Thursday, May 1, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parshat Emor תשעד


G-d, Creator of the Earth, since the time of Exodus until now, has used angels, messengers on earth to do the work.  Now, all of the floods on Earth, the fire, volcano eruptions, lightning and thunder, earthquakes, conflicts and complications, cold here and heat there, strong rains, darkness, disease and harsh plagues in all kinds of places in the world, complications in planes and ships and the defense of the holy state of Israel - all this, G-d does himself!  His acts on Earth teaches everyone a lesson as He did with the Tower of Babel!  He Himself, G-d Himself came down to this world to manage it and guide it to purity and holiness, just like He came down to strike the firstborns in Egypt.  Not angels or seraphs, G-d Himself is fighting on Earth to lead it towards purity and holiness, love and peace, and to prevent nuclear war on earth!

G-d says to all of the seven billion gentiles on earth: I have given you the entire earth, please stop bothering my Jewish children living in Israel, and leave them alone!  Stop bothering the smallest place in the world, don't bother the state of Israel and the Jews in it, it is the center of the world! G-d has chosen the Jewish people, the Jewish people feed off of G-d directly!  Through Torah, prayer, good deeds, and correcting wrongs, the light comes down and gives Jews living in Israel life!  Stop bothering my children and the holy land!

Every Jew, orthodox, religious or non-religious, must read a few chapters from the Torah and Psalms every day and he/she will have peace of mind and wisdom.  This is for working Jews who don't have time to learn Torah and read Psalms.

The iPhone has come to the world because G-d has chosen it.  It is not an invention of the other side. There is TV and internet, computers and the iPhone and G-d says to use these tools for purity and holiness, to learn Torah through them, to do good deeds.  In everything there is both good and bad.

In heaven there are no deadlines and schedules, they decide and that's it.  It happens whenever it happens.  In the heavens, they know that something needs to happen on earth, the crowning of the Messiah, and they wait, they have their own time.  We the Jews in Israel believe, and will believe, that G-d has pity on the people of Israel before any plan that anyone wants.  One wants the Messiah now, and one doesn't want him now – May G-d give everyone wisdom and knowledge to understand that there is a Messiah and he is active!

The United States is turning its face concerning the fake peace with the Palestinians and Israel.  It has seen the ugly face of Abu Mazen as he acts poor and miserable, pulling everyone's strings, leading them through impurity and in the end he has fooled them all.  The United States had better take care of itself, its economy and Iran.  Iran is dangerous; it is making a fool of the United States and is backed by Russia.

Russia also does not care about the United States, they listen to no one.

Iran is nothing compared to Israel.  The physical and spiritual power of Israel, the IDF, can hurt Iran and so they fear Israel.

G-d does not want to bring destruction and a third world war!  G-d does not want a nuclear war and will not let it happen on earth, thanks to the Jews living in Israel who have a G-dly spark in their soul from G-d.

The government and the Israeli delegation thought that Abu Mazen will reach an agreement, that he is not connected to the Hamas.  G-d has thwarted Abu Mazen and his entourage and has revealed to the people of Israel and the Israeli government the scheming and conning done in front of the "peace" with the Jews.  He has made a fool of everyone, at first telling the Hamas to be quiet in order to fool the people of Israel.  But, G-d has revealed him and all of his lies, his stench and schemes.

The government of Israel must stop being naive!  Until this moment, the Palestinians, Hamas, and Fattah are digging tunnels nonstop in order to abduct IDF soldiers.  Wake up from your coma!  G-d is dismantling and destroying Syria, the Hezbollah and all of the Arab countries so that there is quiet for the people of Israel and so that we are not bothered; and, you want to give parts of Israel away to the Palestinians?!  He has taken Syria off of your backs and you are playing around with the Palestinians?!  The Hamas is reconciling with the Palestinians and Fattah and everyone is uniting so that they have the power to influence and take parts of the land of Israel.

The Israeli government must overcome the threatening and living in illusion; G-d has revealed to you who Abu Mazen is and who his friends are!  G-d has told the government of Israel: stop the fighting among yourselves immediately; cancel this false peace with the Palestinians, this conflict is ages old, they want to end the people of Israel.

Syria will continue to be annihilated by the hand of G-d.

Jordan and his king are traumatized by what Abu Mazen has done.  They are saying: why did he open his mouth now and not wait until after the agreement?

Egypt does not love Abu Mazen's talks with the Hamas, they hate the Hamas and not because of terrorism.  The Hamas is doing the opposite of the Ten Commandments, sowing evil and destruction in Egypt and the entire world.

The Hezbollah and Nasrallah don't have power or brains; there is no one to help them.

In Turkey, Arduan is giving all kinds of gifts to his people, especially the strongest of his people, so that there is no revolution.  It will not help; all those he fired are waiting to pounce on him soon.

The government of Israel needs to work hard against all drug dealers bringing drugs into Israel who work with the Arabs to destroy Jewish youth and interfere with their growth to be future IDF soldiers. Thanks to these youths, there are soldiers in the IDF and the state of Israel exists.  Open your eyes, Israeli government; you need to find an urgent solution to the drinking and gambling problem.

You need to urgently publicize that there is cruel and harsh anti-Semitism against Jews, just like before the holocaust.  You need to uproot anti-Semitism against Jews; the gentiles wear a nice suit and have a black heart.

Every year we remember the holocaust so that the Jews don't forget what they went through, so that they remain vigilant and protect the people of Israel.

When all of the Jews obey the Ten Commandments, the people of Israel will be completely protected!

When the world reaches its peak, the worst state of imbalance on earth, suffering and harsh complications, and this is very soon, G-d will crown the Messiah with mercy.

באדיבות: אתר "תאיר נרי" Courtesy of  "Tair Neri"                                        

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  1. Hello!!!

    The third world war has not happened, or do not know if in fact occur, due to Am Israel living in different countries that would be involved in this global conflict, at least that's what I understood. This shows the greatness of Hashem and His love for Am Israel

    I understand that while the Gentile nations of the world bother Am Israel, the world is falling deeply on account of Divine Justice that comes from Hashem!

    The technology and the things that happen in the world, are for our good, but unfortunately not always realize it, because we are flawed.

    B'H not occur by the Third World War.

    What no shortage of reasons to happen in view of the political leaders, who i understand that are used by HaShem to Divine Purpose.

    Rav Nir Ben Artzi: "When the world reaches its peak, the worst state of imbalance on earth, suffering and harsh complications, and this is very soon, G-d will crown the Messiah with mercy."

    Luiz Felipe: So be it. :)

    Shabat Shalom and all the best!!!

    Luiz Felipe - SP - Brasil