Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita - Parashat Bechukotai תשעד

G-d brought rain after Passover, after you say "Morid Hatal" (מוריד הטל) - after Independence Day.   There are no mistakes with G-d, only blessed rain, rain of judgment.  There are those for whom it was a blessing and there are those for whom it caused damage.  G-d comes to clean the people of Israel, each one of us for the good that he has or has not done.  G-d comes to show that He is the leader of the world, comes to show that it is not by nature that He has brought down rain in different times.  Some of the rain caused damage, some was a blessing.  There were all kinds of accounts with people: by their hearts, what they give their integrity and cleanliness in their work and the goods that they sell.  This is how G-d settles the score.  Every person who works with honesty, truth and cleanliness and give ma'asarot - his property and fortune will be protected.  All this G-d does to wake up the people of Israel, the good and the less good.  The good - to show them that they should continue on the path of good, and the not good - G-d tells them to wake up and change directions!  G-d gave the Torah so that we will do and listen, and not listen and then do.

Dear Jews, the people of Israel have redemption; the Messiah is soon to be crowned.  G-d will come down Himself to earth and not by angels.  G-d takes care of the earth with a lot of patience for each person.  He does not let the angels touch earth and nature because the angels would bring a flood and destroy the world.

The rain that fell filled the tunnels dug from the Gaza Strip and other places that were aimed at IDF bases.  It will take them time to build them again.  The IDF needs to be vigilant to digs and tunnels.  All of the Jews are good and they have a holy spark, a soul that is part of G-d, but not all of them are connected to G-d.  They think that they are modern, and if they are modern then there is no need to believe in G-d, heaven forbid, like this is a strange thing - it is their mistake.  G-d lifts and humiliates, enriches and endows, so please dear Jews, stay with G-d!  Staying with G-d is love, you cannot curse people, "cursed are those who curse and blessed are those who bless."  Instead of cursing, pray for their redemption.  G-d directly watches over all of nature, there will continue to be tsunamis and floods, rains, thunder, and lightening.  People will see fire from the sky; the air will light up in flames.  There will continue to be devastating earth quakes, strong and harsh winds that devastate mountains and cities, homes, cars, trains, ships, and planes.  Volcano eruptions, heat and cold in different places - heat in places of cold and cold in places of heat.  G-d will flip the weather in all kinds of places.  It will be strange - but it will be! G-d will continue to create conflict between countries and among themselves, this too He does Himself.

Every country that tries to interfere with Israel will experience financial complications and conflict within itself and with its neighbors.

The United States talks badly about Israel to weaken the Israeli government - you do not need to take heed of their talks.  The people of Israel need to love each other, the government needs to be strong and united; stay with G-d and follow all of the laws.  The United States is doing everything so that the Middle East will support it and not Russia.

Syria is continuing to be annihilated. The rebels continue to destroy; they will create tunnels and bombs that will devastate the world.  Syria is on its way to extinction, there is no one to help it - and no one is interested in doing so.

Lebanon and Hezbollah continue on the same path of destruction as Syria, no one is there to help them. Syria and Iran have stopped helping and they are complicated within themselves.

The Palestinians, Hamas and Fatah have bad plans.  They smile on the outside and inside they are filled with evil, hate and revenge to destroy the state of Israel.

Israel needs to stop believing that if the Fatah, Hamas and Palestinians create one union, there will be someone to talk to - they have been united for decades!  Everything is a lie, everything is an act.  They plan on throwing more bait to the government of Israel so that they get parts of the country - don't believe them!

Abu Mazen and his friends think that the United States likes them, so they are over confident. There will not be, G-d forbid, a Palestinian country and giving away parts of Israel!  The blood of Jews is being spilled on this land and it belongs to the state of Israel!  The state of Israel has belonged to the Jews for thousands of years, not just from 1948!

The king of Jordan is angry; he has modern blood, is devious and is angry about Abu Mazen, Hamas and Fatah: "Why don't you wait?  Why do you create unity between you now?  You have ruined all of our devious plans with Israel!"

In Egypt Sisi is provoking; he thinks that if he speaks against the Hamas and others, the Egyptian people will like him.  He should continue doing so; he is on the right path!  He is inviting, building and making trouble and complications for Egypt - there will be a revolution, patience!

In Iran there was a big explosion. G-d warned them and if they do not heed His warning and continue to bother Israel, G-d will continue to blow Iran up, despite the fact that the Iranians are terrified and are careful not to interfere with Israel.

Turkey is in conflict with itself and needs Israeli tourists because it profits greatly from them.  They preferred to shut up to get Israeli tourists.  Tourists from Israel, beware of Turkey and the rest of the world because anti-Semitism is very frightening; it increases by the hundreds every day.  There are seven billion gentiles who hate the Jews.  In Turkey there is a big conspiracy to handle Arduan.

The murder of the girl Sheli Dadon needs to waken the people of Israel to stop being naïve.  There are a lot of these gangs in Israel who want to cause harm through drugs, alcohol, assimilation and incitement, who incite the gentiles in Israel.

Every Jew who eats kosher, kosher meat and vegetables that are clean from bugs will have more mercy than other Jews.  If, heaven forbid, Jews eat non-kosher food, they are bringing abomination into their soul and it becomes a brutish soul.  The soul and spark of G-d leaves them and they become cruel, they hurt innocents - all because of non-kosher food.

In the holy land of Israel, very soon, they will reach a point where they will call out to G-d, out of all of the anguish around them; because, there is no flesh and blood solution to what is going on in the world and in Israel!  They will call out to G-d to crown the Messiah now!  Only he, the Messiah, can give them prosperity and a good life forever!

Courtesy of: Tair Neri
An extra note of interest.
Recently there was severe rain and tornadoes in the US.  There also was heavy rain in Israel.  It was such a comparison of the destruction that we saw outside of Israel and a great blessing experienced in Israel.  But, Rav Ben Artzi makes a strange statement above: “G-d directly watches over all of nature, there will continue to be tsunamis and floods, rains, thunder, and lightening.  People will see fire from the sky; the air will light up in flames.”  The fire in the sky and the air lighting up made me curious since the recent rain in Israel was accompanied by a light show, the likes of which I had never seen before.  Even the thunder was not too prevalent, only the lightning and flashes of light.  A video is worth a thousand words.  Someone recorded this phenomenon in a town south of Jerusalem.  This was seen in a vast area around Jerusalem and had people outside in amazement.   Videos never have the impact of event as when seen in person, but watch and get an idea of what happened.   Watch the entire video since it gets better as it develops.  Note: there is very pleasant music accompanying the light show – if you are, like me, observing the mourning period before Lag B’Omer, turn down the audio before watching.

My charedi neighbors were outside watching and all attested to the awe of Hashem.  We got the message.


  1. I saw that this rain was unusual. Would like to view the video, but it doesn't show up in my iPad. Is it a YouTube? They usually appear.

    1. The one that I used was not YouTube, but I went one YouTube and found several versions. Try this one:

  2. Skeptic, but the timing!May 15, 2014 at 8:30 AM

    Read the headline 'Fire in the Sky'

    1. Thank you for the article. I am in awe of the wording that Rav Ben Artzi uses. Several times the words used were followed by news items using the same words. There was a message of planes becoming confused -- that week there were planes that the news said were involved in confusion (one due to weather, missing a runway, another having to land on a highway, weather or confusion with the tower). Then before the Malaysian flight disappeared, he talked about a plane that will be missing. There were others that I am not remembering right now; but, the most reassuring message is that this information must be coming from Hashem -- how else would Rav Ben Artzi use the exact terminology as the media before it occurs?