Monday, July 2, 2012

Micol’s Gift

G-d is Everywhere: 

My guide to appreciating G-d’s gift of life.

This past week, the world lost someone very special.  Her name was Micol Cohen.  She was 34 years old, and died suddenly in a car accident in Los Angeles.  Everybody loved Micol.  She was full of life, happiness, and an unquenchable love for spiritual growth.  No matter what the situation, Micol was optimistic and able to lift up everyone she came into contact with.
What was her secret?  As friends and family gathered in her apartment to sort out her belongings, they found a manifesto she'd handwritten called "G-d is Everywhere" that she placed on the wall next to her bed so that she could see it every day.

Micol condensed thousands of pages of Torah learning onto one sheet of paper.  It has the feel of a Jewish classic that will give all who read it daily inspiration.  While Micol prepared it only for herself, her parents have given permission for it to be shared. It is a legacy, a gift of life from a person bursting with life.
May it be an aliyah neshama, an eternal uplift for the precious soul of our dear and greatly missed friend Micol bat Shlomo HaCohen.

Message: G-d is Everywhere

Without meaning our lives are empty.

Stay true. Commit to honesty and truth about yourself and the world around you.

Faith is the base of everything. Faith in G-d, Torah, Tradition and yourself!  Without faith, nothing is complete!

Today I’ve lived as I’ve never ever lived until now!!  Every day marks a new start.

Never despair!  Never give up! There is ALWAYS hope!  If you can spoil it – you can repair it!

Simcha tamid!  It is a mitzvah to be joyous!

Overcoming Anxiety & Doubt
In life we have to cross a very narrow bridge.  The most important thing is NOT TO BE AFRAID.

Never insist that everything will go just the way we want.

Wherever our thoughts are, that is where we are!

Hitbodedut (Contemplation)
Keep talking to G-d.

Daily Path
YOU HAVE TODAY.  Yesterday and tomorrow pull us back.

Look for G-d and have faith.  “GAM ZU LETOVA!” (Everything is for the best.)

I will take you along a new path – one that is very old but completely new.

Additional notes: How simple yet how profound.  I thought this to be an appropriate follow-up to yesterday’s post about the Death of a Righteous Person.  I did not know Micol; but now, I know and admire her high level of spirituality well.  I was moved by Micol’s beautiful yet simplistic view of life.  We should all learn from her and her neshamah should experience an aliyah in shemayim with each of us reading her words. 

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  1. May her neshama (soul) have an aliyah.

    Her thousands of pages of Torah learning - condensed on one sheet of paper - may we all merit to fulfull.

    And, it is interesting that her points are from the teachings of Pabbi Nachman of Breslov.