Monday, May 5, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita Parashat Behar, תשעד

G-d has shown the government of Israel and the Jews in Israel the true face of Abu Mazen and his friends!  Thank G-d that nothing has come out of this peace process!   The goal of the Palestinians, Hamas, and Fatah is to get all of their captives, take land from the holy land of Israel and then continue to fight and send missiles and bombs into Israel without end.

Until this moment, they continue to dig tunnels toward army bases, working 24 hours a day.  They dig tunnels from houses that Palestinians live in.  Even now they are smuggling ammunition and weapons from the Sinai Desert and are also manufacturing ammunition themselves.  They do not want peace, only to conquer the land of Israel.

Now the government of Israel and the Jews need to be even more careful!  Everyone has discovered that the Hamas and Palestinians are united - not from today.  Jews finally know that Arabs hate us, they know the truth!  There are Jews that live in an illusion that the Arabs and Palestinians can be trusted.

Memorial Day is a very sad and happy day!  Because thanks to the IDF soldiers who have fallen, we sit in our homes, live in our country, the land of Israel, and are not being persecuted.  We cannot forget for one moment the IDF soldiers who have fallen!  Thanks to them, we live safely!  The people of Israel need to bow their heads to every IDF solder!  Nothing can replace the pain.

Dear Jews living in Israel, you must not take the law into your own hands!  You are ruining your good name and it is a shame!  It is a shame that the good name of youths will be ruined.  It causes violence and tension in Israel and later on, G-d forbid, it will cause Jews to lose their faith in other Jews.  You need to be careful, don't do things that are wrong.

The government of Israel and the Jews need to support every IDF soldier so that they know they have someone to rely on!  First on G-d, and then on the government of Israel and the people of Israel!

The IDF soldiers must follow the rules as they are trained.  Footage and photos about IDF soldiers only lower the value of the IDF and lower the motivation.  You need to give soldiers confidence.  You cannot punish IDF soldiers when the truth is not known!

The IDF must be vigilant. There are units of terrorists in the West Bank and in Israel and some of the Arabs that live in Israel help the Arabs outside of Israel.

IDF soldiers - don't hitchhike!  Follow IDF rules.  Arabs are dressing up as Jews, religious women, Jewish men, looking like Jews to kidnap, G-d forbid, soldiers and harm Jews.

Government of Israel, all of the parliament members and ministers, G-d is asking you to unite.  You need to develop the economy in Israel, construction for young couples, education of youth, develop the Negev, Samaria and the Western Galilee, and build settlements.  Jews, there is no need to live in the center of Israel, that is how evil will decrease in unclean places and there will be livelihoods and happiness in the holy land of Israel.

Saudi Arabia has seen that the United States does not have power and has taken out its ammunition and weapons for show in order to say that it is here and on the map.

Iran can never harm Israel.  They know full well that G-d has chosen the Jews; they know that if they want to do something to the state of Israel, they will be swallowed by the earth and water will cover them!  They laugh at the Americans and the rest of the world.

Russia listens to no one.  It does what it wants - "I will do what is best for Russia and everyone else can bite me."  They only care about themselves and their civilians.

G-d is doing great work so that the United States will stop bothering Israel and stop blaming Israel, as if it took the whole world and left the gentiles only a small piece of land.  G-d, praise Him, has given the United States troubles on end, in their economy, nature, and even the Russian army, so that they have something to deal with.  They will deal with each other and will eventually leave Israel alone.

Syria is eating itself, one is eating the other and they are being finished more from day to day.  No one can help them.  At one time, countries wanted to help and there was almost a world war between them.  They do not want to get complicated with Syria.

Nasralah and Hezbollah are disappearing.  First they had Syria and Iran, and now they are complicated among themselves.  Iran is sending them weapons and ammunition secretly.  Once they sent an air train, today they try in every way, in secret.  The IDF has eyes open everywhere.

Hamas, Fatah, the Palestinians, and jihad have very devious plans.  We need to be very careful to ensure they do not surprise us inside Israel.

Egypt is being eaten from within; it has no solutions and is under alert to avoid a revolution.  Nothing will help them, a revolution will come, patience.

In Jordan the king is very disappointed.  It pains him that the fugitives have doubled and tripled and Hamas together with the fugitives are ruining Jordan.  He has no help from anyone in the world.  The peace has been canceled and their truth has been discovered.

In Turkey, the president comes to everyone with love and peace so that there are no demonstrations and problems, nothing will help him.

Anti-Semitism is increasing every day.  Jews living outside of Israel need to be very careful!  You need to run for your lives and come to Israel to settle in the holy land.  Nothing will help you, anti-Semitism will never stop - quite the opposite, it will increase.  They will see on camera Jews being chased and running away in humiliation.

There will continue to be natural disasters, floods, volcano eruptions, earth quakes, rain, winds, confused planes and ships, colliding trains, disasters on the roads, confused animals and beasts.

Every day they will wait for night, and every night they will wait for a day.  The world is in chaos and it is by G-d's hand.

G-d is waiting and expects from his children the Jews to ask for the Messiah to be crowned!  There is a Messiah in every generation who protects the state of the Jews, the state of Israel so that no Jew will miss the crowning of the Messiah!

Jews, stop being complacent and ask G-d to crown the Messiah because only this can save the situation of the state of Israel and all of the Jews in the world!

באדיבות אתר "תאיר נרי"Courtesy of "Tair Neri"                                                                  


  1. In the seventh paragraph, I believe the word "publish" should read, "punish".

    1. Thank you. At my age I need someone to check me. It is also nice to know that someone is reading the Rav's messages word for word.