Monday, June 10, 2013

Let’s Begin Again

I recently made mention that I have covered the subjects that I had intended to cover; and, I am therefore not posting as much.  I have many, many more subjects that I can talk about; but, since my basic objective always has been to speed up the coming of Moshiach and the Geula and preparing my readers to get the most of that coming, I basically have completed my task.  As I have said all along I am doing what I can to save the world – I am not here to entertain my readers with sensationalism, but to help them find true happiness forever and ever.  I know that the only way to happiness and success in this life, and for all eternity, is by learning the ways of Hashem and living those ways every day.  I, and hundreds of thousands of people that I have observed for over a half a century, are the absolute proof.  No speculation here but empirical data backing up what I am saying.

However, I have come across a dilemma.  Since I have tried to present this information in an orderly fashion, starting with a foundation of information in March of 2012 and continuing, book style, to the present, it is vital for my readers to start at the beginning and progress though my posts.  This progression has proven to be effective and necessary in growing in one’s service to Hashem and, hopefully, in giving guidance on how to grow.  The dilemma is that every post that I write sees 50 to 100 (8 Nov 2012 saw 268) new visitors who have not read any of my previous posts (this is the 171st post that I am presenting).  I became totally aware of the problem when I noticed that most questions that I get on Email these days are subjects that I already have covered.  It is easy for me to just refer a new reader to something I wrote months ago, but it is obvious that the impact of the information isn't there.  People cannot experience miraculous messages from Hashem without understanding why it is miraculous or even important.  A foundation of information is needed to enhance the impact and make it meaningful.

I am pleased that to date I have had close to 72,000 page views from 154 countries.  That is the 21st century answer to “be a light unto the nations.”  But, to me every reader is important and having the most profound impact on each reader is necessary if I am to help people.   I therefore have decided to start all over again.  Starting tomorrow, B”N, I would like to repost my first entry that was made 26 March 2012 and continue the sequence from there.  I expect to rewrite many of these posts since new information has become available and world events have given us information that we didn't have in March of 2012.  I therefore hope to make it more interesting to my seasoned readers who haven't missed a word.

Because of many other endeavors with which I am involved (I am a very busy guy), I don't anticipate writing every day as I did at the beginning of the blog.  Since I have received comments and private Emails, close to 2400, I may spend some days answering comments rather than posing the next segment.  There is a big difference between starting with a couple dozen readers and talking to hundreds of readers.  What will happen?  Only Hashem knows, but we will find out.  I also hope to continue to bring attention to vital posts, such as Rav Ben Artzi, since I think there are events that are so significant to our wellbeing.

My goal still is to help all the Jews and righteous non-Jews of the world to achieve the best eternity possible.  The only solution to the world’s problem is not political, military, social or any other nonsensical program, but to turn to the Owner of the Universe, open His Handbook of Instructions and follow His ways.  It is all happening as we were told thousands of years ago and the world situation will have a happy ending for those who do it Hashem’s way.  The biggest difference between March 2012 and now is we have very little time to get our act together.  The end is near and each one of us is responsible for his or her outcome.

I know I have used my sense of humor to try to keep all this more interesting, but now I will be using my “sense of serious (?)” to stress the urgency we face.  My big request is that since I cannot do this alone, I need your help to save the world.  Please help!  We have Hashem on our side and we will succeed – He will make sure of that.  But everyone, and I do mean everyone, needs to be involved.   Since some of the information I will be covering is Hashem’s secrets to success, I am asking that you tell everyone you know.  The only good secret in this world is the one you blab to everyone.  Just make sure you only tell this information to people you like.  It is not for enemy ears (unless you can save their lives, too).

Additional note:
I have been asked about my feelings concerning the Women of the Wall fiasco.  I have made contact with both the Women OF the Wall and the excellent Women FOR the Wall groups and have tried to help.  Why?  I am convinced that (1) since everything is from Hashem, (2) that we are in the end of the end of days and (3) that the worst testing will occur at this time; this is all serving the purpose of testing each one of us.  If you refer to my post entitled “Prophecy Being Fulfilled” dated 20 April 2012 you will understand what Hashem is telling us and how the WoW is serving the purpose of testing us.  Each one of you has the opportunity to see the nonsense of their agenda and to turn to Hashem for the answer.  Hashem is judging every concerned individual as to who knows the truth and who is buying the craziness of these women.  Those of us who turn to Hashem with complete trust, know that all we need to do is continue our instructions (repentance, prayer, charity, Torah study, fulfilling all the commandments, helping others, etc) and Hashem will take care of these misguided women.  If you know any of these women or anyone being sympathetic to their misguided ways, then your test is to reach out and help them find the correct path.  If you show anger or even hatred, you have failed the test.  Hashem is watching you and will judge, measure for measure, what your reaction is.  If you don’t know anyone being affected by their wayward actions, then just praying for them may be all that you need to do and Hashem will resolve the situation.  All I am saying is take care of yourself and your loved ones that you understand why this is happening (according to Malachi) and what it means to each one of us.  I have said it many times: “If you are following the ways of Hashem, you will be happy and successful.”  How simple an answer.


  1. Please remind your readers to give tzedaka. Why? I wrenched something in my hip moetzei Shabbos. Needless to say I'm in terrible pain and it makes everything harder to do. I asked myself what message Hashem was giving me, why I needed this little wake-up. The next afternoon I drove to the store. As I was leaving, a bumper sticker on a car caught my eye. I strained my eyes to see it. It was white with black writing - it said "Acts of Loving Kindness" I don't know what else it said but that's the part I could read. I knew right away this was a sign from Hashem. I continued to drive and made a right hand turn and saw a Black man struggling to secure all his worldly goods in a shopping cart. He was shirtless, rail thin, and sweating profusely in the afternoon sun. As I drove by I took a mental inventory of my purse for money to give him and I came to the sad conclusion I didn't have any. Just then I remembered I had been carrying cash - bread money(earned making challah), folded up into a small square in the right front pocket of my shirt. I made a u-turn and drove over to him so I could hand him the money without getting out of the car. At first he didn't seem to understand what I was talking about or what I was handing him. But when he did he seemed genuinely surprised and said thank you. I replayed the whole thing in my head when I went to bed last night - in agony from the pain in my hip but it was that look on his face that caused me to weep. I know Hashem is saying to me - more acts of kindness please..

    1. I thank you for your beautiful comment. You should know how much Hashem loves you to give you such a test. We don't ask to be tested and definitely not with pain, but if it happens, it is Hashem paying a lot of attention to you and knowing that you will pass the test with a high level of kiddushah (as you did). I predict that you have a very happy future coming to you -- Hashem's message to you is what tells me that. Refuah shleimah and Mazel Tov on your successful passing of the test.