Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Naso תשעד


Our Lord, our heavenly Father is pleased because the time of redemption has begun since 1948, Israel's independence, and is happy because the coronation of King Messiah will soon be.  The Holy One, blessed is He is happy to purify this world that will be a world of abundant love, a world of grace, a world of peace without pain and without hurting.  The Messiah is here!  The third Temple is here!  And all Jews will live in Israel holy!  Despite all this waiting, the Creator continues to make the discord between countries and within them and continues to confuse all countries of the world except Israel, the weather is hot or cold, severe earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions and violent and intense winds.  All this is growing day by day, so that the State of Israel is left alone and that Jews will flee from exile to Israel and to purify the world.

Anti-Semitism was not stopped with the creation of the State of Israel.  It secretly continues to increase; and, today anti-Semitism discovers itself every day and openly attacks the Jews.  Jews living outside of Israel don’t say, “It will not happen when the time comes, I'll be in Israel,” as if they could count on something.  As long as they do not feel a real threat to their lives, they continue to survive and think it will stop.

The Master of the world, the Almighty is terribly angry, anti-Semitism will not stop.  It will only increase day by day and the Jews are in life threatening danger.  The media does not tell the whole truth, maybe 5% of what happens to the Jews in the world.  Lately they talk about anti-Semitism in many countries.

The Pope came to Israel, came to Jerusalem to enjoy the view and make an impression in the world, nothing more.  Israeli ministers must not decide by themselves!  They are not alone in Israel; they do not own the people of Israel, the people elected them.  Sharon was the last Prime Minister who gave instructions, while those who followed do not decide - it was decided for them, they cannot be called Prime Minister - but members of the Knesset.

The Defense Army of Israel must be vigilant and very serious, because our borders will have serious problems, from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.  The Defense Army of Israel must be alert and vigilant!  This silence is not silent!  They have plans to surprise the State of Israel!  Abbas and his friends laugh and mock the ministers of the Knesset.  Whoever wants peace, does not try to take the holy land.  Those who steal, do not want peace, but they want the land by using politics.

In Egypt there will be a revolution.  It is not only in Egypt, but all the countries and nations in the world, to make them concerned about themselves and leave Israel alone and happy.  In Egypt they are hungry, have problems with Hamas and with residents.

Syria continues to be erased and it will continue.  They are without judge and without law.  As it grew up and became a superpower, so will it fall and become a bag of bones.

Hezbollah, the Syrian army and the rebels are fighting amongst themselves like the Tower of Babel - the hand of G-d is upon them.

Iran will not do anything against Israel.  They are afraid of the Holy One, blessed is He and even the Israel Defense Forces.  They know that IDF can go anywhere in the world.

Almighty G-d said: before you click the button to launch a missile at Israel, at the same time, the earth will open up and swallow you!  Iran threatens to appear that its business operates normally.  It wants to be a superpower.

Jordan expects the Holy One, blessed is He, will make a great revolution, adding refugees indefinitely along with Fatah and Hamas.  It will be the state of refugees and the King of Jordan would be a prisoner in their hands or they will kill him.  Jordan's King thinks the Pope is going to help – no one will!

Turkish Prime Minister beautifies the place and leaves no one looking up.  Today or tomorrow everything will turn against him - patience.

Each country and state that go against Israel and want to hurt her, The Master of the world will put an angel from heaven that will connect to the President or Prime Minister to cause a revolution in his country.  Like Assad in Syria, where an angel motivates him which is why there is no peace.  Even if they  will kill Assad, the revolution will continue in Syria.

All black and white-collar workers will continue to be discovered, especially managers.  All corrupt, lustful men who are doing favoritism, and those who think "protect me - I will protect you," the Holy One, blessed is He, will discover all and cleanse and purify the people of Israel.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, works and acts for the president to be chosen, a president of Israel perfect - clean and pure!

The Creator asks members of the Israeli government to come together and to unite; no one will do what he wants!  It is a shame to throw out money at the expense of the taxpayers.  Jews in Israel want live in peace and tranquility; they are sick of theft, fraud, obscene and despicable acts of drugs, alcohol, gambling and fights.  Anyone who has a management position should show a good example of honesty and truth.

Jews, continue to give charity and continue to show love to others.  It delights the Holy One, blessed is He.  Continue to give to charities - do not be stingy.

Jewish children are prophesying; speaking that it is time for Messiah to come!  Jews wonder when the King Messiah will be crowned to solve all the problems and disorders in Israel!

The Holy One, blessed is He, hits the planet, except the State of Israel.  He lets Israel experience from time to time a little of what other nations are experiencing, so that they will repent.

The Messiah is acting and working in innocence, honesty and truth.  He acts, step by step, using nature; and, when the time will come suddenly everyone will be surprised!  It is written, "The Messiah will not come until you're desperate."  We are waiting for salvation and the coronation of the King Messiah for so long, that we break and no longer believe in deliverance.  Do not break!  Do not despair!  Continue to wait for the coronation of King Messiah!  According to the signs around the world, everyone knows that the world urgently needs the coronation of King Messiah out of mercy!

Jews, ask the Creator of the world to crown the King Messiah out of mercy!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"

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