Monday, July 23, 2012

The Olympics

The Summer Olympics begins Friday, July 27, 2012 with the opening ceremonies beginning almost exactly the same time as Tisha B’Av in London (which this year falls on Shabbat making Tisha B’Av a feast day instead of a fast day).  There is so much speculation that the Olympics contain messages from Hashem about the Geula.
This was suggested to me by one of my readers:
According to the Zohar, before the coming of Moshiach a very special rainbow will appear. This rainbow will be so bright that all rainbows that have appeared on earth will seem very dim and weak in comparison. The bright strong colors of this rainbow are a sign that the Redemption is about to come. It is this rainbow, the Zohar tells us, that Hashem was speaking about when He said to Noah (Gen. 9:16), "I will look at it to recall the eternal promise." (Zohar 1:72b)
Take note of the rainbow symbolism in the London Olympics commercials.

We have already seen how the 2012 of the Olympic symbol resembles the word ZION.

If you look closely you see that both figures of the number 2 do not have the exact same shape and are not arranged identically for any logical reason. They could have been identical and arranged identically; but, they are not.

The first
 clearly has the shape of a Z and the second has a different shape and is inclined to give it the appearance of an N. 
There is even a dot on the letter I that had no reason to be there.

Hard to believe that this is only by chance that when you read down instead of across you see ZION.

The messages these days are many.


  1. interesting that the font can be zion in english as well as hebrew!

  2. So yea.. It's AV and no moshiach. Also, are you saying that he will make himself obvious to all of us in AV or what?

    1. I'm saying that Hashem works in mysterious ways and to stay tuned for further developments. Many sources are saying Av. We will see.

    2. Hope you are right is all i can say. Every single day i can hardly tolerate living the way I do more and more.

  3. It just says 2012.
    And some other people saw a swastika in this when they saw it for the first time.
    And what I saw the other day on National Geographic Channel, and what I basicly knew already ofcourse was:
    (And because of this I came to this idee;)
    It is most likely part - if anything -
    A kind of replacement theory.
    The Brit Am 2.2 (British Isles)
    The Scotisch are a lost tribe - so they stole the Jews
    The English Throne has a direct line to King David - so they stole the kingship
    St Paul's Cathedral has sacred geometry - so they stole the temple
    (a x-tian buiding replacing Judaism's ofcourse)
    and last but not least, are ye ready!
    London is the new Jerusalem. So the new Zion 2012
    Ofcourse they didn't realy stole anything G'd forbid
    They stole the truth to mislead the sheeple.
    But not so much me.
    This is what it means more than anyhing else.
    But ofcourse G'd works in mysterious ways and it could be a sign of something else also.