Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Another Profound Message from Hashem

There is such a devastating episode going on in the US with the National Security Agency (NSA) spying on the citizens of the US.  The whistleblower who disclosed this information is in hiding and fearful of his life.  The extent of the surveillance and secret gathering on the part of the US Government makes the idea of 1984 look like a picnic.  The biggest question in the minds of Americans is what this Orwellian fiasco is doing to the very fabric of the US.  It is definitely unconstitutional and even very dangerous to those who are suspected of covert activity to the US.  The government doesn't seem to care about its citizens since this is leading up to the very dangerous New World Order that has been planned by the elite for over a century (probably close to two centuries).  The debate about what is going on is not my concern here.  It is the attitude, even the fear of Americans, since this is culminating in a system of no “liberty and justice for all.”  People of the US of A have great trepidations about their future and the future of their loved ones.

How can I tie this to a message from Hashem?  Since everything is from Hashem, let’s figure out the message.  The system of this world is that Hashem gave us a Handbook (the Torah) to guide us completely through life and beyond; He gave us a free-will to take advantage of the instructions or to go in our own wayward direction; and, here’s the kicker, He set up a surveillance network to monitor every word and action we do – every free-will decision we make.  Hashem has in His infinite database the thoughts, words and actions of every person that every lived (His database makes the NSA information look like a Non-Sufficient Accumulation – maybe that really is what NSA stands for).  What is the gigantic difference between the government collection of information and Hashem’s infinite database?  The government is doing everything with evil intent and Hashem only has love and mercy as His purpose.  Hashem wants us to do the right thing and to discover what true happiness and success is for this life and forever.

The big question that comes from this all is why are we so afraid of what the government is doing to hurt us, but so nonchalant to the real system from Hashem?  Although Hashem’s system is there to help us and provide us with everything, it is also a fair system, measure for measure, including punishment for violators.  The biggest difference is that the government is not a fair system and could result in unfair punishment; where Hashem’s system is always fair.  It is such a shame that we have available to us a way to achieve total happiness for us and our loved ones and we give it very little heed.  I'm curious, if the government started monitoring who keeps Kosher and who observes the Sabbath, whether more Jews would start to do the right thing – especially if we knew that mitzvah violators could wind up in a FEMA camp and never be heard from again.

I’m going to tell you a big secret (as I have always said this is Secret so make sure you tell everyone), whomever gets monitored and receives trepidations or even punishment from the government is receiving it from Hashem.  Everything is from Hashem.  If you are following the ways of Hashem (Yaakov studying Torah), the government will not bother you (Esav having his way).  Hashem works in mysterious ways and uses everything of this world to do His Will.  There is nothing random in this world – no coincidence, no accident, nothing by chance, nothing by luck.  If you don't believe this, you will suffer by its consequences.  In other words, things will happen in your life that will seem like coincidence, accident, chance, luck, random occurrences, etc and you will start playing with the Ouija board, reading the daily horoscope and all kinds of other crazy fortune telling nonsense.  Until you turn to the real system, as Hashem has given us, and not paying attention to the falseness of the world, you will be living in the upside-down fantasy world instead of taking advantage of the real kindness and love that is available.

Well, I guess this makes me a whistleblower for Hashem’s monitoring system (I consider myself more of a Shofar blower than a whistleblower).  The good news is I don't have to go into hiding, but instead, I can be totally happy about my whistling.  All I ask is: come whistle with me; you will be happy you did.


  1. "There is nothing random in this world – no coincidence, no accident, nothing by chance, nothing by luck. If you don't believe this, you will suffer by its consequences."

    Vayikra 26:23-24:

    "If despite this you will not heed Me, and you behave toward Me with casualness, I will behave toward you with a fury of casualness.."

    1. The following is commentary on the Torah in Parshas Bechukosai (there are 5 series of admonitions that will happen – actually that already have happened – when you don’t take Hashem’s guidance seriously.
      What does it mean “with casualness?

      Verse 24 (above) . ... with casualness. If you persist in thinking that all of My carefully calibrated punishments were merely coincidental - so that My message is wasted - I will punish you measure for measure by making it more difficult for you to perceive the Divine hand. The next series of punishments will seem haphazard, for their correspondence to your sins will not be as obvious as in the case of the earlier punishments (Or HaChaim). This follows the principle that if people refuse to "see" G-d, He withdraws His Presence [Hiddenness of the Countenance], and makes it harder for them to recognize the truth.

      Thank you, Moriah