel.  Finally we find out who Abu Mazen is!  He is working with Hamas, only pretending to be stupid, naive, a poor man. Together with the Hamas and Jihad, they dug tunnels.  Everyone knew and kept it a secret.  They don't show the Arabs digging tunnels in the photos.  They show it as if Hamas has dug them, when in fact Hamas gave the order to dig and managed the digging.  They learned how to dig tunnels from Iran and Lebanon.  Abu Mazen, with his slippery tongue, worked with all of the members of the Israeli peace delegation.  He cheated everyone and fooled them and now it is all revealed.  They wanted to surprise the people of Israel in many settlements in Israel with thousands of Hamas militants.  They set a time on Yom Kippur in which, together with many Arab accomplices from Judea, Samaria and the rest of Israel, they would, heaven forbid, destroy the land of Israel.

G-d has turned things around and saved Israel from the plans of Hamas, so-called Palestinians and Jihad!

The IDF soldiers are righteous; they are the messengers of G-d!  No Jew, if he is a real Jew, can talk about them badly, only bless them, they are all righteous, the armies of G-d!  They protect the holy land and every Jew who blesses them is blessed, and every Jew who doesn't will have the world turn over him.  Do not mess with G-d!

Egypt hates Hamas.  They are happy the IDF is fighting them because Hamas wants to have an open way from Gaza to Egypt in order to bring thousands of Hamas militants from Egypt to Gaza and vice versa to overturn the government of Sisi.  Egypt wants to erase the Gaza Strip.

The United States intervenes in the name of peace between Israel, Hamas and the PA because it is afraid to lose Iran.  They are afraid that Iran will go with the Russians so they are pretending to help and make peace between Israel and Gaza.  The United States sees Israel as a minority and the Arabs are hundreds of millions.  They and the world don't know that Israel will exist forever!  No one in the world can harm it and any country who wants to - G-d will eradicate it from this earth!

You cannot protest in Israel against the IDF soldiers and the government of Israel because everything is for the good of the people of Israel.  In difficult times like these, the people of Israel are united and loving.  Only those who are not Jews hate Jews.  The people of Israel, all the Jews that are real Jews, are with the IDF soldiers!  Please don't bother the IDF soldiers and the government of Israel with doing their work, protecting and defending the state of Israel.  From above, G-d is guiding the government of Israel in all that it does!  The IDF soldiers need to be careful of traps inside houses, don't rush and don't be hasty.  The Hamas upgrades their traps more and more each time, the types of traps and their locations.

Iran is happy that the United States is on its side, happy that the United States diminishes Israel.  G-d is protecting and defending Israel!  No one can harm Israel, not now and not ever!  The Iranians know that Israel is a holy place, the holiest and most protected place in the world and it is protected forever!

Syria is busy with its own trouble which will never end!  G-d gave the Jews and the state of Israel clues that He is erasing Syria from the face of the earth for harming IDF soldiers and the people of Israel, instead of seeing how Syria is erasing itself by the hand of G-d, instead of repenting and being united, they don't even notice - it's not too late!  G-d is fighting for Israel against Syria!

Nasrallah and Hezbollah have no brains or power.  If they did, they wouldn't wait even one second to attack.  G-d is taking care of them.

From Metulah to Eilat, the IDF must be vigilant. They are like cockroaches coming out of all kinds of places, the seed of Amalek infesting every corner and wanting to trample on Israel every chance they get.  There are planted people by Hamas in Judea and Samaria, Arabs from Jordan, some from Israel, who organize protests in Israel.  You need to catch the heads and remove them from Israel, they want to take Jerusalem.

In Jordan, the king is fearful.  G-d, soon, will turn Jordan over and it will be exactly like Syria.  If Israel would not have dismantled Hamas, Egypt would have been in chaos.  Turkey makes noise. G-d will complicate them with refugees from Syria, Iraq and other Arabs, a complication they will never get out of.

All of the Arab countries hate Hamas to death; they only pretend to love them but they hate them deep down and are happy for the IDF's work.

There are a lot of Arabs in Israel who have ammunitions and weapons.  They must not be allowed to talk badly about Israel or the IDF, so that it doesn't, heaven forbid, escalate to a big problem.  Don't worry about the cries from Gaza, they are full accomplices to the tunnels and digging. In every home there is a tunnel and cave.

You need to show the world all of the fears that the people of Israel have from the sirens and rockets being fired from Gaza.  Fear is also a wound, a mental wound in a person's soul, harsh traumas don't have to be physical.

G-d is talking through the Messiah with the people of Israel and the entire world.  The Messiah continues to pray for Israel and to defend the IDF soldiers.  IDF soldiers - protect your souls!
The ground will open and swallow all of the haters of Israel - it will open, don't worry!

Harsh floods will increase in the world, winds, earthquakes, fires, storms and volcano eruptions.  Anti-Semitism is increasing more and more and doing its job loyally, sending all of the Jews away from exile to the land of Israel so that a million Jews will settle in the Negev, a million in the Galilee, a million in Samaria, a million in Binyamin and a millions more who will come to Israel!

After everything the people of Israel are going through now - prepare yourself!  The salvation of the people of Israel and the crowning of the Messiah is near!  Whether you like it or not the Messiah will come to bring order to the world!



  1. Amazing thank you so much for this great Chizuk. Is there a way to get this under the attention of the IDF and Netanyahu because it contains warnings for the soldiers. I would be happy to assist with that.

  2. Hello!!!

    Hashem has worked in various ways by Am Israel. As is the case of Syria, Fakestinians (Gaza, Islamic Jihad and Hamas), Jordan and Turkey (soon B'H!)

    In Brazil, there is a recession reported by the media and politicians. Many unemployed youth, growing crime. Inflation (stagflation), water shortages and higher public debt. An anti-Semitic policy of the Brazilian woman, said to confiscate properties of Brazilian Jews, because of the war against Hamas.

    Argentine government debt.

    All the best!!!

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

  3. Is there a Torah source that I could quote my friends regarding the concept of UN/us forces coming to Israel at the end of times and the first 3 months will be ok but the last 6 months will be hard? Thanks!

    1. I have a very strange answer that requires much explanation. Everything that has to do with Gog UMagog, Yeheskel 38 and 39, Zechariah 14, the rest of Tenach, the Talmud, the holy Zohar, midrash, etc, etc, etc, is referring to the United States of Magog. The individual who is trying to get the evil New World Order, NWO, implemented, which would require WW3 (it includes a nuclear holocaust to wipe out 93% of the world population) is Gog Bush, Sr. Even the new Islamic State (formerly ISIS) is an enhancement of Al Qaeda who was started by the CIA and is actually being controlled by the CIA. It all started when the CIA director in the 1980's, Gog Bush, Sr got the help of his friend Osama Bin Laden (the Bush family and the Bin Laden family have been friends for decades), to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. It all developed from then as a way to institute the evil NWO. The details of all this are way too involved for a writing here, and even include classified information that I cannot go into (I am a retired US Army Officer who knows too much). Everything that you read in the news is complete fabrication -- the truth will be known after Moshiach is introduced (how far after, I don't know).

      What does this have to do with the present situation in Israel and the end to which you are referring? Everything is under the control of the Bush Cabal (the Islamic State operating in Gaza and much of the Middle East, Obama, Kerry, the Pentagon, the media, etc, etc etc) and therefore is the last effort by Gog to destroy Israel (an ongoing effort since 1948 -- the United States of Magog is by far the worst enemy of Israel and the Jewish people and that is easily proven). Everything that I am telling you is completely provable, well documented and unshakable. If anyone has questions, write me a personal Email since I have already said too much. Even though this is a very sore subject with me, I am encouraged greatly that we are at the end and that the happy ending is near as described throughout scriptures, B"H. Even though all prophecy is being fulfilled, it is obviously not happening the way we would have expected.

    2. Thank you for this information and for speaking the truth. It's the first time I'm hearing some of these details regarding Bush sr etc but I truly believe its the real truth bc the media is all sheker. I look forward to the day that haShem will reveal all the truth and put humanity back on the right track again. Thank you again!! Shabbat shalom!

  4. Hello!!!

    A pity, this week, do not have the message of Rav Nir Ben Artzi.

    All the best and shavua tov!!!

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

  5. I am so disappointed that we are past t"sha B'av and yet no mashiach.

    1. I verified through several sources that Rav Chaim and other Gedolim have stated that we are close to Moshiach, but as suspected, no one actually gave a date (nor are they allowed to give a date). We suspected that Tisha B'Av was a possibility, since it is brought down that Moshiach was born on that date. The statements about Moshiach being close still hold and should have us very excited. I have mentioned several times to expect the unexpected. When will he be announced? Only Hashem knows and it will be a big surprize to all of us and probably when we least expect it.

      It is important for us to continue everything that Hashem wants from us while we wait. Not just to make it happen sooner (which it will), but to help each one of us, on an individual level, to be ready. Reaching Tikun is an individual accomplishment -- how prepared we are when the Geula comes will depend on what we do now. Tefilah, Teshuvah, Tzedakah, Limud HaTorah, Ahavas Yisroel, Mitzvot, etc, etc, etc is all necessary prior to receiving Moshiach. The more we do now, the happier we will be to receive him.