Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tests: Why G-d Gives Them

Would you send your child to a school that gives no tests?
Our testing in the end of days is extensive.  Why?  This is the time for finals and the “too late date” coming up will be the report of the test results (our report card).  We will find out measure-for-measure how we did, and what our future is.  It’s not too late to cram – after all we do want the best test results, it’s our future.


  1. I've been cramming so much it feels like my head is going to explode! Please, not another test! :) Actually, bring them on. I feel good today.


  3. We give test to students because we have no other way to assess them otherwise. If we could see inside their brain what they learned properly and in what topics they are weak, we would not bother.

    Suffering (which is not always a test) is beyond our understanding, why is it so difficult to admit this simple fact?

    1. Tests are incentive to study and not just a means of evaluation. If we could see inside the brain and the student knew that we were looking, then that would be the incentive. Since we can't, tests are an alternative. Hashem can see inside our brains but we are not aware of it, so testing becomes the alternative and the incentive. Suffering is not usually a test but a result for not preparing for the test (sometimes pure punishment for not studying and living as Hashem wants). Remember my post "The Key to Happiness" 4 Apr that said everything is voluntary or involuntary. It is the way to minimize suffering.