Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sources of Absolute Truth

I recommend that you read yesterday's post before this one (if you haven't done so) -- it will make more sense.

Very simply, the source that I use is the word of G-d.  What?  Before I lose you, let me give you details that will astound you and give you complete confidence in what I am saying.  

Note: from here on I would like to not take the name of our Creator in vain (one of the commandments) but to refer to Him as Hashem which is Hebrew for “the name.”  It is the way observant Jews refer to Him.

Let us start with the most miraculous text in the world – the five books of Moses, the Torah.  It says in the book of Exodus that Hashem dictated the Torah to Moses on Mount Sinai one letter at a time.  Hashem actually showed Moses the letters in a fiery display.  What we have is 304,805 letters (not one more or less – I hope to post proof of that in the near future) that was handed down 3325 years ago.  The Torah is our handbook of life as well as the blueprint of creation.  We have verified over the past 30 years what has been known for thousands of years that everything is in the Torah -- I mean everything.  By putting the Torah into the computer, we have been able to analysis that the Torah contains hidden codes and messages.  We are amazed at the fact that everything that happens in the world can be found in the Torah with astounding detail.  By reading every second letter, third letter, etc or going up in the alphabet or down in the alphabet, through letter substitution (folding the alphabet different ways), new spaces between the string of letters, etc, etc, etc we see a new body of text with all new information.

Two questions beg asking:  how many coded messages are there and how many methods of coding exist.  The coded information includes every detail about every person that has ever lived, every animal, plant, tree, blade of grass, rock, insect, every star, galaxy, planet in the universe, etc, etc, etc.  In other words, if something exists, it is in the Torah.  What you are wearing today, what you had for breakfast, every word that you said today is in there.  All of science (the correct answers and even all the incorrect answers that scientists are still working on), mathematics, medical knowledge, law, trivia, etc, etc, etc it in the Torah.  What are you thinking?  “That is impossible!!!!”  Now you are catching on.  The different ways that information is encoded in the Torah numbers 600,000.  This only could have come from a Source of Infinite Intelligence Who sees all time (all eternity) and knew in advance every thought, word and action that we will have in our lives.  This makes the total number of hidden and not so hidden messages, that no human being could have known, an infinite amount.  Anyone who believes that the Torah was written by a bunch of old men has not studied the Torah.  Atheists, as an example, don’t have a clue of what reality is in this universe.

Next question:  What is the purpose of the Torah and why does it include everything.
As mentioned above, Hashem gave us the Torah as a handbook of life.  It is all the instructions we need on how to survive and thrive for eternity.  For a Jew there are 613 commandments that guide our every action in life.  When followed properly, we achieve total success and happiness in this world and beyond (more detail of this is forthcoming in future posts).  Non-Jews have a total of 7 commandments to adhere to.  Why the big difference between Jew and non-Jew is a subject for future posting.

But, on a much deeper level, the Torah serves a very fascinating purpose.  Hashem is consistent.  We see, as an example that in every cell in any living organism there is a computerized DNA code.  If I said that the body is described in every cell in the organism, it would be an accurate statement.  But, a more accurate statement is that the body actually grows in accordance with the blueprint that is the genetic code.  If I make the statement that everything in the universe is found with complete detail in the Torah it is an accurate statement.  But, a more accurate and completely correct statement is that the 304,805 letters of the Torah is the genetic code of the universe and everything that is in it.  In other words, we are living out the script that is Torah.  If it isn't in the Torah, it doesn't exist!

You may ask:  Doesn't that eliminate free will?  Not at all.  Hashem, who is not in this allusion of time that He provided for us (I hope to expound on that statement in a future post), saw in advance every thought that we would have, every word that we would say and every free will decision that we would make.  Including everything that we do, Hashem scripted the genetic pattern of our existence.  It is like describing in great detail to someone everything that will happen in a video that you have already seen.  It doesn’t mean that you have decided what the individuals in the video will say; you had a copy and were able to give a complete description to someone else before they saw the event.

Obviously, everything that has happened, is happening and will happen in the world has been told to us.  In the coming days I hope to cover the other areas of messages from Hashem such as the rest of the Bible, the Oral Torah, the Zohar (which is the mystical information that Hashem has given us) and other sources.

Enough to think about for today.


  1. I received this lovely Email from one of my readers, but it was not in the form of a comment to be posted. When I gave a response, the individual told me to post it as a comment especially since he is suggesting something that I have gotten several times from other readers. Here is the message:




    XXXXXX (name withheld)

    1. I replied with:
      Thank you for your kind words. I actually worked on a book for 10 years. I wrote hundreds of pages and barely scratched the surface. Talking about Hashem, Judaism, truth and reality is the most difficult subject in the world. I have a personal library of about 600 books from which I did much of my research. I wrote and rewrote chapters 3, 4 and 5 times because, as I researched topics, I kept coming up with more and better information to cover it. It was a never ending and a frustrating task. The best part was that the research taught me more about life and how to live it and how to pass it on to many individuals that I was working with -- doing Kiruv. When I decided I can reach more people faster and with two way conversation, I started my blog. It has been a labor of love and I have met many, many wonderful people though this blog (such as yourself). I also am not interested in making money off of others. I truly love Hashem and the people He created and want to share my good fortune and happiness with the world. It bothers me when I see how much life so many individuals are missing out on -- both for them and their loved ones. Why are they throwing it away? Because of flawed human logic -- the "I know better syndrome." If they would only give “the truth” a chance.

      Well now you know my feelings about a book. Let all this information be free and let the world be saved for altruistic reasons and not for profit.

  2. I love the information you're posting. I know it's the Truth. It is truly food for my soul. Thank you...

    1. You are totally welcome; but, please direct your thank you to the One Who created the information -- I am only a messenger. I do agree with your thought since I too was greatly overwhelmed (decades ago) when I first learned this, and for me the excitement hasn't diminished one iota.