Tuesday, February 3, 2015


G-d will hurt every country in the world, every president and prime minister who tries to harm the state of Israel or the Jews in Israel.  G-d has waited for the United States to understand not to mess with Israel, and it seems that they do not understand enough.  So G-d is about to hurt them badly, to increase the conflict between them, to increase the mess, increase the powers of nature to hurt them in different ways, to increase the ten plagues so that they understand for sure, without a doubt, that they don't touch the holy land; they don't go against the holy land of Israel and don't hurt any Jew living in the holy land of Israel!  The state of Israel is holy; it is the home of G-d! The land of Israel is clean and good and the economy is very good.  There are jobs for everyone, even for another hundred million Jews.  Every family that does their financial calculations correctly will have enough money and will make a living with dignity.  Every Jew who cannot make a living will change professions or work at any job – all work is honorable.

Parliament members and ministers need to stop making fools of themselves!  Like kindergarten, they continue to slander one another without cause.  The world mocks and laughs and says: these are the ministers of government? This is the parliament?  Shame!  Anyone who is a candidate in the elections should have respect, respect for himself, and be a role model of a civil and educated person.  The people of Israel don't know who to choose, they don't know who speaks the truth and who lies.  They say: "If the state officials speak like this – who can we trust?"

Jews must obey the Torah!  He who obeys the Torah is considered modern, wise, and knowledgeable.  He who does not is primitive, does not love himself, and brings trouble.  The Torah is the difference between us and the gentiles – the Jews obey, and the gentiles do not.  Whoever obeys the Torah has a direct connection to G-d.  The Jewish people is a special nation chosen by G-d, a nation that said "we will do and we will hear" and was given the Torah by G-d.  This is not racism; you must not assimilate with the gentiles!  The Jews have no one but Him, He gives us strength and life and we must be pure and holy Jews.

G-d will continue to reveal in public famous public figures in whom the people believe. The briber and bribe takers, the corrupt, cheats who con the Jewish civilian, all will be revealed in the media to be seen.  The white collar and black collar, and the private people, G-d will settle the score with them quietly.

The United States will not have quiet; will not have calm or peace.  The powers of nature will continue to be at work, racism will run wild until the United States goes back to the being Israel's greatest fan.

Egypt, ISIS, Hamas, Jihad and the extreme Muslims want to bring the government down, it is starting to look like Syria.  ISIS is killing in Sinai to scare Egypt and Israel. Israel needs to be prepared on all borders.

In the north there is a lot of ISIS, they need to look for them and "reap" them before they "grow."  In the north, Hamas is stirring up trouble, waiting for orders from outside.  In parts of Jerusalem and around it there is also Hamas and ISIS, they are dangerous and walk around with knives.

Iran is scared of Israel.  It sends messengers from Hezbollah to see its strength from afar.  It doesn't want to mess with Israel; it knows that G-d protects and watches over the Jews in Israel and that the IDF can reach every corner in Iran.

The Hezbollah and Nasrallah have no power.  All of their powers are in the war against Syria and the rebels and they have no help, not from Syria and not from Iran.  G-d is revealing to the IDF every missile that comes from Iran or Syria and is destined for Hezbollah.  Still, the IDF must be vigilant on the borders.

In Turkey, ISIS is in control; there are a lot of ISIS bases.  They train there and from there go to their activities around the world.  Arduan is in their hands, terrified, unknowing, counting the days.

Jordan is waiting and will continue to wait for generations to come together with all of the enemies of Israel.  G-d will not allow there to be "two states!"  If, heaven forbid, they give up one piece of land, the state of Israel will be erased.  They will not give up, they want more and more and will devour the land, heaven forbid.  They know that through force and war they will not defeat Israel, so they start a new war, the path of the snake; they come like miserable people asking for parts of the state of Israel.

Syria is being erased more and more, it will never revive.  They fight each other; they don't know against whom they fight.

Iraq is being erased and will continue to be erased.

Do not believe the Palestinians, Abu Mazen, the Hamas and the Jihad; don't mess with them.  There is no faith in them!  They have a trick how to deceive the state of Israel.  They continue to work on the tunnels, they don't want peace.

All of the parliament member and ministers from the right wing, unite!  This is not the time for honor games; this is the most dangerous time for the holy land.  These elections determine the continued existence of the state of Israel.  The right must unite and not think of honor.  G-d will intervene directly with these elections so that they do not harm His holy land.  Woe to whoever touches His holy land!

Anti-Semitism in the world will continue to increase, every hour, every day, every week.  The Jews in exile are delusional, living in an imaginary world; they think they are in the land of Israel protected by G-d, the IDF and the police.  Soon everything will tip over on them, anti-Semitism will increase horrifically and they will run out of fear on foot, they won't even wait for flights.  All over Europe, horrible hate toward the Jews is spreading, even in the United States, not just in France.  For ten years there was hidden anti-Semitism, today the dam has erupted, they have gotten confident to hurt every Jew living in exile.  Jews, do not run to the United States or any other place in Europe, come straight to the holy land of Israel.  Here you will be safe and be blessed and successful!

G-d will continue to use the forces of nature: rain and floods, winds and storms, heat and cold, snow, natural disasters, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, complications and conflict in every state except for the holy land of Israel.  In Israel there will be nothing!  Compared to the world it will be saved and protected from all by 99.9%. Jews watch over your souls!

G-d wants to redeem the Jewish people of Israel; G-d wants all to cry out and pray to Him to crown the Messiah king!



  1. One comment is the most appropriate perhaps, Jews return home!

  2. Hello Menachem!!! :)

    Thank you, for sharing the words of av Nir Ben Artzi. The Holy words, became clearer, as each day passes. B'H!!!

    What Rav Nir Ben Artzi mean: 100 million Jews?! Is just a way to express themselves, about other Jews in galut and want to go to Israel (through Aliyah)?!

    I appreciate the reply, it!!! :)

    All good!

    Luiz Felipe - S.P. - Brasil

    1. The only thought that comes to mind is the return of the 10 lost tribes may very easily come to 100 million or more. We will see.

  3. The tribe of Menashe returned to Israel they came all together from India, B"H!

    1. You are correct, but they started coming to Israel decades ago. I was here in 1994 and met some who were studying at the Yeshivah my son was attending. At the time they estimated that 150 had settled in Israel.

      It is estimated that some 1,700 Bnei Menashe are living in Israel. As many as 9,000 remain in India and Burma.

  4. Thank you for your explanation