Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Sunday 1 Tammuz – Parashat BALAK, תשעד

The Master of the Universe will not give in to any land or any country in the world – anyone who wants to harm and destroy the Holy Land of Israel!  All countries in Europe, which go against the settlements and the Holy Land, we shouldn’t be afraid of them, they cannot do anything.   Do not fear them; go forward with full confidence and faith in the Almighty!  The Land of Israel is the source of blessing.  No one can interfere and stop the blessing.  Economics of the Holy Land of Israel – no one in the world, not a country, not a person, can interfere!  Look what the Creator will do to them; He will ruin their economy, as they wanted to do, measure for measure, to Israel.  Their swords will go in their own hearts; their arrows will break and cause themselves damage.

(This drasha was given before the situation of the hostages was known.  I have eliminated paragraphs asking for us to continue praying for their safe return.)

Hamas, Palestinians, Abbas and Hamas chief executive, know exactly what happened with the hostages and what will happens to them.  Abu Mazen was aware of the situation for sure, yet played the Man of Peace.

All those who shoots missiles is doing a disgusting thing!  They are all working together -- Abbas, Fatah and Hamas CEO.  They deny knowing who makes these missiles – as if it were a new idea.  Hamas is the seed of Amalek, this is the mistake that King Saul made, who didn’t listen to Hashem.

Big warning to the Israeli government, the Mossad and the Shin Bet: not to be squeamish!  Not Jordan, not Syria, not with any other country, be careful accepting refugees from Jordan, Syria or any other country!  Not accept them!  Watch out!  If the smallest opening, the State of Israel will not exist.  The smallest opening will grow to millions (of refugees).  This is one of their goals; don’t live in allusions, watch out!  Jews have nowhere to go, the whole world has places to live – the Jews do not.  Jew-hatred is getting more difficult, other countries will not accept even one Jew.

Some of the Arabs in the Judea and Samaria are the most extreme, hate the Jews, and act as if all is well.  The Holy One, Blessed is He, says: 'My children wake up, keep your souls!'

Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Hamas, Fatah and the Palestinians, are all one arm against the land of Israel. All the Middle East is burning, complex and complicated.  The Creator shows the people of Israel that in all the other nations there is in-fighting and murdering in cold blood; you cannot believe any country in the world.  They should not cooperate with any Arab country.  Do not let the infiltrators and refugees invade from Syria, Jordan and Judea and Samaria toward the rest of Israel.

Gaza cannot restrain themselves, but only want to send missiles.  They think that the IDF is one person.  They do this to get the IDF to leave Hebron and focus more activity in Gaza.  The IDF is impossible to confuse!  The IDF is the most powerful army in the world – they know when to attack and when to turn ignore.

This week the children of Israel are out on vacation.  Only the regions that are in danger of missile fire will need to take care of the children and to insure that they are in protected buildings while on the vacation, not wandering the streets.  Parents work for livelihood yet need to guard their children.  Every town and city is providing national service girls and women to take care of children to be protected against missiles from the Gaza Strip, while the parents are at work and cannot protect children.

Not all Arabs with blue ID cards are loyal to Israel.  Soldiers should be vigil on the home front and pay attention to traffic, from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and places that connect to Israel.

Israel's economy will continue to flourish and grow; every blessing exists in the land of Israel. The Land of Israel is the source of blessing and it is spreading to the world – thanks to Israel, the world exists!  Although Israel is a small country, it is of high quality to be in it – welcome and enjoy!

Dear Jews you should know that no one can harm the State of Israel, have no fear!  Go with heads held high and with confidence!

Jew-hatred outside of Israel exceeds all bounds!  Jews, hurry, hurry, come to Israel it is Urgent! Do not wait to be, G-d forbid, in the situation that the Jews were in decades ago.  Today Jew-hatred is sophisticated and elegant; and, they slowly hurt, break and destroy the Jews in exile.  All Jews have a job, a living, a good life in protected Israel.  The Creator asks: Enough with these words of doom, it will not happen to us!   Those who say such things do not believe the Holy One, Blessed is He.

Syria crumbles, to be deleted from the Earth.

Iraq is crumbling, to be wiped off the earth.

Turkey is bursting with the influx of refugees; they do not know what to do.  They do not openly oppose them because they are "like" a modern state.

Jordan has scared and terrified refugees from Syria and Iraq.  It is becoming chaotic.

Egypt, Sisi thinks he caught a big fish – he caught nothing.  There will be problems with all his people.  There will be no peace in Egypt – the hunger gnaws and the famine is very difficult.

They fire from Gaza in all directions and say it is another organization – liars and cheats!  Palestinians and Hamas are together.

Natural disasters continue on sea, land, air and fire.  The Creator has even raised the threshold for all those who want to disturb the people of Israel, to insure that the state, country or person has something to occupy them.

All white and black collar individuals, all institutions of Israel, all departments in the government and military, religious and non-religious, repent urgently and stop negative acts, corruption, fraud.  "Keep Me and I will keep you.”  He who repents will be saved.  Do not say "it will not happen.  The Creator purifies everyone and gives everyone the opportunity to stop the corruption, those who repent immediately, will not be discovered.  Say "it will not happen,” and expect to be discovered.

The Creator said: The world is in chaos for nothing?  The land is in chaos for nothing? Our Heavenly Father runs the world!  Fruit and vegetable trees grow from a small seed.  Fish eggs produce billions of fish.  From a small drop are born beasts, animals and humans.  Who can dare not to believe that our Father in Heaven rules the world!

The Almighty says: "What remains yet to be proven?  I've done it and you do not see!

The redemption of Israel began on the day of Independence; the Messiah comes, acts and works wonders and miracles in secret.  If it was not secret, all might think, G-d forbid, that he is G-d and they would make him an idol.  Until he will be crowned by G-d, everything will be secret!  Signs and wonders in secret.  The Creator expects the cries of the Jews and the Torah sages, asking the Holy Blessed One to crown King Messiah Now!


  1. What do you think Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi meant by "The redemption of Israel began on the day of Independence"? Does he mean the year we originally declared independence or does he mean this past Yom Haatzmaut? And does he think we are in the 9 months of the final Geula from this past Independence Day?

    1. I have heard several Rabbis mention that the redemption process started in 1948. I big sign that we are in the end of days, according to Rashi, is when the people return to the land and the land produces. That is a process that started in 1948 and continues today. Nobody ever said that the redemption process would happen over night. However, the good news is all the events that are to happen before Moshiach is announced have happened already (past tense) or are happening now. We are close according to everyone in the know.

    2. I do not recall the Rav mentioning the 9 months, nor do I know exactly the timeframe it represents. There are those who believe the 9 months are over (possibly the time when Kerry got involved in the ridiculous peace process to when he declared it a total failure, B"H.) If that was the 9 months and it has ended, it is another sign that the redemption is imminent.

  2. Hello!

    Holy and wise words spoken by Rav Nir Ben Artzi. Such profound words, I shed tears for the joy of reading them.

    All the best and shavua tov!

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brazil

    1. I do agree completely. It is the reason I wanted to get his message on my blog every week. Luiz, nice to hear from you, my friend.

    2. Thank you, mr. Absolute True. I always look for the words of Rav Nir Ben Artzi, every week on your blog.

      All the best and Shabbat Shalom!

      Luiz Felipe - S. P. - Brazil