Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Sunday, 22 Tammuz תשעד – Parashat Maasei

G-d, King of Kings, merciful father, is asking all of the Jews in the holy land of Israel to be united.  There is no left or right, everyone needs to be together in their hearts!  G-d is with the people of Israel and with all of the IDF soldiers, protecting and guarding them through unity, love and kindness in Israel.  You need to read Psalms in every home and every Synagogue.

All of the great Torah scholars and Rabbis in Israel: go out to mass prayer, or in your Synagogues, or organize large prayer meetings to protect and guard the IDF soldiers so that they succeed in their mission to remove the Hamas, which is the cruelest enemy in the world, not only to Israel but to Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Europe, and the United States as well.  G-d is protecting and guarding the IDF soldiers and they also need to protect themselves.

We will do what we wrote now and this will protect the IDF soldiers; they will succeed in their mission!
The mission the IDF is on is not an easy one.  The tunnels in the Gaza Strip form an entire country underground, a city under Gaza, and Hamas can live there, not for months, but for years.  They have a lot of tunnels and caves, they have houses underground.  Every IDF soldier and citizen must open their eyes, they are cruel, they do not want peace and they want to destroy the people of Israel.  All of the cities and settlements in Israel; don't think they ran out of rockets.  They are filled with all kinds of rockets, long range and short range, and they can at any moment send a rocket and surprise any place in the country.  Don't be complacent, be vigilant to be safe.

Be careful of gentiles living in Israel, don't hitchhike, don't mess with them, ignore them as much as possible.  Don't say "it won't happen to me."

The entire world hates the Hamas!  They are the seed of Amalek, cruel and spreading their snake venom in every country.  The people of Hamas are so cruel that they put their children in the frontline to protect themselves.  Look at the cruelty!  They have no feelings or mercy for their children, they are abominations, uncultured.  You cannot have mercy on cruelty.

You cannot enter a cease fire, the situation will continue until the IDF cleans up the entire Gaza Strip!  If they enter a cease fire, they will arm themselves even more than they already have.  They already prepared for war, to surprise Israel through the tunnels.  They did not believe that the IDF would enter Gaza.

From the time they took Gush Katif, instead of building a great country of peace and love, they built a country of war, filled with ammunitions and rockets to fight Israel.  Now everyone knows why G-d objected to this peace with the Palestinians!

G-d is telling every Jew: the IDF soldiers are in battle and those who are not in there, pray and read Psalms. It doesn't matter if you are or aren't religious, if you are a lefty or righty.  Do more acts of kindness and giving, and pray that the soldiers will be safe and protected; and, that they will succeed in their mission.

Anti-Semitism in the world is greatly increasing; its purpose is to send the Jews away from the exile countries, from the material world, the abominable world, to the holy land of Israel!  Once G-d exiled them, sent them away from the holiest place in the world, from Israel and the Temple, and spread them out across the world.  Today it is time for redemption, to crown the Messiah.  G-d is not sending them away from pure places, but from impure, dirty, abominable places, to the holy and pure land of Israel!

Natural disasters will continue, as will earthquakes, fires, floods and harsh winds, planes will fall, will be taken down, trains will have accidents, submarines and ships will experience complications.  This is G-d's move to remove all the evil and impurities from the face of the earth.

Jews, everyone must do what they can to follow the commandments.

The 18 days of prayer for the kidnapped, who were murdered, continues to protect and guard the IDF soldiers and the people of the Jewish state of Israel.  Don't stop!  The power of the people of Israel is prayer!
There is redemption from the year 1948!  Jews will come to the holy state of Israel by the thousands and millions!

The Messiah is working, operating and praying; doing work like Moses who raised his hands to G-d; and, the Amalekites fell on their faces and died - without us using weapons!

When the Messiah receives his wand, there will come a day when he will be crowned by G-d here on earth. At that time, no state and no person in the world will be able to speak or lift a finger against the state of Israel!  The Messiah holds everything!  The power of the Messiah is to destroy countries and to make peace in the world!  Either they go in peace with him, or they will be swallowed by the earth!  It will be like exiting Egypt, without knives, without weapons, rockets and tanks –with the power of Moses who was the Messiah at the time!  Moses was first; and, the Messiah in this generation – the last!

Courtesy of a "Tair Neri"


  1. This was a good post; but what is bothersome is in his last paragraph when he speaks of Moshiach being here already, he 'inadvertently' uses the term State of Israel instead of the right term - Eretz Yisrael!

    1. Why is that bothersome when all the Gedolim, Mekubalim, Facilitated Communications individuals and many more have all said that Moshiach is here already. He hasn't been anointed on Earth yet, but he is here (I believe he lives in Jerusalem). I personally know Rabbis who know him.

      I think that the State of Israel is probably more familiar than Eretz Yisroel especially to my worldwide reading population. There are many words in the Rav's Hebrew message that are better translated into more popular English terms just for clarity. I have had complaints in the past about words that were used that were unfamiliar to the non-Hebrew speaking audience. As long as we know what is being said -- I'm happy.

  2. To Israel i write with abundant love
    it is only in G-D that you are allowed to trust
    Not in an iron drone to protect your homes
    but rather in the prayer we pray each night
    Where G-D will protect us with all G-D’S might
    where a thousand will fall at our left indeed
    And a myriad at our right if only we heed
    to the Sinai miracle in which we believe
    Why should we the worlds opinion behold
    we must adhere to Torah like we been told
    We are not weak or scared but very bold
    may G-D please have mercy on every Jewish soul

    1. The many miracles we are experiencing every day attests to your excellent comment. Every war that Israel has been involved with, has been extremely miraculous. We know exactly Who protects us and loves us.

  3. Hello!!!

    B'H the words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi!
    They give us much hope of a better tomorrow. Very happy with these words.

    All the best and shavua tov!!!

    Luiz Felipe - S. P. - Brasil

    1. And I feel good, Luiz, everytime I hear from you. You brighten my day.

    2. Hello!!!

      Thank you!
      I also have a brighter and better day when the Mr. directs me words.

      Thank you once more and everything nice!

      Luiz Felipe.

  4. Baal kerry you are the sectary of state,
    but to Israel you are hostile and demonstrate hate,
    you accuse us of being an apartheid state
    as you dare try to determine our G-D given fate

    now let us determine as we examine the facts
    who uses children as shields these cowardly acts
    who launched rockets from built up areas and flats
    who build tunnels to attack like cowardly rats

    you want to broker peace at our misery
    as you act like Balaam using wizardry
    but our G-D assures us through prophecy
    that we have been redeemed from slavery

    now amidst all your main stream media buzz
    where you peddle lies and cause chaos and fuss
    where with intent you sow discord without any trust
    G-D does not want human sacrifice your peace process does.

    Korbanot Shalom sacrafices of peace said prime minister Rabin
    As We shook hands with Arafat in the rose garden
    What did we gain what did we win
    And you want us to do this again and again

    With these sacrifices of peace our children die
    Our leaders are useless as they shrug and sigh
    Families are bereaved as mothers cry
    And we are to believe your evil lie

    The world call out for an immediate truce
    but by that we just tighten our noose
    an Israeli can at any time become a cooked goose
    now is the time to let our army loose

    Netanyahu replaced Olmert who was put on trial
    He replaced Sharon for little while
    Sharon fell into a coma, to be replaced by Barak,
    who fell out of favor, can you believe this kak
    who was replaced by Netanyahu yet once again
    man this whole peace process is totally insane
    i think we are heading for the end game

    1. Very well done. Thank you for all your effort -- I can see it was a huge task and a labor of love.

    2. Israel soldiers stand proud and tall
      they answer to their nations call
      To free them from horror, missiles and sorrow
      to say it’s enough, no peace treaty, no bluff
      to stand for what is your G-D given right
      to protect your land with all your might
      Israel soldiers stand proud and tall
      Hamas before them shall stumble and fall
      Israel is finished with useless peaceful chats
      now is the time to kill these tunnel rats
      to show the world once and for all
      G-D’S glorious nation shall never fall.

  5. there are no palestinian people, only point on which I would quibble.

    1. I agree. Also, there is no place called the West Bank. Also, there is no occupation, unless we told the truth that Arabs are occupying Jewish land. The word is Jew-hatred, not antisemitism. There are many things that are said very loosely, but unfortunately it is jargon that the world relates to. I have written comments on Youtube videos and news items stating that the before 1948 the Palestinians were the Jews -- some of them are my neighbors. The Arabs didn't want to be called Palestinians as they do not want to be called Israelis today. I received many negative comments from those who have no idea what is going on in Israel or, for that matter, the world. I have just resigned to the idea that some rhetoric is not worth arguing about when it detracts from the true message trying to be delivered. When Moshiach is introduced, the world will change from a world of falsehood to the world of truth.