Thursday, July 10, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, - Parasha Pinchas, 8 Tammuz תשעד


G-d, King of Kings, is asking all civilians of the state of Israel, the government of Israel, the Mossad and GSS, to urgently give backup to the IDF soldiers, who are loyally, honestly, and truthfully doing their work!  All of the media outlets who film all kinds of things to harm and demoralize the IDF soldiers - it is all a lie!  It is not true, not accurate, and greatly exaggerated.  The modern world, modern media, process, edit, and distort the images, exaggerate and upload it to the media - it is not the truth!  G-d is asking all Israeli civilians, the government of Israel, the GSS, Mossad and Jews living overseas, to give strong backup to the defense and mission of the IDF soldiers.

The IDF soldiers defend and watch over the holy land.  Thanks to them, the orthodox, religious and nonreligious citizens can live.  Thanks to the IDF soldiers they sleep well at night, learn well and pray well.

The IDF soldiers are in very dangerous places doing holy work to save the state of Israel.

The government of Israel is in the process of making very difficult and important decisions in order to make conclusions concerning who they are dealing with.  They have finally made those conclusions. There is no faith in the Palestinians, the Hamas, the Jihad, and some of the Arabs in Israel, none!  The government of Israel, Mossad, and GSS need to remove the leaders of Hamas; they are the ones rioting in Israel.  They are inciting a large part of the Arabs in Judea and Samaria and in the north to create riots – it is all the work of Hamas.

We fully believe that the Mossad and GSS will get to them and remove them from this world – remove them from the root.  They are brainwashing the Arabs in Israel, inciting and causing harsh riots in the state of Israel.  Nothing will help them.  They will fall on their own swords; their bows will break and the Mossad and GSS will destroy them.

The leaders of the Hamas, Palestinians, Fatah, Jihad, and Abu Mazen are pretending to be sweet and pleasant peace lovers.  They are all working together, and nothing will help them.  Abu Mazen has convinced the Hamas and all those looking to harm the state of Israel and the Jews.  He promised them parts of the holy land of Israel and there was a long period of silence.  When the Hamas saw that they are getting nothing , they decided to disrupt the quiet before the storm.  The Hamas and all the leaders saw that there is no chance to deceive, lie and fool the state of Israel and the Jews; they decided to fight now.  Hamas' and Abu Mazen's deception to hurt and destroy the state of Israel has been discovered!  All of the released terrorists have created a gang of terrorists.  The Mossad and GSS, quietly will arrest all of the Hamas leaders and all those who want to harm the state of Israel.  They are still planning to kidnap IDF soldiers and young boys; they continue as usual with lots of gangs. Because of summer vacation, there needs to be a watchful eye on the children of Israel, especially since the Hamas and Palestinians know, heaven forbid, when to surprise.  Do not trust the quiet, watch the children in safe places.  Don't say "it is quiet now", there is no faith in them.

In the Gaza Strip Hamas and the Palestinians have weapons that are more modern than what they had three years ago.  They have more devices to set more accurate targets and they are using them.

One Arab has been killed, it is unknown who killed him and they rioted.  We lost three pure righteous children, make your own conclusions.

The Hamas, Palestinians, Abu Mazen and all of the terrorist leaders are accomplices in kidnapping the righteous kids.  There are many more gangs working together with the kidnappers who murdered the three kids, they are not alone.  The Mossad and GSS will catch them all, don't worry, G-d will help them.  They need to remove the Hamas leaders and all those who want to harm Israel so that they are a flock without a shepherd.

The great pain and sadness over the three murdered kids will never be forgotten.  Every Jew wept and shared the pain.

Jewish women married to Arabs are the greatest danger in the world to Jews.

G-d will continue with the earthquakes, harsh winds, storms, fires, floods, natural disasters in every place, and disasters with trains, airplanes and ships.

Animals will go crazy and harm humans.  Dear Jews, do not go to a mixed beach!  Germs will come out of the ocean, small and large animals to harm the people at mixed beaches.  There is judgment in heaven and earth, do not mess with G-d!

Jordan is getting new immigrants from Iraq and is continuing to get refugees from Syria and Hamas and is on the brink of collapsing.

Turkey continues to get refugees and immigrants from Syria and is on the verge of collapsing.

Syria will continue to be erased.

The border with Jordan must urgently be closed with a strong concrete wall so that not even one refugee from Jordan enters.  This is an opening which can't be stopped and will bring millions, the government of Israel must be careful.

Iran wants to look like a giant, like it is helping the Americans in Iraq, but it is a very close friend with the Russians.  The Americans are delusional; they don't know that the Iranians and Arab countries are volatile.  Iran can't do anything to Israel – any country or any person in the world who wants to harm Israel, G-d will eradicate them from the face of the earth.

Egypt is in conflict with the Hamas.  A golden platter filled with swords and troubles from the Hamas awaits Sisi.  We are showing Sisi who the Hamas really is.

The IDF must not trust the Lebanese border.  Nasrallah and Hezbollah are waiting for orders from Iran to surprise the northern border.  Despite the fact that they are being erased because they have no backup from Syria, the IDF needs to make sure no ammunition reaches them from Syria and Iran.

All the white and black collars, the corrupt and corrupters, the cheaters and deceivers who cheat Jews, should wait in line, they will all be revealed.  G-d is in pain when a Jew cheats a Jew.  Every thief will hang.

Jews in Israel need to be very happy that there is a minister in parliament who decided to close supermarkets on the Sabbath.  He is being strengthened from the heavens because the Sabbath is the life and defense of the people of Israel.

G-d is doing everything so that the people of Israel will shout out to have the Messiah crowned in our generation; we will do everything to make it in our generation.  G-d promises that it will be in our generation!  Like it or not, the crowning of the Messiah will be in our generation!


  1. Hello!!!

    I would like to thank you for spreading the message of Rav Nir Ben Artzi. Very happy with these words.

    All the best and Shavua Tov!!! :)

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

  2. G'd bless you we so need Ha Rav Nir Ben Artzis teachings and many of us won't be able to read it in Hebrew this is simply amazing! Hashem should bless you with all that you do.
    A great full Jew living in Israel crying for the loss of our most amazing soldiers that do everything in their power to protect US! G'd should bless them in all that they do and they should all live and have wings of and Eagle.

    1. Thank you for your kind words; and be aware, that Hashem blesses all of us. The time of our redemption is imminent and there will be no need for soldiers -- the evil of the world will be gone, B"H.

  3. B"H Amen, thanks again for all your great efforts.