Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Look What's in the News

This is the beginning of a news item today:
Devastating droughts in the Southwest, ruinous floods in New York City, killer wildfires in Colorado, intense heat waves in the Plains: These are the some of the disasters that are being exacerbated by global warming, and problems will continue to worsen in the decades to come, according to a massive federal climate report released Tuesday at the White House.
They forgot to mentions the terrifying tornadoes of last week.  They also forgot to mention the increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; wait a minute, they aren't due to global warming.

The world doesn't have a clue.  This past winter, which is one of the coldest on record, they were getting away from the "global warning" idea.  Now, the so-called experts are back to the same nonsense (even though it is known that there are evil elite individuals who are making much money from this agenda -- the continued greed).

If they would just listen to Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, they would have all the answers.  Hashem is doing exactly what He wants and it is working.  The evil ones are in more danger from so-called natural disasters than threat of war.  Who will be protected from this devastation?  I know, I repeat myself, those who measure for measure are following Hashem's ways.  The evil ones will be gone soon.  It will be those who just didn't believe in the absolute truth but instead believed a White House report.

By the way, the weather in Israel has been beautiful and very inviting (even though we need more rain).  I guess it is time to move here.

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  1. Thanks for the update. But I must tell you that I believe we had a thunderstorm in or near Jerusalem ... OR we just had the thunder. I heard it. Not an airplane. Plus yesterday, our sky was very cloudy and overcast ... AND I saw some raindrops on my porch window. I told my friend that we would have more rain in May. HaShem would not forget about our summer fruits!